The Covid-19 Political Hit in the Rose Garden: Now we see how they planned to stop Amy Barrett’s nomination and to take out Trump with an October Surprise

OK, now I’m sure that the Covid-19 attack on the Republican Party is completely politically motivated and was enacted by the same types of hit jobs that we have seen over the years with Vince Foster, Seth Rich and even Jeffrey Epstein.  (Notice how nobody is talking about the Ghislaine Maxwell story these days?  There are a lot of dirty dogs in the billionaire class who have dipped themselves into that controversy, and want to keep it quiet)  There are literally thousands of these hits that happen every year and I’ll write a follow-up to this describing how I know from personal experience, but I see the fingerprints all over this issue.  The hit probably came out of the Bill Gates camp with his fellow billionaires who spread their advertising money all over the media to get control of them, as we all have seen.  They couldn’t have Trump going around this election season having big events like they had at the Rose Garden and all these popular rallies where there is no social distancing or masks being worn.  They just couldn’t have that because Covid-19 is not just another common cold to them, they have politically weaponized it for global domination and to crush the American economy.  And Trump was spitting in the face of the “experts” and had to be taught a lesson.  At the very least, since all those billionaires support Biden for president and Trump was making fun of the presidential hopeful every day for hiding in his basement, they had to do something to switch the narrative.  But I’ve seen enough to call bullshit on this one, here’s why.

It’s not hard to do.  And think about this, it was the confirmation of the Amy Barrett nomination and how else do you knock that off the rails.  Well, you get some kid who works for the company who sets up chairs for those kinds of events and you make a millionaire out of them if only they’ll take towels saturated in coronavirus to wipe down all the places where people like Kellyanne Conway would be sitting, Hope Hicks, Mike Lee, Thom Tillis, Ronna McDaniel, like the entire first few rows.  Are we supposed to believe that Covid-19 after 7 or 8 months of lockdowns where these people avoided getting it all that time then suddenly when the next Supreme Court Justice nominee is introduced, all these people get it at the same time?  Ahhh, they didn’t listen to the experts who are controlled by Google and Facebook so somebody had to make an example of them, and derail the nomination process of a third Supreme Court pick for Trump—AND, to take him down with an October Surprise.  This was a political hit if I’ve ever seen one and I have seen them all too often, sad to say. 

Covid-19 is all about control, and nothing about safety.  The billionaires have been losing the Covid message, with football happening in college and with the NFL, people were starting to show an inclination to getting back to normal.  Not the New Normal that Bill Gates wants, but the way things are supposed to be, people without masks, a thriving economy where jobs are as common as rain drops in a hurricane.  My thoughts were confirmed when Joe Biden gave his little speech on Friday before he went back to his nappie and gave everyone a lecture, especially the now sick Trump who was rushed off to Walter Reed for treatment at about the same time that we were given a lecture by that loser for not wearing masks.  Biden suggested that if only Trump had been wearing masks and hiding from the world like he had been that maybe Trump wouldn’t have gotten Covid-19.  Wrong, try not artificially contaminating GOP events with live samples of coronavirus and everything would be fine.  There continues to be absolutely no evidence that 6’ foot social distancing and the wearing of masks does anything to prevent the spread.   But more importantly, so you get Covid-19—so what.  99.9% of all people will get the virus and survive.  It’s the story that is the real corruption, how we have measured getting essentially the common cold which is what a coronavirus is, and how we have used the spread of a cold to reshape the behavior of human life for Agenda 21 political desires, like the Green New Deal.

Do you remember dear reader when I explained the real issue behind Warren Buffett’s resistance to the Key Stone Pipeline that the Obama administration was so against?  This is one of those earlier stories where someone from the billionaire class openly worked with politics to benefit themselves.  Of course around that time Buffett was talking about how he paid less in taxes than his secretary.  Ring a bell anybody?  Well I let it be known why Buffett was against the pipeline, because he owned the railroad which transported all that beautiful oil from Canada and North Dakota to the West Coast.  The pipeline would not only cost him many hundreds of millions, but it would harm the environment as Obama understood the world.  So it was easy to control Obama by giving him a story to hang on to while protecting his investments into that railroad.  I would be willing to bet a quick look into the investment portfolios of the most rampant billionaires who are against Trump, and likely paid for this political hit against Trump allies in the Rose Garden press conference of Amy Barrett–own as of now any airline stocks as they hope to tank that market to save the world of global warming.  I bet a quick study into their behavior from 2019 to 2020 would show major sell-offs of any Boeing stock, or other major aerospace investments.  That’s how you know they are guilty.  Go ahead, have a look.  I bet I’m right.

There is nothing worse than a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats lecturing us on wearing masks as a warning that we should listen to their paid off experts on how to avoid Covid-19 which the paid for media has scared everyone into thinking it’s a death sentence—30% of all people think so.  But its all fake and meant to control us politically and socially.  I would offer another challenge, have a look at the employees who worked in the Rose Garden that day in preparation for the nomination of Amy Barrett and see if there wasn’t a 22 year old kid who suddenly became very wealthy and moved to Sweden or Switzerland, or even Amsterdam with millions in the bank and hoping that the kid blows out his brain with excessive drug use and prostitutes so that he’s not even around by age 30 to write a book about how he spread Covid-19 at the White House to disrupt the confirmation process and ruin the second term of a sitting president.  He’ll tell that story to the whores of Amsterdam and they’ll all be dead by age 30 anyway, and the secrets will die with them.  That’s how these things go, and how the billionaire class controls people in their grabs for power.  What I’m saying may seem outside the rules of even conspiracy, but I’m 100% sure of it after watching Democrats and the activist anti-Trump billionaire’s behavior over the last 48 hours.  Covid-19 didn’t spread to all those GOP members by nature, it was put there by political attackers who truly want to rule the world through fear.  If that fear comes from gun point, then so be it.  But these new age insurgents would much prefer a less direct method of control, and they have found it in coronavirus.  And they have presented their vast plans to us with the results of the last few days, and I would think that should piss off everyone who can now look in the mirror and know that they’ve been suckered. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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