Democrats Try to Kill President Trump: Not even an assassination attempt will stop the President

I find the timing of President Trump and his wife and staff getting Covid-19 a month before the election very odd, especially just a few days after visiting a neutral site for the debate, or perhaps a few days sooner at some rally location where the set up crew had access to places Trump would be.  I can’t help but wonder if Democrat operatives didn’t scrub down podiums with coronavirus so that he’d get it by the debate in Cleveland.  After all this time, how could so many people close to Trump get it suddenly?  But nobody should be surprised, they have thrown everything else at Trump to stop him, why not this too. 

It is sad that the first place my mind goes with such news is that its sabotage by the dirty Democrats.  But so what, the desperation is completely leveled on their side because they know they are losing and have to fight dirty to even have a chance.  I see Trump getting Covid as a chance to show the nation how silly the little virus is, and how quickly he can recover.  Yet make no mistake about it, all week long the media has been turning on the heat for Covid again now that the NFL is playing and the nation is reeling off the economic effects.  Democrats have been counting on Covid-19 to save them all year and they aren’t about to let it go now with an election to sabotage.

After the debate this week I, like you, have heard nothing but panic coming from normally levelheaded Republicans.  Glenn Beck sounded like he was going to cry in panic every moment of his Thursday show talking about acting like Paul from the Bible, kneeling before God and trusting in divine providence to guide us through this nightmare of the apocalypse.  Sean Hannity had on several pollsters on his show who told him that Trump had a slim chance at winning even under the best of circumstances, and one of those was Rasmussen himself.  Rush Limbaugh who is normally very collected under these kinds of confusing narratives gets things quickly and found himself pulled into the negative story of defending Trump’s history against White Supremacy, which is completely a non-story.  Its so stupid its not even worth defending.  The criminal class of Democrats have done all these things and more, but as they have always in the past, they are the first to attack forcing Republicans to defend themselves, and while they are doing so, keep anybody from looking at their crimes.  Most Republicans on Thursday and Friday found themselves on their heels after what I thought was a really good debate for Trump and to finish off things, now the President and First Lady had to maintain themselves in quarantine off the campaign trail and putting Covid all over the news cycle once again just as fall is kicking in, airlines and Disney are laying off massive amounts of workers and even in the NFL teams are postponing games over Covid-19.  Its everything and much more than the kitchen sink designed to ruin Trump, keep him hidden in his house, and to exploit Covid for what it was designed for, to torpedo the American economy and keep the President from winning re-election.

To my eyes, the election isn’t even close.  I don’t think traditional polling can detect election trends with all the new variables that are now part of the voting process.  And Democrats look to be in an all out panic.  Their internal numbers are showing them that nothing they have been trying has been working.  They are losing the black vote by a large margin and Trump has picked up a lot of Hispanics a month out from the election.  That’s why suddenly they are trying to focus on a ground game, because the plan of playing a prevent defense hasn’t been working.  The enthusiasm gap is just too great, so great that I would say that there is a very good chance that Republicans take back the House this year.  The way that Democrats attack is essentially a playbook that the mob used, particularly in Chicago with Al Capone.  For anybody who has read Rules for Radicals, which most Democrat operatives have, this past week is clearly from those pages and spawned from the days where the mob ran Chicago and now essentially run the Democrat Party.  They attack to make themselves look tough and the key to beating them is to punch back the way Trump did in the debate.  To not accept the accusations of “white supremacy” and to throw it back in the faces of Democrats and their Antifa terrorists and race baiters of Black Lives Matters with their thin mask of Marxism trying to backdoor our election process.

The cries for Trump to behave himself in the next debate and talking about what a disaster the first debate was came from both sides and had the big commentators starting to panic themselves.  But Trump gets it, the fight isn’t about policy decisions.  Nobody now cares about minor policy differences on how a president might govern.  All that matters now is that we fight off the attempts to turn America into a communist state.  That is the fight that many have a hard time admitting is the primary problem in this election.  Trump stands for a continuation of America.  Biden is a white flag of surrender to the Marxist radicals of revolution. That is what had Glenn Beck so spooked, and even Sean Hannity.  Rush Limbaugh will figure it out after a few days, once everything settles in.  But I’m saying that the Democrats know they don’t have the numbers under any scenario, especially after the debate, and they are desperate.  Even though the Democrats have allies in Hollywood, Silicone Valley, in global power players, the billionaire class, the entire media, most everything that people can see and hear, what it comes down to is whether or not people will vote against their own self-interest, and I don’t see any evidence that they will.  People aren’t that stupid when it comes down to it.  Even with massive cheating, the Democrats are literally fighting for their very lives, so you can expect from them anything that can go.

Going into that debate, it would have been easy for a Covid terrorist trying to put coronavirus back at the top of the news to take Trump off the road by forcing him to quarantine with the virus and scaring the hell out of Republicans who haven’t been wearing masks or social distancing.  The media in the worst way wants to say, “see, we told you the rallies were dangerous.”  But its all fake news just as the entire Russian scandal that the Mueller Report spent so much time and effort on only to be a bust story.  They knew the entire time that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats put up the money to make that fake story happen and the entire media played along with it to force an insurrection of the Trump Presidency.  And to blame Trump and his supporters of not being willing to turn over power after this election is foolish.  The Democrats never accepted the election results of 2016 so what makes them think Trump supporters will ever accept theirs should they win?  They’ve painted themselves in a corner and at this point they do think Covid-19 is a dangerous killer.  I don’t think so, but they do, and I wouldn’t put it past them to deliberately contaminate the debate forum knowing where Trump was going to stand backstage and at the podium.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the stage hands didn’t wipe coronavirus all over the podium where Trump would be hoping to kill him. Because that’s about all they have left, and what they’ll learn in the weak to come is just how weak Covid-19 really is, and that it won’t stop Trump at all.  Rather, it will likely put him in the news more often and in a better light than anybody could imagine, and he’ll do like he always does, he’ll turn a negative into a positive for him and his supporters.  And the Democrats will find themselves listless and without any other weapons to use, and well short of the voters they need for their communist takeover.

Think about it, Hope Hicks was the first one to get it, and she is close to the President every day, and you are hiring a hit man to get Covid-19 to Trump because you believe like 30% of all people do that this new form of coronavirus is a death sentence.  Hope doesn’t live at the White House.  You could spread the virus on her car door handles, or a railing somewhere she travels during the day.  She would be easy to get to if you are one of those types of people.  Now is there evidence, well there will probably be some of that a year or so from now when everyone calms down a bit.  It would not surprise me.  What I’m saying is that if you take the body of work of the Democrats and the FBI, there is enough evidence of other things to provide probable cause.  Democrats are not innocent until proven guilty.  Rather the same rules they give to Trump apply.  They are guilty to me until proven innocent and until they prove they didn’t find a way to get Covid-19 to the First Family a month before the election, then we must assume they were trying to assassinate the President and his campaign in the same way that this virus was used to destroy the American economy.  We may not want to believe any of that was possible, but look at what Hillary Clinton was caught of, and think of James Comey’s recent testimony where he wrote a book about his dealings with Trump.  Showtime even made a movie based on his account.  But now that the legal shit has hit the fan, suddenly he can’t remember anything, including where he put his shoes last night.  Yeah, these are dirty, scummy characters and it’s my opinion that they tried to kill the President with Covid-19, or at least took a shot that would sideline him from the action for the next several weeks, and maybe even get Joe Biden out of the next two debates.  Based on their behavior, the Democrats, I am willing to bet that to be the case, and history will look back on it in a much more rational way, and will agree with me.

Just consider what many billionaires who are against Trump can buy, Bloomberg, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates, Steyer and many others, money can buy a lot–and I would suggest in this case, especially the chaos of 2020 around the world–it has.  The fact that Trump had to go to Walter Reed Hospital for monitoring is all the circumstantial evidence that you need for this new low of an October Surprise which I would argue was likely planned way back in February, just as Covid-19 was in conjunction with the economic shutdowns.  



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