Knowing Hitmen: The benefits of vast experience, seeing the edges of puzzles


I promised a bit of a glimpse into my experience with “hit men” and organized crime for context into how the Democrat Party conducts their business now.  My experiences, which I’ll give a little info, enough for some basic understanding I see as the opposite of Saul Alinsky’s experience with Al Capone’s mob in Chicago where he actively hung out with them and learned from them to write Rules for Radicals which became the guidebook for modern political theater and is very much what we see happening today from the DNC—the new mob of our times.  Where Alinsky just hung around the mobsters and was sort of a leech and observer, my experience was in actually working with them for my own quest which I’ll explain.  But first, one of the most informative experiences of my life involved a dinner where Channel 19 was filming a commercial and I was picked to be a part of it at 16 years old.  They were filming us eating a nice meal and I was seated with a girl I was dating who was 21 at the time and was a very successful fashion model.  She was the daughter of the piano player where I worked, a classy place that used to be where the Sharonville Convention Center is now.  It had connections to the mob out of Chicago and I learned a lot from those people.  Also at that table was the highest ranking judge in the City of Sharonville who had become a personal friend of mine and I learned a lot about law from.  I had from him an official “get out of jail free card” where if I got into some kind of trouble within Sharonville, I could hand that card to the officers and I was just one radio call in to be turned loose.  And next to him was a mutual friend of both of us, a hitman who was very actively employed and was a good friend of the place.

Now I’m a pretty clean-cut person, certainly am and always have been a law and order kind of guy.  But always with me, since I had my first memories at 1 and 2 years old, personal freedom has always been important.  In fact, I have my own views about wealth measurement.  For me, being rich means having time to do what and think what I want when I want to.  School was a miserable experience for me and I determined in the first grade that I wanted to be retired at age 20 so I wouldn’t have to listen to anybody tell me what to think about or when and where I could do it.  My parents really didn’t understand it.  Since I was always in trouble at school I spent most of my grade school years grounded for noncompliance every time my teachers complained about my behavior. No TV, locked in my room, doing anything fun socially was a treat given to a bird so I learned to live without those things.  But the trouble at school wasn’t my fault, other than I wanted to be my own person.  My kindergarten teacher I found out later went insane, but while she was employed I was the target of her wrath because I didn’t follow her instructions.  In the first grade the biggest bully in our school tried to push me out of my seat while I was drawing some dinosaurs that I was interested in thinking about—but I was supposed to be doing math homework.  I wasn’t going to be pushed around even by the big scary kid so I stabbed him in the eye with my scissors and that caused me all kinds of hell.  Every few months for the rest of my school years was like that and it sucked so bad that I couldn’t wait to graduate to escape that prison.

Isolation for a lot of reasons became my favorite past time, but when puberty hit, everyone—family, friends, social creatures of the established system were concerned that I had no interest in school dances or skating parties.  I was happiest reading and playing in our basement with toys way too late in life.  My parents thought it was best to shove me a bit out of the nest to interact with the world.  They thought I was gay because I had no interest in girls or playing with other kids. I couldn’t explain to them that girls weren’t the problem, I was attracted to them plenty.  What was the problem is that you had to waste so much time talking to them about stupid stuff, and I didn’t want to do that just so I could play with their boobies.  It seemed stupid to me, and what was even worse was that I had no interest in average girls.  I wanted the crazy beautiful ones, only.  So I set out to escape the pressure and get to personal freedom as fast as I could, and playing the game the way society set it up wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go.  So with a long story made short, I found myself at that table with those kinds of contacts at 16 years old.  I was making a lot of money, I was hauling around Bengals players and their girlfriends all over town and acting as a body guard for them and many other VIPs.  I was offering my brand of fearlessness to all sides of the political spectrum, actually judges and their officers and people like that hit man who needed wisdom at times even if it came from a 16 year old kid who talked like he was 90 years old.

I couldn’t wait to get married and escape that life.  My wedding day was one of the happiest days.  I was planning to settle down with her and be a gunsmith for the rest of my life living quietly with my books and perhaps building a nice log cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  But the world wouldn’t leave me alone, literally because as I have said over the course of millions and millions of written words, people are trained in life to mooch off others for their sustenance and I have always been a hard worker, and a sincere person—and people want what I have, so they often work much harder in trying to take from me rather than working for themselves which would often be much easier.  I would not wish on anybody my experiences in my 20s and 30s.  I married when I was 19 and felt I had lived dozens of normal lifetimes by then.  I would live hundreds more over the next 20 years that would involve the very rich, excessively rich.  The very powerful, such as city mayors and bankers, investors, congresspeople and senators.  For instance, I was part of setting up the debate for Rob Portman to go on WLW radio when he was first running for congress.  If you can think of it, I’ve been there and done it and more importantly, I survived when nobody thought I would.  I know what pressure feels like, the kind of pressure that the very air you breathe feels like a crushing weight at the bottom of the deepest ocean.  I could write dozens of books on just this little time period.

Only over the last 15 years or so do I consider that I’ve achieved the wealth I wanted when I was 5 years old, just to have a free Saturday or Sunday occasionally to be alone with my books and think about what I want to think about.  I write these articles to share my experiences in hopes that others will find freedom in the same way.  I simply know too many people to give everyone a private advice session.  But I can talk to many thousands at once with them and give them the benefit from that experience in hopes that the world might become better and people find their lives more enriched by attacking the scary things that are meant to occupy their minds in ways that have always controlled humankind.  For me, its really easy to see the edges of the puzzle pieces such as is obvious with this latest attempt against President Trump’s life, or the absolute bullshit that the Democrat Party of criminals is trying to paint as a “new normal.”  I understand that most of the world hasn’t been trained in the way I have been, and most who might have had similar experiences usually flash out within a few years.  I was gifted with two great attributes that have allowed me to get through a thousand deaths with the benefits of wisdom, a natural happiness with the thoughts of my own mind and an unchained brutality to do whatever it takes to win at whatever I’m doing.  Even the 7 year old me was this way by poking that bully in the eye with the scissors.  Most people have one trait or the other, few have both.  That has given me access to some very unusual people to learn from in life, but it has also brought unbridled pain and gut punching reality.  And it is from there that I offer the wisdom of thought outside what anybody else will tell you, and how you can know you can trust it.  Because it comes from a place that is uncharted and very hard to get to, but once you do, it has the keys to all civilization and what drives them to action, such as spreading Covid-19 all over the Rose Garden to solve current political problems.  I have known people who actually do those kinds of things for a living, so its easy to see now on the nightly news the footprints of intention and malice.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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