A Force of Nature: Trump made me very proud in the first debate of 2020–and he clearly beat Biden

Every day I speak to people from all over the world and I’ve kept it to myself for a while because I don’t typically mix things together that don’t belong.  I’m not a Reece’s Cup, where I dip my chocolate into peanut butter and smile at the results.  But the Asian markets for many months now have been operating at near full capacity in their economies.  Their shut downs by government to avoid the Covid-19 virus was purely to help China sell the World Health Organization’s guidelines that would eventually shut down the American economy with the CDC freaking out, following the rules established by China and getting people like Bill Gates and Doctor Fauci to walk into President Trump’s Oval Office and tell him that we had to shut down the world’s greatest economy to save lives.  It was purely political, just as Covid-19 has been from the start and the intention of the whole thing as history will remember it would be to give Joe Biden a chance at an election win in November.

Many people will have a hard time believing that people could be so evil and ruin so many lives over an American election, but anybody thinking something like that would be extremely naive.  For anybody questioning such motivations I would refer them to read Giambattista Vico’s fantastic book New Science published in 1744 for a glimpse into the history of world cultures and to what extremes they will go to gain power.   At the presidential debate on September 29th Joe Biden showed the results of all the planning that went in to setting up that moment, and the purpose was revealed, Democrats and communists from the other side of the world wanted to suck the life out of the Trump economy and blame President Trump for plunging the country into a recession by tricking him into the whole ordeal, and dragging the rest of us with him.  They caught him in an either or situation forcing him to save lives by cutting the head off the great economy.  And once there, the Asian markets were back up to full speed by summer, and the media hasn’t said a damn thing about it.  Because they used the situation to get a competitive advantage over the United States economically while Democrats used coronavirus to attempt just another coup to take over the White House.

Trump did at the debate the only thing that was appropriate, he was angry and had his chance to put it on full display to make his case for a re-election.  I thought he was fabulous and that’s not just because I’m a supporter.  But he fought the fight that had to be fought by forces trying to cheat by making all the rest of us follow the rules that “experts” come up with for us, then hide behind those same rules to gain some advantage in the election.  Before the debate occurred, we all knew Chris Wallace was a Democrat and that Trump was going to be outnumbered by representation on the stage.  But that was an irrelevant fact, Trump had to come out swinging and show that he was willing to break the rules of that format sending shockwaves of indecision through the Democrats who were clearly planning to use Covid-19 as a way to force a change state election if only they could keep Joe Biden standing long enough.  Meanwhile ballot harvesting would do the rest switching some of the close state races from Trump to Biden through mail-in ballots, which by now everyone has seen the situation in Minnesota by Project Veritas.  There is plenty of evidence of cheating on a mass scale, and Trump was able to get that brought up during the debate in front of a large audience.  If Trump stayed in the lines and did what he was told by Chris Wallace, a lot of what Trump said wouldn’t have been said.

Don’t feel sorry for Joe Biden, we saw debates like the one he did with Paul Ryan which was a joke.  Many people like me wanted someone like a Trump back then to body slam the Democrats because they were always breaking the rules to win while Republicans always played by them and continued to lose over and over again.  Finally, in President Trump there is someone who represents someone like me.  Which is why he is popular with so many people, because he is truly a representative of the American people.  During the course of that debate Trump managed to get out many of the biggest points in a way that many wanted to hide, such as to the extent that Hillary Clinton actually did partner with the Russians to attempt to take out Trump in the first presidential campaign, then tried to blame Trump for it.

The recent information that has been coming out on that front is absolutely shocking.  Not to mention what we are now learning about the extent of the FBI in soliciting Russian help so they could generate mock evidence and manipulate a FISA court, to essentially run a coup in America.  And Joe Biden was in on the whole thing from the White House.  Trump was able to confront Biden on that topic to his face in front of a massive audience, and that was great.  Trump was also able to confront Biden on his son’s dealing’s in Ukraine, China and Russia and in using the power of his father’s office to gain great wealth and leverage politically around the world.  Trump was fighting the fight we all needed to see happen because the forces trying to suck the life out of America were on stage that night including within Chris Wallace.

The reviews of course all day after were of shock by the mainstreamers and tech industry communists like Facebook and Google.  Even Trump went further than he was supposed to go, they had not anticipated the raw rage of an uncaged animal.  For myself, I was a cheering maniac yelling at my television happy as hell that I had a president who finally was fighting back against all these maniacal people who had ill intent in the worst of all forms and had been destroying my country all of my life.  President Trump was fighting a fight that kept me from having to take up arms to reclaim liberty through violence and I am grateful to him for that.  Instead, he put it all on the line for that debate and he lacerated Joe Biden and his handlers hiding in the billionaire class dropping an October surprise that the Democrats couldn’t prepare for in a million years.

And Trump could only do it by being a force of nature and rage on a format that all of the world could see with raw brutality and tremendous clarity of thought.  It wasn’t anything the pundits of Fox understood, and it certainly wasn’t anything Chris Wallace was ready for, but it was just the thing that America needed after Covid-19 was set upon us as just the most recent insurrection attempt.  We know Democrats are planning to cheat in this election massively because they can’t win any other way. We know they have cheated in the past, and Biden was part of that along with the Deep State that is still clinging to power if only they could get rid of Trump.  And we know the rest of the world is cooperating with the Democrat’s efforts, because they want to get rid of Trump too.  But in getting rid of Trump, they really mean getting rid of us, and for that, we should take that as an opportunity to shock the world—yet again.  However, this time will sting a lot worse than the last time, and we should look forward to it like a person on fire looks forward to a river to jump in, to put out the flames of insurrection forever.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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