Trump Against the Deep State: Votes still can defeat the enemy

By now everyone should know that the Deep State exists, you can see it for the way the FBI, CIA and the resistance of even Bill Barr displays in not dealing with the Biden or Hillary emails during the impeachment hearings against President Trump.  You can see it with the obvious alliance that Facebook and Google have shown with their government contacts into openly conducting election fraud in this election as we speak.  Forget about the made up story about the Russians in 2016, these people along with a media culture that is obviously part of the Deep State at the executive level, and everything has been set up to destroy President Trump and the people who elected him—you and me dear reader.  We have witnessed crimes openly committed that would have jailed for lifetimes any other person yet I’ve heard all this past week that because Joe Biden is so powerful, or the Clintons have been, or that Obama was the first black American president that none of them will ever see the inside of a jail cell because the Deep State simply won’t prosecute them.  We could look toward the supposed conservative on the Supreme Court, John Roberts as an example of what people like Bill Barr are terrified of.  If the CIA gets pictures of you screwing some girl on a one night stand, and you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your family and have your reputation destroyed, then you better start voting in favor of the Deep State, which Roberts has done in the recent Pennsylvania case to allow counting mail-in ballots after election day.  The threats are probably worse than that, but you get the idea.  The Deep State thinks its in control and always will be, and that the laws of our Republic do not count them.

Even more astounding is the insult that the Deep State thinks that they can hide Joe Biden away and let the media do the campaigning for that dirty, corrupt, old man while President Trump does 3 to 5 campaign stops a day, working his ass off to get people out to vote for him.   As I have been saying all week, I don’t see a danger to Trump’s re-election.  I think these people on the other side are stupid.  They only think they have so much power because they have ignored the real elements of what makes America work, or brought it to be in the first place.  Most Deep Staters are just unionized government slugs who get paid too much for very little work and they want to keep it that way.  They have a good gig in Washington D.C. and they want the easy money to keep flowing.  Will they kill to preserve their way of life?  Yes.  Will they break the law?  Hell, yes.  Are they terrible people willing to do anything and everything to keep the Deep State alive?  Well, yes, certainly.  The Deep State isn’t filled with a bunch of maniacal James Bond villains who are super sophisticated, rather they are just average everyday losers who haul their kids to after school sports like everyone else does.  They just have the tools of government to work with which gives them an almost god-like power over people who don’t have those resources to abuse in their quest for self-preservation.  Essentially, that is what the Deep State is.  The only thing really scary about them is that they don’t believe the laws of our nation apply to them. 

What’s audacious is that they certainly do plan to steal the election from Donald Trump and the rest of us who are voting for him.  And they plan to do so to protect themselves from going to jail for all their malicious actions, just hinted at in the Biden emails showing obvious influence peddling with foreign powers, obviously well known by the CIA and FBI.  In hiding evidence, and with the media being complicit in the exchange, they are all committing treason by the classic definitions yet assume that they will never be held accountable because they are the law enforcement officers.  Even with Trump appointing many of these people, it has been shown that none of them are willing to go against the Deep State for fear of their lives, or their pensions.  What he has seen firsthand is a law enforcement branch unwilling to act against their own—even though justice should be blind.  The system has been rigged for many years and the Deep State trusts their power so much that they believe they can win an election away from the people’s choice—which is a pretty bad revelation.

However, I would say that we are better for knowing it.  If not for Trump, we would never see the hair at the bottom of the sink of a swamp draining.  The pressure of a free election butting up against pre-rigged elections as things have likely been for a few decades has revealed a truth many of us weren’t prepared to deal with.  Rigged elections are what you expect from communist countries like Venezuela, or North Korea—China, not what the election of a free people would conduct for themselves.  We have assumed that we do have free elections in America, and Trump proves from 2016 that we can.  But the fight against him proves that the Deep State hates it, and that they plan for 2020 to rob that away.  Their actions prove it.  And that is what we are up against.  That essentially is what this 2020 election is all about.  There is no question that Trump is winning and is poised to win.  The question we have is what will the Deep State due to prevent those results from becoming a known reality. 

I also have been saying about this election that everyone should consider themselves lucky to have a chance to vote.  The Deep State is obviously an enemy to us all, but we can still beat them with an election, and that is a lot easier than fighting them with fists and guns.  I would rather see a defeat of the Deep State through an election rather than through violence.  But understand, the Deep State must and will be defeated.  They do not have a right to take over our country and to steal our lives for their own preservation.  They chose to separate themselves from the American way of life, and from us in general.  Speaking for myself, there will never be a day where I answer to those losers.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  President Trump is the best way to resolve this issue peacefully, but if there is violence, that fault will be on the Deep State which operated and assumed that they could operate without justice looking over their shoulder.  They have been caught, all of them.  What we do about it is the next question.  A legitimate vote and clear Trump victory are the first answers.  Anything other than that will evolve into serious disfunction as a nation, which the Deep State likely wants.  But we must be ready for anything and everything with a clear understanding of the needed objective.  We know the Deep State is committed to preserving themselves.  Yet we have an opportunity to bring justice to our country maybe for the first time, with this election of President Trump.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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