The Hate for Democrats is Intense: If not Trump, then someone else–it won’t go away

Now you can see the obvious dear reader, especially after the last presidential debate of 2020, which clearly shows a dominate President Trump poised for re-election.  The disaster that the debate was for Democrats was on clear display, a terrible moderator and a terrible candidate in Joe Biden  who at this point is completely disqualified for even running for office after the results of the emails found on his son’s laptop.  Perhaps now you won’t be so surprised to hear my confidence in Trump’s re-election.  Things are happening just as I told you they would.  The polls were made up samplings of a small group of people, many of whom would only make up the front row of one of Trump’s big rallies.  They were flawed and used to shape public opinion.  In fact, that was the entire gamble of the entire election, that Biden could sit hidden away somewhere while the media—the “deep state” ran the ticket and captured the office once again, as they have since only Ronald Regan challenged them a little bit many decades ago.  Before Regan, perhaps you’d have to go back to Calvin Coolidge or Teddy Roosevelt to find a more authentic person to sit in the Oval Office.  The Deep State wants what they think is theirs in the White House and they truly believe they can capture the hearts and minds of people they consider to be as stupid as they are.

As I said the weeks just before the election would tighten up because all these people who do these polls want to work the day after the election and if they have to concede that Trump won in spite of them, at least it won’t be so embarrassing if the polls show some version of reality before the election actually happens.  And everyone on the inside knows the game, which is why there is a panic stirring about now, where even the Biden people are warning that the race is too close for comfort.  They see the internals, and the trends show an American election where people have been locked up most of the year under global control by the WHO, the sell-outs to China and a Democrat party that has actually sought to destroy every American value that there has been for several centuries.  And those people are going to now get to vote.  The anti-Democrat engagement is high, and its furious.  People want to express themselves against that machine that has tried for four years to suppress them every way that anybody could imagine starting with trying to impeach their elected representative, Donald J. Trump.

This is what everyone who is anti-Trump forgets.  They think that if only they could get rid of Trump, that they would have control over the world.  If only this or that, then the left could implement these “truth panels” ran by pee wee losers like Robert Reich the communist economist.  Just think of how ridiculous the political left has developed their strategy where they actually think people would go along with the truth panels.  I can tell you what happens if they visit me.  They won’t be doing so well after.  The political left can cry and whine about President Trump all they want, but what they have never admitted to themselves is that yes, he won in 2016 and he did so because we voted for him.  We are angry at the America hating Democrats.  We don’t like them, and that includes losers like the NFL announcers Troy Aikman and Joe Buck before the Tampa Bay game last week commenting on the military flyover being a waste of gas, and that if Harris/Biden were elected, the flyovers would stop.  We hate these people and with or without Trump, we will still hate them.  Even worse for them, they should praise the ground Trump walks on because if not for him, people may actually turn to violence to overthrow the Deep State.  Trump keeps people hoping for a lawful solution.  If that hope is taken from them, then there is no guarantee for the safety of Deep State members.  Little boy Robert Reich won’t stand a chance when dealing with real Americans who do not live in the cities and won’t.   

Let’s call the Deep State what it is, a machine of corruption and scandal designed to enrich the participants with legalized theft.  And they are the ones running old man Joe.  They tried to prop him up the best they could on a stage with Trump, but the show can’t live bigger than the showman.  Trump easily dominated the stuttering loser who is more corruption than thought, and there was so much to dodge in the debate that Joe couldn’t think of what he could say.  Trump is not so encumbered, which is why he is hated so badly for the things they want to hide.  But what has been missed in all this tracking and polling is how much people hate Democrats and are willing to vote for something else to stop their perilous plans for the takeover of America.  Those are not the kind of questions that have come up in polling questions, and that is why Facebook and other media giants are trying to edit people’s opinions so vigorously.  After all, they sold themselves as being able to control society’s thoughts and feelings and the evidence is that they haven’t come close.  They have not been able to control the hate and contempt for Democrats into civility and now the election results are obviously trending toward Trump, and they can’t hide it anymore.

Now you can see that the polling game was always a horse race for the networks, and they milk it for all its worth.  Without question Democrats have hoped that they can steal the election through Facebook censoring, and phony mail-in ballots, but now they doubt if they even have a chance of doing that because the hate is so intense against Democrats.  Democrats have attacked the American way of life and people are pissed off about it.  Trump is the vehicle for that anger, but if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. The bottom line is there will never be truth panels, house to house searches for dissidents, or even mass riots.  Once Trump supporters no longer believe in law and order, there is nothing keeping them from using their 300 million guns to defend the Constitution.  So even if they managed to get rid of Trump through an election, or some other means, the feelings toward Democrats won’t change.  It only puts the shoe on the other foot and that foot is looking for an ass to kick.  I would say that after that debate, everyone should just pack it in and get back to work.  The election results are obvious, the machine can’t beat the people who want to turn it off, and that is what Trump voters want of the Democrat party.  Which is why the polls are tightening and the political left is showing the strains of another failed coup attempt.  But just remember, it wasn’t us who started this fight, but it will be us who finishes it, and with that frame of reference, they deserve everything that they have coming.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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