Trump Unleashed: The Mega MAGA Rally in front of millions and millions of people that nobody will forget

In a lot of ways I have been waiting for the conversation that occurred between President Trump and Rush Limbaugh all of my life.  The two hours of live radio uninterrupted without any commercials was an extraordinary event and I couldn’t help but think during the whole thing that we are still the same society that killed Socrates for corrupting the youth.  Those are the forces that have been hard at work our entire lives, yet a few people sometimes emerge who can challenge the status quo with straight talk and commonsense.  Both men are now elderly, one is coming off what the world considered a death sentence in Covid-19, the other is coming out of treatment for advanced lung cancer.  And both have had very successful lives and were together like a couple of guys talking on the golf course in the way that people speak to each other when they know one another and have for a long time.  I liked President Trump a lot before hearing this spectacular broadcast, but after, I found he is a person I really like.  This event with Rush Limbaugh was better than any debate and was a very unique way to speak directly to roughly 40 million people all at the same time with the kind of intimacy of a couple of guys just having a chat about the state of the world, the way many of us do among our confidants.  You can hear that broadcast here:

As many know, I have done my fair share of talk radio, and I always liked it.  My work there has sort of migrated into my work here.  There is more freedom in writing these articles because there are fewer people to get in the way of getting whatever message I want to get out, out.  But I will say, you have to be pretty smart to host a talk show on radio, with no visual cues to drive the time, and only your voice to make the show interesting enough to compete with the millions of other things that people might otherwise do with their time.  I was able to do it because I have read a lot over a lifetime.  Having a lot of things floating around in your brain is crucial to keeping up a conversation that is interesting to a listener who is depending completely on you to entertain them.  Many find it a daunting task.  I would say that it takes an excessively intelligent person to host a radio show speaking from personal experience, and after listening to President Trump and Rush Limbaugh speak for a solid 2 hours on a Friday afternoon, it was clear that these two were giants of intellect who had so much on their mind that they could have spoken like that for days.  I doubt there are many politicians anywhere who could have done the show President Trump did with Limbaugh.

They covered just about everything that a person could think of very fluidly and without a lot of pauses for thought.  Trump was just unleashed with the kind of topics that no newspaper or television interview has time to flush out and Limbaugh was an expert in setting up the table of discussion to seamlessly unleash Trump from topic to topic.  It was a live event that came out as fluidly as a well edited book on tape kind of recording that was simply the result of a very active President of the United States speaking with a top level professional radio talent who has been doing this kind of thing for many decades.  Without question most everyone in the media was listening, yet they hardly acknowledged it afterwards because the content was just leap years away from anything any of them could have done.  My take was that I felt very close to Trump, I understood that guy even better, and it was quite clear why he has such resonance with his supporters and defined quite clearly why he is such a threat to the shackles of institutionalism.  Here too was a guy who had spent his life being at the top of his game in communication.  He will be remembered for a lot of things, but what few have really credited him with presently, which time will come to understand, he is the best communications president in American history and he has backed it all up with great honor and valor.   He was able to put himself out on the table for all to see without coming across as a phony person who just wants to win an election to continue to have power.  But rather, he’s a guy who really does love the idea of America and wants to do all he can to leave it in the best shape possible while it’s in his power to do so.

What became clear during the interview was how the forces who intend his destruction want it that way for all the malicious reasons that history has reported voluminously.  Yet Trump said it best when he properly identified the real fight before us, in how Republicans just aren’t built to play the killer game, which is the game that Democrats are playing, and they are playing for keeps.  That after all is why Rush Limbaugh has been so successful over the years, and that is precisely why Trump was elected president in the first place.  If he hadn’t been, or if Rush hadn’t lasted as long as he has, there is a lot that is happening now that would have never seen the light of day, such as the massive corruption between the previous White House and the Justice Department being revealed.  The criminal conduct of the FBI.  How corrupt and anti-American the media really is.  The corruption runs deep, and with Trump we have been able to pull back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz so to speak.  Yet what we found there was not a shy old man trying to fluff up his feathers to look more important than he really was, but a vile and malicious monster from the nightmares of H.P Lovecraft.

The brilliance of the event can’t be overstated, while the media has been trying to stuff the Trump message of freedom for all into 30 second soundbites and 6 minute interviews with a barrage of print media who hates him for all the reasons they hate themselves with self-loathing despondency in the way that young girls hate a mirror after they’ve spoiled their diet and eaten too many doughnuts before a big date, Trump stepped over them all and took his very deep thoughts about things straight to the people who wanted to hear those thoughts, and it was just brilliant.  It was revolutionary actually.  I have thought for a long time that it has been talk radio which has kept America alive.  Even though the political left of communism and socialism has sought to take over Hollywood and the media in general, the difficulty in speaking thoughts alone and to an audience has its own way of fleshing out the good from the bad.   Democrats don’t do very well on talk radio for that very reason.  But a person with great thoughts and a lot to say does, and this format of communicating was just the right thing.  It was unique for sure, and likely will be quite impactful for many elections to come.

MEGA MAGA! The Largest Radio Rally in History

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