The Hidden Trump Voters: I found them, and many others

When we bought our new RV, it was more than just a new way to travel, or a toy to play with.  I saw it as a lifestyle change for the better, and one that more encapsulated the kind of America that the Trump presidency has represented—personal freedom, innovation, and eternal optimism no matter what.  I wrote a bit about the relief in seeing so many Trump supporters at the dealer when we did make our purchase, and in a post Covid world how people stifled with too many government rules and regulations were turning as we were to packing our hotel room behind our car instead of staying at a hotel in our travels.  And it wasn’t just us, but many millions of people were doing just as we were who were sick of Covid restrictions.  They wanted to travel, but they didn’t want to put on the damn masks to visit a hotel, or to trust the cleaning crew to dispel of the waste the previous guests left behind.   So they were buying RVs in droves, just as we were.  And I set our first big trip with it to the Smokey Mountains, and on into North Carolina for the closing weeks of October on purpose.  By then the election would be nearly over, the fatigue would have climaxed, and personally, I am so damn sick of the mask mandates that I needed to be away from it.  Running all over town for the last several months helping wherever needed for election “stuff” left me needing a recharge, so we did as planned and took our RV south to get away from politics for a few days and the God damn masks of the purely political Covid-19.

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Good to be on the road! #travel #life #sport

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What I discovered on our RV trip was where the shy Trump voters where hiding. In an RV park just outside of Pigeon Forge Tennessee I saw Trump fans who were camping with big flags of Trump and America hanging from their rigs proudly.  But from the perspective of society, they were off the grid.  The collection of quarter million-dollar rigs displaying an ability to tell the world that they could live on the road was quite obvious.  The RV people were enjoying rubbing anybody’s nose in it who cared that they could pick up and move away from liberals any time they wanted.  They were divorcing themselves from the public school system, territorial Democrat trustees and city council members, and loser house and senate representatives who too often sold them out and up the river to steal their hard earned money at every chance they could get.  Instead of investing in a home, they put their money in RVs and spent much of their lives on the road in RV parks where they cast their Trump flags openly and without fear—but off the path of the media.

As far as masks, Tennessee has mask mandates too but at least there, people are wonderfully ignoring the rules for the most part, and that was great to see.  Even down into Ashville North Carolina, people were wearing them somewhat in stores and restaurants, but the rules were generally cast aside for the stupidity that they are.  But at The Island at Pigeon Forge, a very popular Downtown Disney like shopping and entertainment destination masks were mostly ignored which is exactly what I wanted out of a little vacation.  Since Covid-19 started as a political attack against President Trump in February of 2020, this visit to The Islands at Pigeon Forge was the first time I had seen “normal.”   Normal being where people didn’t wear masks, didn’t socially distance at all, and were acting purely out of their own self interest which is how things were supposed to be.  Even so, there were many Trump stores selling political fun—but there was nothing for Joe Biden.  It was truly a pleasurable experience.  A great way to close out the election season, real people expressing their thoughts without the media to filter away the enthusiasm.

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A great camp in Pigeon Forge! #travel #life #family

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It wasn’t just the RV folks who were proudly showing off their support for President Trump, but the whole town of Pigeon Forge looked to be clearly in favor of the President’s re-election.  That would be expected in Tennessee obviously, and down into North Carolina where giant Trump billboards were placed along the highways boldly.  I also consider it useful to step out of my comfort zone to go to such places to see how ideas are playing out socially, and I could see that there were many new voters engaged in this election obviously, and the more the media poked them in the eye with the Biden push, the more people were willing to resist openly.  Trump was more of a rebellion vote than even all the great things he had done as a president.  People were going out of their way to push back against the government dialogue broadcast by a corrupt media.  They were showing their support in the south with hats and shirts, and the RV people were investing in themselves and flying big Trump flags from their rigs.  Two very fancy rigs were camped next to us in Pigeon Forge with very audacious displays of American flags and Trump flags, and they could care less if they pissed off anybody over them.  Naturally, I got along with them, but I couldn’t help but think how it might have angered a Biden voter.  But looking around that RV park, I doubt anybody would dare enter if they were.  The Trump support was likely 100% there and the amount of investment everyone put into their homes on wheels just in that one park was in the many millions of dollars.  It was big business by people who were a lot like we were, they wanted freedom from the grid as much as possible.

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It was a good reminder to me that the world the media wants for us, who have completely propped up the Biden run for president does not have control of most people.  The more rules that government comes up with, the more likely people are to look for creative ways to avoid those rules. Compliance, especially blind compliance such as the Covid mask mandates, are not aspects for American culture that gets much consideration, and in my RV vacation south, it was good to see that’s where people are.  They were certainly Trump supporters and were the type of voters who are the in between city types where the media tends to cover opinions right outside their doors in the cities.  The RV people are missed, such as the gun voters are, and the motorcycle riders.  Those masses of people are often not counted in elections and are overlooked as important.  But when you add them all together, they far outnumber the normal statistical patterns of polling data. If a polling company sampled 700 people for a USA Today poll and out of the people who picked up they might get something like a 57% for Biden and they publish the results, it’s unlikely they polled a single person traveling in an RV to places like Pigeon Forge.  And from what I could tell, there were many thousands of RVers who were likely 100% for Trump.  But they just aren’t being counted until election day where their votes will be the final say.  And across the country in similar places, there are many millions of others, uncounted.

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2 thoughts on “The Hidden Trump Voters: I found them, and many others

  1. All the early voting forecasters say it could be the largest turnout in history. We know that because of all the Trump support. These bums still have to say that the most votes are coming from the deamoncrats. Surely a giant LIE. Why can’t these jokers tell the truth? We are taking the country back. I teach CCW classes and people are mad about what is going on in govt. And yes a Second Call Defense member. No 20017. Early sign on a.


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