I Think Trump Can Take California: The very nice .45 pistol by EMF

I have on my list to purchase a Grande Californian .45 single action pistol from EMF, but I have been waiting for California to return to a red state once again.  It’s a beautiful gun, stunning really and I really want one for some of my cowboy shooting events. But for me its symbolic of California as a state, I have loved how it came to be as a republic and have been saddened that since Ronald Reagan it has slid down into the lows of a communist territory in America.  I had hopes for it when Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor but as we witnessed, he turned out to be big Hollywood liberal himself, so that all fell by the wayside.  Then came along Gavin Newsom and Covid-19 and the state has been locked down essentially most of 2020 with huge progressive intervention and change state disaster by its government.  Now for Trump to win California, the polls would have to be off by something like 30 points, yet I can’t help but think that I may be buying that gun this year.  Not only do I think Trump will win re-election, but I think there are states that have been very blue progressive that may go Trump’s way, and California is one of them.

Some of my kids recently returned from California, from the Yosemite Valley specifically and they had to travel through all the wildfires and the horribly dry areas between the west of California to the East in the mountains, and they thought it was a shit hole.  Its been a few years since I’ve been there but these days I don’t think the progressives in Hollywood and San Francisco are in power any longer.  And if it hasn’t already happened, it will be happening soon.  I’ve seen the celebrity bashing of Chris Pratt and Kirsty Alley recently, heard the pleas of Jon Voight, watched the Twitter banning of James Woods and I see the cracks forming in a big way.  The state has been on fire largely due to progressive forest maintenance policies, the state has cut itself off from its own water supply, the routine brown outs are due to large scale electrical failures due to an overcommitment toward green energy and its up and coming tech industry, the space race guys especially at Space X and Tesla are now becoming very critical of socialism and have been leaning toward Trump.  People have been moving away from the mismanagement of the state and those still there are pretty tired of Gavin Newsom.

When Disney as a company is starting to complain, you know there’s trouble.  But Disneyland has been shut down most of the year and even as of last week, were pleading to reopen the amusement parks due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.  There are a lot of people in southern California who have season passes to that Disney park and see it as a symbol of American life, and it has driven them crazy to see it dark and closed.  The recent Trump parades that have been going on at Newport Beach and Beverly Hills show a drastic turn toward Trump that certainly wasn’t there four years ago.  Is it enough to win?  Well, I think its enough for me to start making plans to buy that gun.  And when the smoke clears and everyone’s emotions calm down after the election, I think we will see a pattern emerge clearly, the states that continued the Covid lockdowns unnecessarily long will be punished with Trump wins because people are tired of the failed government policies, the overreaction and the economic depravity and that attitude was never captured in the polling data.  The questions weren’t “how do you feel about Covid-19,” they were “who do you blame,” which isn’t as easy to understand as a data point.  Its too obscure.  Rather, people know who their governors are and the phony newspaper polls making politicians like Ohio’s Mike DeWine look like a Covid superstar were all phony to drive the coronavirus story.  But when it comes time to vote, people will blame their governors for bringing harm to their life.  It’s the only visible thing they can be angry with.  And Gavin Newsom has been one of the worst.

To see that Trump is up in early voting in Michigan makes sense as the governor there has been a complete disaster, almost as bad as Gavin Newsom.  And to see Minnesota so close shows that people are having buyer’s remorse there as well.  But in California, there are few states who believed in the utopia that the political left was offering than them, and who have suffered from the loss.  They have nothing to lose in voting for Trump.  And to that point, I don’t think pollsters have their hands on the right buttons to detect that anger.  Certainly there will be lots of illegal alien votes, massive mail-in ballot fraud, many sinister elements taking place in California, but I think people are tired of the homeless people crapping in the city streets of San Francisco—they are tired of not having electricity, and they are tired of forest fires all the time.  They might have believed that it was global warming 8 years ago or even 4 years ago.  But now after Covid, they think its all been a lie, and they’d be right.  They have been toyed with like a cat’s play thing in politics and they have seen enough.  Trump is a chance to be great again, and this may very well be the election where they take a shot.  After all, it can’t get any worse—unless they stick with the course they are on now.

California has always been a great resource state, a wonderful addition to our republic of the United States.  But they experimented with socialism and communism and the results are all around them, and Trump could be their ticket to reverse course.  It looks as if many of them are ready and are showing great interest.  Whether it happens now or later is the question.  I tend to think that it will be sooner than later, and I’ll have a new gun in my collection.  I truly think that Trump going to California and the surrounding region is smart, and not a wasted effort.  It would appear that the seeds are already planted.  Gavin’s grip on the state and the support of the progressive caucus has been a losing bid.  Even Hollywood is breaking.  They have been largely unemployed for the same amount of time that Disneyland has been shut down and they may never recover as an industry.  At first people were willing to blame the virus, but when they see the rest of the country not folding under that excuse they are now in doubt of whether or not their leadership ever knew what they were doing, about anything.  And of course, the answer was that they didn’t.  The Newsom administration never did know and have been using Covid to hide their stupidity.  And now more and more people by the day are starting to ask the same questions for which Trump is the only answer forward.  Soon, that gun is going to look very good in a display case upon my desk. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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