Democrats are too Stupid: Filling out a mail-in ballot for them will prove destructive

Another way that you can know how badly Democrats are doing in this upcoming 2020 election is by the content of their intelligence.  For instance, when the laptop story broke on the many pornographic acts that the crack using, multinational influence peddler Hunter Biden embarked in, most of the Democratic Party including the tech people were trying to tie the story to misinformation which was created by their own party, the Steel Dossier.  I mean if you are going to lie about something, you should at least use something that hasn’t recently been debunked, or to even draw further attention to it.  When it comes down to it, Democrats, or people who call themselves of that political party, just aren’t very smart.  They are below the line people who seek refuge for their stupidity behind the efforts of others and when trouble is near, they seek some covers to hide under.  That is in its very essence the definition of a Democrat.  Republicans go wrong in giving Democrats the benefit of doubt regarding intelligence, which is why relations between such people often break down.  I’ve known a lot of Democrats over my life and most of them I deal with as if they were handicapped people—with pity and sympathy.  But under no circumstances do I think of any of them as intellectual giants.  They are usually liars, thieves, and social losers who cheat on their spouses, use drugs, and make general idiots of themselves.

This is an important distinction relevant to this 2020 election for the primary reason that the media likes their horse races, they like to talk up matchups as if they were equal, so they rarely explore the contents of the characters who often win these things.  Over the weekend one of the measures they had about the Trump/Biden matchup that they measured was the amount of mail-in ballots that the Democrats requested as opposed by Republicans and that somehow that told a story about how dominate the Democrats were over Republicans.  Yet to do so it would have to assume that all ballots are equal, which of course they are not.  Just because a Democrat requests a ballot, because they are terrified of the coronavirus, or because they are afraid to drive their car out of their driveway even though they have a handicap sticker on their mirror which allows them to park as close to the entrance of wherever they are going easily, the truth of the matter is that Democrats have a hard time filling out mail-in ballots and it takes a whole lot more of them to equal one vote for a Republican in order to actually get counted. 

Democrats have a hard time with pencils, and coloring in the lines.  Heck, they often have a hard time signing their own names, let alone filling out a ballot with many names on it to pick and not taking an action which will cause that ballot to be rejected at the voting machine by the time the election employees open the envelop that has been mailed to them, if the envelope even arrives at all due to incorrect postage, or they improperly follow procedures for even getting to the Board of Elections.  Then what they find inside looks like a 4-year-old had put together the ballot.  More often than not, the machine will have to reject the ballot because the machine can’t read the results due to the sloppy prep.  Democrats have known for a long time that they’d have to cheat in this election and would need ballot stuffing somewhere to have a chance.  But that method also plays to the greatest weakness of the people in the Democrat Party.  If you don’t take the hand of a Democrat and make it as easy as possible to vote, they just won’t do it.  They may fill out something, but that something may not be acceptable to count, and the information on the ballots may not even be relevant to the needs of an election.  For many Democrats they may even be confused thinking they are ordering more crack from a street seller or are signing up for a new porn subscription.  They may not even know that we have a president of the United States.  So, counting on them to fill out a mail-in ballot of any kind is a stretch.  They can request ballots all day long but filling them out and sending them back to the correct place likely won’t happen very easily. 

Thus, counting ballot requests as a voter engagement is entirely flawed as an assumption and the media should know that, and likely they do if you pull them aside for a cup of coffee and ask them why they are hyping up the issue so much.  They’ll tell you their producers want to make it look like a close race, its good for ratings.  But everyone knows that Democrats can’t win when they have real competition.  They only win when Republicans assume to give them respect and equal treatment and agree to fight with paper airplanes instead of the guns and knives at their disposal.  Republicans lose when they don’t fight but yield themselves to the weaknesses of the Democrats.  It’s like letting that same 4-year old win at some game like Candy Land, or Tick Tack Toe, then wondering why the little kid is spiking a ball at the end of the day, as if they were the smartest people in the world who could do nothing but win.  The assumption of course is a false one, but Republicans let them think it, then wonder why they have so much trouble by that particular political party thinking they can rule the world.  When it comes down to it, you know I’m right dear reader.  Think about it, name one intellectual giant who is a liberal……………………………..I’ll wait. 

The only thing that keeps Democrats in any political race is the appeal to fairness that they are always crying for, which nice Republicans yield out of compassion, due usually to their Christian sensibilities.  But when those Democrats go for our throats, we are slow to destroy them out of that same compassion which give the Democrats the illusion that they are actually winning.  The media plays along for ratings, but truly, once the smoke clears, the stupid people aren’t going to beat the smart people.  That’s just not how things work in nature.  The Democrats have so much baggage from their past, they were original slave owners, they were the founders of the KKK, they are the ones who Hitler copied in his grabs for power in Germany, they were the ones who copied their entire political platform from the mob, they are the ones who always end up getting stuck photographed with a crack pipe and a mound of whores in a soiled bed.  They are the below the line losers always crying about fairness because they are too lazy, or too stupid to compete in the world and demand that their lives are attached to the lives of those who do work hard and make things happen.  With all that in mind, consider how stupid it is to assume that a ballot going to a Democrats is a done deal, a solid vote for the criminal of conduct himself, Joe Biden?  Yeah, I don’t think so………………….

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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