The Frank Luntz Refund: Not adapting to change is the real stupidity

For Frank Luntz to come out and call the Trump campaign criminal and to declare that the Biden email scandal is just another unfocused distraction is to mask his own failure as a political commentator and advisor to understand the movement that has been occurring.  This story about Luntz has been brewing for a few months now, especially this past week when he declared the Trump focus on the Hunter Biden emails a disaster.  I don’t consider it particularly relevant that Luntz was mentioned in the Hunter emails, and that the two obviously had a relationship.  Hunter back in 2012 had taken exception to things Frank had said as an advisor to Paul Ryan, but the contents were only as slimy as that.  Truly, looking back, anybody who had given Frank Luntz money for political opinions should ask for it back, including any underwater work that Luntz had done for the Biden family to stay politically relevant once that 2012 election was over and whoever won would be looking for political advisors.  With that in mind, any time someone finds themselves off kilter with some political swamp creature like Frank Luntz they should consider it an honor.  Luntz has been counting all the wrong important things as a political advisor and he’s been doing it incorrectly for any value to elections.  Of course, the Hunter emails are a big deal because they show a compromised Papa Biden who has been selling influence to foreign powers and YES, voters should be aware of that before they vote for him.

Just over the last 20 days or so President Trump has had rallies hosted to several hundred thousand people, 30% of which appear to have either never voted before or are not registered Republicans.  These are people who are not on Frank Luntz’s analytics nor anybody else’s for that matter.  To date, only the Trafalgar poll appears to have any method of capturing them in some minor form.   That is a very relevant number, and contains within it the hidden “Trump Vote.”  Its usually not good business to assume that demographic breakdowns will mirror a previous election, and to assume that all the polls have been wrong showing Trump down to the sleeping Joe Biden, but clearly many of the polling agencies and political commentators didn’t learn their lesson during 2016 including Frank Luntz.  This election is not about policy or debate style.  Its not about minor differences between presidential campaigns.  It’s about life or death in America and the potential end of the Democrat Party for which many in the media are refusing to see.  Instead, they are insisting in controlling the message, making the news to fit their political ambitions, and to use people like Frank Luntz to herd the cats to somewhere that they can be easily controlled.  This election is about saying no to that, and nothing more. 

Luntz is upset that he has not made the adjustment to adapt to that changing world, and as a result he is less relevant now than he was in 2016.  Karl Rove has had to make some adjustments to stay relevant, but even he is crumbling under the weight of convention versus reality which the Hunter emails are all about.  They are a peek into a world we all suspect is there, but now the proof is obvious.  This isn’t the “pizza gate” scandal.  Or QAnon.  This isn’t about whether or not our government helped the attackers of the World Trade Center, or even if FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack at Pearl Harbor and left many to die as bait to pull American sentiment into the war, this Biden email story is real and the contents are obviously malicious.  Just as the FBI text messages between two cheating agents revealed the inside baseball of the government’s position against President Trump and their willingness to conduct a coup to remove him from office.  No, this isn’t speculation, it’s a fact that is the most important element of this upcoming election, and people are tired of it.  That’s how Trump has been able to bring new voters into the election that weren’t there before just as Frank Luntz is counting the same tired sources that he was counting in 2012 as he was playing both sides against each other for job opportunity on the day after the election.

New voters who were not previously engaged thought the way most of us do, that the system is corrupt and that their vote really doesn’t count.  That was because they were ostracized by society and uncounted by the masses like Frank Luntz.  Yet Trump has touched them and brought them out into the open to participate, which should be a good thing.  And its no small number.  As we’ve talked about before, if you do the math of those engaged to a Trump rally, those willing to wait all day to attend one, then divide that by the number of people who would think about it, but don’t have the means, you suddenly have a massive number of new voters who have never been counted before voting for Trump who primarily care about the corruption revealed in the Biden emails.  That’s why previously they had not been engaged, because they figured the system was so corrupt that it wasn’t worth their time to vote.  Trump has changed that, and that is the story of our season.  One for which Frank Luntz has totally missed.

Then to have that loser come out and call the Trump campaign the worst he has ever seen is about as stupid as anything ever said.  Its not the Trump campaign that is the problem, but its Frank Luntz who is still cleaving to old ideas about the way elections are won or lost.  He has been a phony for years.  It is laughable that Paul Ryan actually hired him for advice, no wonder those idiots lost in 2012.  Luntz was telling them all the wrong things.  The key to any campaign is to create an engaged voter and Trump has done that in a wildly successful fashion.  Well, the machine against him has been listening to losers like Luntz too much, and now a week out, find they are woefully unprepared.  For Luntz to say that the Trump campaign is the worst he has ever seen is to admit that he doesn’t understand the problem in politics and has been measuring all the wrong things.  And so has everyone else, to the broadcast executives, to the Biden campaign, to the George Soros types.  Just think of the amount of money that Bloomberg spent to become a viable presidential contender.  He didn’t move the needle at all.  Remember Jeb Bush—he had all the money and power behind him.  He went nowhere.  And now all these billionaires have poured so much money into traditional advertisement to appeal to the type of voters Frank Luntz has been counting but missing that extra 30% of new Trump voter engagements.  They haven’t learned, but after this election Frank, those people are going to be calling you like Hunter Biden did, as revealed in the emails from his laptop, and they are going to want a refund.  And something tells me that you won’t have the means to provide it. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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