Democrats are Liars and Criminals: Just look at Tony Bobulinski’s story

My hatred of liberals is not that they believe other things than I do.  Actually, I am probably one of the most broadly accepting people on planet earth.  I can sit down with anybody and talk about anything and find something I like with just about everybody.  I see all people as having potential for something, the question is whether or not they develop those things for good or they use them for evil.  Democrats however, especially in the modern sense, are liars and they must be to support members of their party.  What I do hate is a liar and a manipulator, and in that respect it is disgusting that anybody thinks that Joe Biden can win the American presidency because everything his campaign is built on is a lie of some kind or another.  It has been humorous that left leaning bubble dwellers who live in their own heads and don’t know anything about the outside world but what they experience with their peers are actually contemplating ways to bring the Trump voters into their fold once the election is over.  Well, that’s not going to happen under any circumstances, there is no reconcile for what the Biden campaign has done, as an extension of the Obama administration, or the DNC in general even going back to the Clinton Foundation corruption we used to talk about all the time—the selling of influence that the Clinton family was always accused of doing.  Well, we have the proof of Joe Biden’s crimes and it goes way beyond politics for me as to why I hate him, and his supporters.  They are willing to accept a culture of lies for the comfort of protection by an organized crime organization called the U.S. Government and I’m not OK with that.  There won’t be some situation after an election were Joe Biden cheats to win where I’d be like “Oh, golly gee, it was a good game, your guy won.”  No rather I have much more violent thoughts that I hope don’t have to manifest.  But accepting criminals into running my country openly—no way.

If you go back to the impeachment attempt by the Nancy Pelosi congress this year and how they tried to use the Ukrainian call to get rid of President Trump, then what Biden has against him with this ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski is enough for me to declare that Biden shouldn’t be anywhere near an elected office—ever.  That story should be on every network and Biden should be forced to be disqualified from running for any office as he’s a felon.  To see the level of dishonesty that the media had for covering Biden on this event is disgusting considering how compliant the media was in going after Trump on Ukraine, which the president was completely innocent.  Then thinking about how the media went after Donald Trump Jr. and his meeting with a Russian that was about nothing, yet the Democrats made a huge deal about it.  We could go on all day and look at situations where the media in complete cahoots with the DNC have tried to destroy Trump and his family for any little thing, then along comes a truly big story that should sink Biden, yet the entire media and American intelligence agencies are helping cover up the corruption that politicians like the Biden family have been involved in.  What is easy to see now, rather than speculate as we have before, is just how corrupt the Washington D.C. culture really is.  They aren’t representing us, they are going to congress and the senate to get rich.  And if people like Biden become a VP in a high office then they really hit the jackpot because they can charge a premium for the influence peddling, which was clearly the case on this week’s Tucker Carlson interviews.

And now you can see how I was able to state so early in the process what Covid-19 was all about.  It was a media creation designed to shape the tone of the 2020 election and it hasn’t quite gone the way they wanted with Trump running around doing all these in person events destroying the media narrative.  To say that its corruption on full display is one thing, but to see how many media outlets all told the same story and were able to create an illusion of crises is truly terrifying.  And how do we know, well, look how they swarmed to smother the Hunter Biden story so quickly and uniformly.  If not for a few Fox News personalities, and radio people, along with some smaller media types, the Biden laptop story would have been completely contained.  Twitter, Google and Facebook tried to contain the story, but it still did get out which gave us a window into how the rest of the media behaved, which was universally bad.  These are the same liars who are trying to tell us the polls are pointing to a Biden victory.  Yet knowing what we do, there is nothing to indicate any truth to what any of these organizations have been saying.  Their whole political platform has been built on lies, and nothing but lies, including “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Or, “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”  I have four decades of hate built up for these people.  They aren’t going to get away with snowballing us on November 3rd.  Let me just say that.


I’ve said all along these criminals in government and in the Democratic party, even the Republican party, the left over RINOs who now call themselves “Anti-Trumpers” want desperately to cover from the public their own crimes.  And they need to beat Trump anyway they can to continue the mirage.  But each year of the Trump presidency has only confirmed the kind of crimes I’ve always said these people were capable of.  Now we have hard evidence of a presidential candidate who has been getting very wealthy on influence peddling from foreign powers and are willing to sell out our country to do it.  The last time I read the constitution, which was last night, that’s treasonous behavior.  It’s the kind of thing that gets you shot and killed.  In a different time, we hung people for that behavior.  In either a past time or a future time, we might hang people like this from a tree with a rope made out of their own intestines, to drive the point home.   That’s where my mind is going upon seeing such obvious criminal conduct and abusing a high office to do it.  I’m not OK with that, and I’m sure others aren’t either.  I’ve never accepted that kind of criminal conduct in my entire life, I’m sure not going to start on November 4th should the Deep State find a way to make the criminal hiden’ Joe Biden president.  I’ll be looking for someone to pay, or many people to pay.  I voted for Trump to bring back order and justice from these criminals.  And if he wasn’t there to provide that service, compliance to the criminals is not an option for me.  But fighting them in ways they won’t like is, and that is what nobody is talking about because they just don’t get it.  Which is ultimately why they are losing, and will continue to lose.

These guys lied to our faces about Russia in 2016, then immediately tried the same over this Bobulinski issue.  And it was all to get “plausible deniability.”  They are liars and cheaters at best, and are much worse in actuality.  We have a chance to get rid of them with a vote.  But if that doesn’t work, then things will get real messy.  But accepting it just isn’t an option.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Democrats are Liars and Criminals: Just look at Tony Bobulinski’s story

  1. I remember in the 1960’s when Thomas d’Alessandro brought his Mafia Princess daughter, Nancy, to the White House to meet JFK.
    We all knew there was evil lurking in and around the US Government and that the CIA did “what they had to” be it murder or other.
    The troubling current development seems to be that all branches of government have been infiltrated and compromised by bald faced EVIL, COMMUNISTS, POWER HUNGRY ENEMIES OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.
    The FBI now has shown its true colors and they are now “dirty cops” and political operatives. This is a revolting development!


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