Don’t Be Scared: The action you can take against massive corruption

I wouldn’t be so animated to say you should be scared dear reader.  You know my policy is not to be afraid of anything and to often throw caution to the wind for fame, fortune, and vengeful satisfaction.  There’s no room for fear in those values, however, I would say that action is needed and reality demands understanding in regard to this tip of the ice berg that has shown itself as the Deep State clutches into Joe Biden that we are discovering through the revelations of his son Hunter’s lap top.  We’ve talked about it here for years, but Joe isn’t alone.  There are likely many members of the senate who do the same kind of thing on both the Republican and Democrat sides.  But the truth is, now that we know, there simply is no way that Joe Biden can be president, and in other years where the media wasn’t so corrupt, this story would have sunk him.  But astonishingly, in the two townhalls that took place by the Disney owned ABC and the Comcast owned NBC this issue wasn’t brought up at all even though it is the most relevant and jaw dropping story in the world.  And immediately Facebook and Twitter were found to be editing the contents of the story to drive a narrative far from the truth, but only in the direction of their future investments—globalism or bust!

Even worse, it was President Trump’s friend, Rudy Giuliani who came across Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop and started to float around the contents right before the election.  Now think about it, all these people have been coming after Trump with everything imaginable since before he won the election in 2016.  The only language those types of people understand is force, so Giuliani has released this damning information just a few weeks before the 2020 election and that’s just the kind of hard ball you have to play with these guys.  We didn’t elect Trump to go to Washington and play nice with Mitch, or Nancy, we sent him there as a free man to pull the plug on the corruption we knew was there and now we see it plain and clear in the Biden laptop.  And yes, its bad.  Poppa Joe received kickbacks from influence peddling sent through his children, and he’s done this for a long time.  If anybody uses the impeachment attempt by the House of Representatives against President Trump over the Ukrainian phone call what they accused the President of doing is minor league stuff in comparison.  But even worse, the Biden family was guilty of doing all the things they were trying to put on Trump.  Just as our own intelligence departments were trying to say that Rudy Giuliani was getting fake, misleading information from Russia to harm Hunter Biden.  Yet it was the Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton who invented the Russian story with full knowledge of the White House at the time when Joe Biden was the VP who was doing the dirty deeds.  What has been astonishing was to the level that up and down the media chains how willing people were conducive to playing along to keep the system alive.

Now think of it, how the Tech media was willing to ban people from Twitter and Facebook over any reference to using hydroxychloroquine to fight Covid-19 because they were obviously in on that scam as well, in using the coronavirus to create a change state around the world toward United Nations political needs, such as global warming, an open border society, and a reset of the economic global platform.  They didn’t care if hydroxy worked, they wanted people sick so they could use the statistics to harm Trump’s chances at re-election. But many thought that nobody in their right mind would be so malicious.  After all, Facebook allowed them to exchange pictures with their families, they couldn’t be all bad.  That is until a real bomb of a story hit quickly with this Hunter Biden thing and the tech giants had to act quickly exposing to the world their ability and intentions to censor meaningful content that went against their intended media platform.  Yet, that turned out to be precisely true.  Obviously once we come through all this mess we will have to take action, we can’t allow trust in a free media to be so malicious and intentionally terrorist in their aim.

But there’s more coming, the crack smoking, the buy offs, the crazy women and sex scandals are just the surface stuff.  In some ways I am willing to give the Durham Report and Bill Barr a little slack on what they’ve discovered.  They have a lot of people who want to kill them now and that can have an impact on those who aren’t so tough.  Being smart after all isn’t enough in life, you also have to be willing to kill those who want to kill you, and Barr the Attorney General isn’t that kind of guy, and that is the game that is being played.  Both Giuliani and Trump have stood up to the mobsters of New York and know what its like.  You can’t play patty cake with these people, and we’ve allowed this animal to grow for many years, and its out of control.  Joe Biden was promised a free ride to the office, that the media outlets would carry his water because they were all set to preserve a system that enriched them all greatly.  And Facebook, Google and Twitter have placed their bets on globalism and are just as in bed with China as Hunter Biden was.  They are all of a like mind and are willing to destroy America to profit from the aftermath.  That is why they have been burning down our cities, enjoy that the NFL players won’t stand for the National Anthem, and that they support an end to the constitution because they have gone too far in life down the criminal road, their only path to redemption is a reset.  They see us and our representative, President Trump as a serious threat to their plans and they are ready for a fight.  So this has all been coming for a long time, and I’m glad of it.

Yet, it can be overwhelming how deep it all goes, and how fast they can act.  It can also be hard to look at just how evil so many people are.  Everyone who reads here knows that I love Disney as a company.  But its not for what they have been doing, its for what they were when Uncle Walt ran the company.   When I think of them I think of Liberty Square in Disney World, The Fort Wilderness Campground—an obvious nod to our frontier past, Tom Sawyer Island, the Hall of Presidents, Ayn Rand’s dedication at the Epcot Center—things like that.  But that’s not what the company is now.  These days they have moved the entire focus of the company not in preserving American ideas, but in yielding to China and their billion plus people—something they consider an “emerging market” the way corporate pin heads see the world.  And you’d get the same story at Google and Facebook.  Now you can see why Zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 21.  He’s no different than Hunter, a slut for money he didn’t earn, but was willing to sell away influence not through a powerful father, but through the information he extracted from people to sell to malicious participants.  And that is the fight we are in.  Its not time to be scared dear reader.  Rather, its time to do something about it, and you should thank God that at this point, all you need to do is vote.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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