Dumb as The Rock: Nobody cares about Trump’s taxes–especially voters

Well, its interesting to see what that other side thinks people care about, starting with the announcement by The Rock giving his endorsement to the Biden campaign on Sunday of this week around the same time that they marched Joe himself out around noon, just before the football games to make a connection between the new Supreme Court Justice nominee, Amy Comey Barrett to an eradication of Obamacare.  Hmmm, in case they didn’t know it on the political left, that issue has been solved for over a decade.  Its part of the reason for the majorities in congress since 2010 and what gave Trump his rise to the Oval Office.  He ran on getting rid of Obamacare so its not surprising that he would stick with it.  Only Democrats think that socialized medicine is popular with people now that they’ve crammed it down everyone’s throats.  Well, they are all as dumb as The Rock, a simple actor who makes his living doing what people tell him to do.  Because even dumber than all that The New York Times came out with their “October Surprise”, the Trump tax returns, or what they say are the returns.  It is stunning that they think Trump’s taxes are a deal killer, yet they dug and dug and dug for something they could publish and likely took many things out of context, or even flat out lied.  They may have even done it to provoke Trump into releasing his real tax returns in response, to set the record straight—but regardless, the attempt shows extreme stupidity in understanding the Trump voter and the trends of politics toward more personal freedom.  And that is what’s so stunning, that all these so-called smart people, these political experts, don’t understand the very basics of what has been going on.

News flash, paying taxes is looked down on with normal people.  By paying a full tax bill for every little thing that the government wants to spend money on, you label yourself as a sucker.  The game goes like this, government spends endless amounts of money to stay in elected office, and they expect taxpayers to foot the bill without question.  But for the average taxpayer, they see the money they spend in taxes as theft to some degree or another and they resent the process.  Smart people use tax loopholes to keep from paying as many taxes as possible, because as they work hard and create jobs for people, if they don’t question everything, then the government will loot them dry without a second thought.  So, any diligent businessperson is always looking for a tax savings.  If Trump paid nothing in taxes, which I seriously doubt is the case, it would show me how smart he is.  And even more, he has offered himself as a retirement job to help solve the problem by running for president and giving back all the money he would otherwise make for the job.  Paying taxes without questioning them is stupid because the government is always looking for a way to bail out their bad spending habits and the public has no other recourse to keep them in check but to either take up arms against them, or to deny them your hard earned money for which they will steal by law every chance they get.

Paying taxes is not patriotic.  It’s an endorsement that you think everything government is spending money on is valid.  A good American is not someone who just blindly pays their taxes.  Government people and the socialists who make up their ranks are largely people who have never had to make a payroll, or even create a job.  They have no idea how money is made, or value is created.  And for them to ridicule President Trump on how much money he spent on hairstyling or anything for that matter is tone deaf to the reality of the matter.  Socialists revolutionaries in congress like Sandy Cortez, (AOC) have no room to make fun of anybody for anything they spend their money on when the context of their criticism is the assumption that someone like Trump should give them the money instead so they can give it to some demographic group that wants to use them to stay in political power.  I think if the Trump spending is true on a hairstyle, then the President spent the money better on himself than in giving it to those losers.

The less money Trump paid in taxes the smarter I think he is, and that is what his base will think as well.  Democrats after all these years should know that, but that they don’t says a lot about themselves.  They should understand the same about the debate on Obamacare.  And they should know that The Rock isn’t going to do a damn thing to switch a vote from Trump to Biden.  Likely, The Rock is going to find that it will hurt his brand forever, that he came out against Trump.  People will remember and it will hurt him at the box office.  All these issues were settled in the 2016 election, the effects of celebrity, the unpopularity of Obamacare, and Trump’s tax returns and why he didn’t submit them for review.  Because they are irrelevant.  That other presidents have done so in the past says nothing, most of them were losers too and they needed income to report.  Trump by the time he ran for office was making more money in retirement off his real estate ventures than he would ever make off the government, and people voted for him understanding that.  I personally think he paid a lot of money in taxes otherwise the IRS would have been all over him and he wouldn’t have been able to function in the way he has all these years in government.  With the amount of investigation into him that there has been, he would have had a lot more trouble.  Its not uncommon for people with a great deal of personal wealth in whatever form they have it to hide their assets in ways that the government can’t get to.  That’s a smart thing to do, not a bad thing at all.

Government and their Marxist buddies in the media take value at value’s sake, so they are tone death to the subtleties of existence.  The New York Times obviously hopes to prove that Trump isn’t that rich and has been deceiving us all from the beginning.  But people get it, they understand the game of keep away from the government that is out of control.  And if a guy like Trump wants to finish out his life solving the problems of government, people are happy that he is willing to do it.  They aren’t going to hold anything against him, rather it will make him appear much stronger to them, because he’s one of them, and he has shown that they can game the system against itself.  Yet that is such a 2016 point of view.  Now Trump has a track record, so people care even less about Trump’s taxes than they did in 2016.  It was a dead story then and now its just in a state of decomposition.  That the New York Times thought it was a smart idea and unleashed it as if it was a big story shows that they are just as dumb as Biden, or The Rock.  And that they certainly don’t understand what is going on with this election.  Because they are as dumb as The Rock, and that is saying something about a guy who spends his whole life reading what other people tell him to say.  And so it goes that The New York Times is in the same boat.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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