The Plan: What the 2012 Olympics told us about the upcoming Covid-19 virus weaponized for global domination

Its something that has been bothering me for the last eight years but in relation to all this Covid-19 drama I went back and re-watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics in 2012 and the little presentation given by the National Health Service suddenly made a lot more sense.  You can review the show below and specifically the part I’m talking about at the 43-minute mark.  Putting on my Finnegans Wake hat I’ll explain how the National Health Service was giving a psychological conditioning performance which is what happens in media more often than you might think.  Its why the media culture thinks they can control presidential politics and why nations seek an alliance with the media to shape the cultures of their populations.  For anybody who doubts that our 2020 reaction to a very specific strain of coronavirus wasn’t planned way in advance by the big money people, like Bill Gates, and George Soros along with many, many others then here is your proof.  If you doubt what happened in October of 2019 in New York with the precises simulation of what would become Covid-19 and to unleash it upon the world not so much as a deadly virus, but one that people believed was deadly then this video and my interpretation of the Olympic event will settle the story for good.  Even just a surface viewing of this show is haunting, but to consider that it was considered high art and broadcast to the world at one of the most watched events that there is anywhere, it should become obvious that Covid-19 was a long planned attack on global cultures and a future state map to a new world order with the newly aligned governments to become a nanny state to nurse everyone back to a productive culture—as the National Health Service and to a larger extent, the World Health Organization planned it.

The show starts with a stage full of children going to bed as the nurses read to them.  The scene is festive and vibrant, much like the Tic Tock videos of nurses dancing in hospitals that we have seen this year mysteriously coordinated as people were supposedly dying in their care and being loaded onto refrigeration trucks outside stacked to the ceiling with the dead.  These are the good times of a pre-shutdown world.  Then the children go to sleep, which could represent all of us, the children of the world, the future laying asleep on beds lit up with brilliant white light. But then comes a nightmare, along comes the nightmare disguised by images of myth in our culture such as characters from Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Harry Potter.  But what is clear is that a danger is coming while the world sleeps specifically from China and the horsemen of the apocalypse within a cage as characters who look like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are awaked by a great threat as a giant wizard emerges into the sky with his magic wand coordinating the nightmare.  This character looks a bit like the Emperor from Star Wars and could represent George Soros and those like him working behind the scenes to orchestrate this terror unleashed.

The creatures who rush the stage clearly represent a viral outbreak.  At the time in 2012 many people thought what the National Health Service was trying to say was that we’ve been through plagues in the past and that they appreciated the nurses who guided us through those crises.  However, what they were showing we now know is clearly a reference to the upcoming plandemic that is upon us now, and this little play was our guidebook to dealing with it.  They were predicting a viral outbreak that would attack all those asleep and everyone would be under the spell of the giant overseer. The nurses suddenly become robotic and obviously not self-guided.  Everyone on stage was suddenly controlled by the virus and the overseer as the children ran for their lives and there was nowhere to hide.  This is what we are experiencing right now.  Make absolutely no mistake about it, the plan was for the leaders of the world to be contaminated by this Covid-19 virus and to strip away the covers of security we all live under and expose us to the great danger of this coronavirus.  President Trump likely was supposed to get it at some point in 2020 and it was meant to strip him away as a symbol of American power and show that he was controlled by the ominous forces lurking in the world just off-stage, and that we’d all be forced to follow.

Then by some miracle dozens and dozens of Mary Poppins like characters fall from the sky by their umbrellas and land eradicating the virus and forcing it off stage.  The grand overseer is reduced melting away like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and peace is restored into not so much the free state at the beginning, but to a state where security is ushered in by a nanny state literally represented by Mary Poppins herself—the ultimate nanny.  It always bothered me that there were many Mary Poppins characters but now we know.  The goal of the National Health Service and the World Health Organization represented at the Olympics was for the purpose of planting a seed of behavior so that when the moment came, people would know how to react.  The purpose of the Covid-19 virus would be to scare the hell out of everyone by attacking the very foundations of their society and what would emerge was a one world government provided behind the various health organizations in every country and that is what would unite us all to a common good—ran by them of course.  The show ends with a better, more organized world run by the nannies giving birth to a new age as represented by the giant baby that becomes the centerpiece of the stage.

The media seemed to know just what to do as the helicopter rushed President Trump off to Walter Reed hospital for treatment of Covid-19 one month before the American election.  The enemies of American independents cheered that the President was now sick and that he might die due to his age and health status.  The message was clear in 2012, nobody was going to escape this virus and the only way to live would be to turn toward the health advisers and an eventual nanny state for security.  However, what they didn’t plan was for President Trump to defeat the massive overseer himself, or for Trump supporters to flood the streets outside Walter Reed hospital to rally the president back to health the way that President Trump had rallied the nation to defend themselves against these maniacal forces and put America first.  None of that was part of the plan which is why there is a kind of major panic going on by those who believed that this little play was the game plan they had invested much of their lives into.  It was coming undone right in front of their faces.  But make no mistake about it, this Covid-19 event was about nothing but control from the start.  They have been planning it for decades and they unleashed it loose in 2020 to make their move against Trump’s America first policies, so that the United Nations could move in and take control of the world governments in what they thought was a peaceful coup.  Once America fell, the other governments of the world would follow.  But with Trump surviving and becoming more resolute than ever with supporters rallying to the cause, yeah, that wasn’t part of the plan.

I’m convinced that Democrat operatives committed to the inside understanding of what was going to happen through the various health organizations taking over government responsibilities were going to find a way to get Covid-19 to President Trump one way or another.  It is no accident that this past week many big names in the NFL also came down with positive testing keeping them from playing their games on Sunday, such as Cam Newton.  We are supposed to feel that there is no Superman who will save us from this disease and hope is supposed to be erased from our minds.  That is the point of the virus.  But when Trump fought the effects and took his hydroxychloroquine cocktails to fight Covid-19 head on instead of laying in bed by the doctors to be put to sleep literally, the whole plan fell apart.  And that’s where we find ourselves today just ahead of the election.  The events of that play are undone completely and thankfully.  But don’t kid yourself.  This wasn’t something that just happened.  Covid-19 was and will always be a power grab by the World Health Organization to put the United Nations in charge of our lives not by the point of a gun, but by the fear of a virus which they completely controlled and always planned to.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior


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