The Media is Running for President, Not Joe Biden: Its all poker folks

I always think well in mountain air, and that is what I did recently on a trip to the Smokey Mountains.  After all, I’ve told everyone what Covid-19 was from the beginning and I’ve answered the question personally to hundreds and hundreds of people over the last month worried that Trump isn’t going to win this election, because they believe the media.  They believed the media when they said Covid-19 was dangerous and they believe the polling the media has been using to measure election validity.  But you must understand dear reader that everything regarding polling and Covid-19 in 2020 was to for the first time in history have the media exclusively build and run a candidate so they could be in control of our government.  And when the smoke clears it will be shown that they lost.  And when they do lose, we must ensure that they are completely destroyed for what they have tried to do.  They went for the jugular of America and they must pay the consequences.  That’s true for Twitter Jack and most certainly for that little alien geek, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  The losers at Google, the losers at ABC and the parent company Disney.  For NBC, CBS, NPR, The New York Times, Bezos and his Washington Post—they all have it coming, and coming they will.  I’m sure of it.  But first it is obvious that there needs to be perspective which I’m happy to share from my journey into the mountains.  Its not that I needed to clear my head, I think I was fine before that trip.  But watching the dew drip off the mountaintops of North Carolina does help make things more obvious.

I wouldn’t say its always been fake news, and its not because President Trump has been saying so, but this year especially, most of what we have seen and heard from the media in 2020 has been scripted nonsense.  Covid-19 has been completely fake—they turned a common cold into a plague working with the communists of China from the beginning to invoke a change state in a free nation.  Then of course they want you to believe that the loser, and very corrupt Joe Biden is going to win the presidency.  The forces behind Biden believe they can do a combination of shaping public opinion a lot more than they really have the ability to do, and that they can cheat with early voting and mail-in ballots.  But the dead giveaway to the scam, just as it was with the Covid-19 mortality rate is the incredible 70 million early voting numbers.  Let me tell you something folks, there are not that many people excited to vote for Joe Biden.  And there aren’t that many people who hate President Trump.  What that 70 million number is, which Google is figuring out a week from the election is that they are a much higher percentage of Trump voters energized by their outrage at the lies and deceit sold to them not just by the Biden campaign, but by the media they have trusted for years themselves.  The media is on the ballot, not so much President Trump.  And that is a story nobody is talking about.

I have watched for years, especially these last few where major movies would come out and the “media” critics would work to either shape public opinion or yield to it.  If the movie had lots of progressive messages in it, then the critics loved it.  If the movie didn’t the media would hate it and in this way they could shape the kind of movies that Hollywood would bankroll.  But I have watched Disney especially even going back to The Lone Ranger back in 2013 where they spent huge amounts of money advertising and the movie flops anyway.  The same thing happened to 2018’s Star Wars movie Solo.  The public killed the box office with online campaigns against the critics and it destroyed the money the studio spent making and distributing the film.  That’s a micro comparison of course but the same macro analysis could be applied.  The media hasn’t admitted to themselves how powerless they really are.  When China started buying up Hollywood studios like they have Legendary Studios, and others, they incorrectly thought that media shapes culture instead of media needing to reflect culture.  This problem has gone on for more than a century but its always been a chicken before the egg thing.  And most people don’t understand that the egg comes before the chicken.  The chicken doesn’t just lay an egg and off starts a species.  An egg has to metamorphosis into an idea that becomes a chicken. And that is the way of things.  The media is there to serve society, it doesn’t create society.  The reason Trump will win the 2020 election is because he understands that.  He makes the news.  The media as a culture run by all kinds of globalists forces think they can make the news, and that is of course absurd.  Its absurd today, and will be looked back on even more so on November 4th.

Covid was invented by the media to win this election this year for Democrats and many of the big billionaires out there have thrown all their effort into that outcome.  Just because they are billionaires it doesn’t mean they are smart.  For those of you who don’t play poker this may look confusing, but for people like me who play the game every day, its easy.  I have a poker table set up in my office and I run through a few rounds as a daily exercise, its easy to see especially after the perspective of the misty mountains.  The Trump hand is a full house and we know the odds of winning.  It’s not perfect but its on the very high probability scale.  The media has a couple of 2s.  Sure, they can win with that hand, but not up against a full house. If you’ve ever played against people who didn’t really understand the game, but are great liars who can bluff every hand to look like the best hand in the world, then you have a bit of understanding at what the media as a collective agency has been doing.  Let’s just call them the “globalists” for the sake of ease here.  They are bluffing their silly little hand hoping to cause us to fold, because it’s the only way they can win this election.  They have to use Covid to scare people away from voting, to force more early voting where they can cheat, and they have to hope that they can keep the Trump voters home on election night.  That’s why they have assumed that all this early voting was for Biden.  But the numbers don’t match and Google has been watching what people are talking about, and they are worried at what they are seeing.

I’ve been confident that Trump would win from the beginning, if he could survive the Covid media attack.  So trust me when I tell you that the election is Trump’s to lose only if you are convinced by the media that there is no hope in winning.   The media as a collective body is bluffing.  They have already lost and they know it just as any riverboat gambler tries to take a losing hand and convince the winning hand to fold.  The mountain air made it much easier for me to see just as its easier to see these kinds of things from the stands as opposed to when you are betting with your own money.  But take it to the bank, the media is losing and when they do, we will have to collect all that they’ve bet.  And they won’t want to give it up—but they won’t have a choice.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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