There Are No Circumstances Where Joe Biden Can Win Anything: I will not accept any election results from the largest organized crime syndicate in the world, the Democrat Party

I have listened over the last 48 hours or so all the analysis from the Trump/Biden debate that occurred on September 29th, 2020 and am a little surprised at the dumb things people came away with, such as many people in the Republican Party who thought the debate was chaotic and unpresidential. Everyone seemed to have an opinion that if Trump did this, or Trump did that, the President could have let Biden hang himself. Many thought Chris Wallace lost control of the event as if there were supposed to be invisible rules guiding the process for the protection of all from the reality of our times. The denial of the real issues that were on the table at that debate were completely ignored even though Trump put them there, yet it was surprising anyway. Hey, Trump has had nothing but lies and malice directed at him since before he ran for President and now we know for sure that Hillary Clinton didn’t just hide her email server, and the FBI helped her do it, but she paid for the Russian collusion with her party, the DNC, and actual lives and friends of President Trump were destroyed. Of course, he would and should be mad, just as many of us are. Why should Trump follow the rules, the Democrats don’t? So for me, the parts of the debate that I enjoyed were the parts where he interrupted Joe Biden, and Chris Wallace. Trump represented me in that debate, and I think it’s a hell of a lot better than the other punishments these criminals have in store for them. We are not looking at a civil political party, we are looking at insurgents and a massive criminal enterprise called the Deep State. It is my hope we can settle all this with a legal election. But if that’s not the case, accepting the behavior of these criminals to create laws for us is not on the table. Not that I’m worried about it, but there is no circumstance where I would accept anything but a Trump re-election. They owe him for what they’ve done to all of us who voted for him. There is no redeeming factor at this point, so this debate is what I would call civil. Because the alternative is far worse.

Currently there is no debate on the issues possible—because of the criminal conduct in 2016 by the Democrat Party including the Obama White House which Joe Biden was a part of, and their activities so far in 2020—and everything in between. It is just baffling that so many politicians in-the-know would assume that Trump had a right to have a policy debate with a person from the Obama administration who suggested to President Obama that they use the Logan Act to literally destroy the life of General Flynn, to get to Trump. And that same administration colluded with the election campaign of Hillary Clinton to play along with the fake Russia story, and have maintained the lie after 3 years of investigation and millions and millions of dollars wasted. Then when that didn’t work they tried to impeach Trump with another fake Ukrainian story when it was Joe and his son Hunter who were the ones selling influence to the Ukrainians and the Russians with a massive conspiracy to pin it on Trump. I thought Trump showed great restraint during the debate. Likely more than I would have. As I was watching Joe Biden’s face during the debate I kept wanting to see it smashed like a grape for what he represented, a Deep State that thinks it’s above the law and has the power to rule us all and to micromanage our lives right down to our energy consumption and what we eat.

I did listen to several good reporters who have started to lean conservative late in their lives, as logic has finally caught up to them, and to hear the shudder in their voices when they doubted all the conspiracy theories that people like me have been suggesting for decades. They are learning just how deep the Deep State is. Even the Trump family is surprised, and guess what, if not for Trump’s election, we wouldn’t know now. We would continue to have RINO Republicans who would attend these debates and go out there like nice Boy Scouts and get the shit beat out of them by the Democrats who fight dirty all the time and do nothing without malice in their hearts. Republicans have made those kinds of politicians for years, and if we continued, we wouldn’t have a country left because Democrats are looking to crush the country, not to save it. And what was on that stage for the debate was a representative of a massive government mob full of criminals who have been caught. Not only do they want power for power’s sake, but they want an end to the investigations coming ever so slowly out of Trump’s Justice Department now that the Mueller Report is finally done. The stakes are quite high for Joe Biden and his Democrat Party. They are not only fighting to win an election so they can have the White House. But they want to control the investigations that are now showing just how deep that Swamp is in Washington, and they are fighting to conceal the greatest political scandal in world history—which is saying a lot. Like I’ve said many times, its so big that people have a hard time getting their minds around it. But many who said four years ago that such suggestions were paranoid and conspiratorial are seeing now, that such thoughts are not only real, they are likely vastly understated.

How do we know the Democrats will do anything to cheat in this upcoming election? Well, they’ve done it before and are now caught in the 2016 election in a vast and unparalleled way, so big that it makes Watergate look like a grain of sand on a vast beach at low tide. The entire strategy for getting Biden elected was and likely still is to ballot harvest and cheat heavily in the swing states, especially Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I expect Trump to defend himself as viciously during the next debate if not more so, and I would support him if he picked up the moderator and Joe Biden and smashed them on the stage like a watermelon from a 20 story building. I don’t normally advocate violence, but what do Democrats think is the option, to put up with their criminal conduct and sit quietly while the enemies of America make up rules to keep us all safely away from their throats. I believe in law and order and I support the police. I support fair elections, but the people running against Trump are criminals, and we have a Deep State running them that is bigger than any mob outfit we’ve ever seen in America during its entire history, and I’m not going to put up with that. I hope Trump wins so we can have law and order, and I think he will. But there isn’t any condition that I would accept where Democrats could win back the White House. None whatsoever. Anything that puts Biden in any kind of lead I would have to assume from their observed behavior was obtained by cheating. And until Democrats changed their brand at the fundamental level, nobody with a sane mind would think or expect otherwise.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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