Looking Forward to Amy Coney Barrett: It was never being black or a woman–but in trying to overthrow the nation from the bench

If there is anything good to come out of the year 2020 its that the masks are fully off the various political elements and people can see for themselves who represents what.  And that should never be more evident than in President Trump’s pick for the third Supreme Court nominee in Amy Coney Barrett which was announced over this past weekend just ahead of October and just over a month before the next election.  If we were following all the rules of wokeness the pick of Amy Coney Barrett should be a slam dunk, she is a clean-cut judge who has spent a lifetime doing all the right things.  She has adopted children of a mixed race, she has a child with a handicap, she has a supportive husband, she has an extensive legal career that everyone admires, and she’s a woman.  There literally is nothing to pick on her over if you are a Democrat.  All the woke boxes are checked off, so there should be no problem.  Its not Trump’s fault that Ruth Ginsburg died six weeks before the election.  Its his job to fill those seats when they come available so there really isn’t any reason to cry foul, about anything.  Yet the Democrats are positioning themselves for an ugly battle which was first revealed by one of their most stringent attack dogs, Bill Maher when he called her a “f**king nut” because she had 7 children and was religious.  Thus, the masks have been removed and now normal people can see who the Democrats really are and what they think their path to power is, which should scare everyone.

Now that there will be a 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court the tangled mess that the Democrats have always envisioned has been washed away in just one Trump term with a clear majority of Supreme Court judges in place to decide constitutionality questions for decades.  The Supreme Court is the most obvious, but with all the federal appointments at the various circuit courts around the country, Trump has done a tremendous job of picking good judges who will follow the constitution at every level.  And isn’t that what everyone should want?  Obviously, America has done a lot of things right in the world to be in the position it is after all the centuries of strife that as literally swallowed the world whole.  Any sane person would look at our founding documents and think, “hey, there is a recipe for success and maybe we should follow it.”  Naturally, we would want judges who interpret the Constitution in the way it was written.  Yet, that is clearly not the intent of Democrats.

Democrats are looking for change agents and they always have.  They celebrated radicals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and all her progressive desires because she was a woman, yet they are not at all excited that Barrett is a conservative woman, so the rules clearly are not that a woman sit in that seat, but that the woman must be a cover story for radical Marxist takeover of our country and the institutions that have spawned off it.  Of course being black is in the same mold, we all remember Clarence Thomas and what he went through because as the political left defines it, you aren’t black of you vote Republican.  We could say the same about Candace Owens today who many are calling a white supremacist because she does not adopt victim mentality in her political vision.  So all this nonsense about women and blackness has been complete bullshit for over a hundred years of progressive advocacy.  What they really meant was that Democrats were using the masks of racism and sex to advance a communist takeover of our entire country, which has now been on full display in 2020.  It doesn’t matter that Amy Coney Barrett is a woman, or even that she has done everything right her entire life to be nominated for such an honorable position.  All that matters to Democrats is whether or not she can use her sex as a Trojan Horse to undo the American republic and destroy it within with revisionist legislation created at the bench, such as Roe v. Wade.

Bill Maher has played this game for a long time, he keeps the façade of being somewhat fair to his conservative guests whom he invites on often to create a nice show of back and forth, to show that he is a free speech advocate.  But in all honesty, if he didn’t do that, nobody would go on his show.  In truth, he is a Godless heathen who wants socialism, and even full Marxist communism instilled in the United States and when he gets pressed he lets out his true feelings about things as he did with Barrett.  He doesn’t even know her, but because of what she represents, a 6-3 conservative majority that will offset even the liberal leaning Justice Roberts on critical topics like Roe v. Wade and Obamacare, the long held plan of ruling America from the Supreme Court bench is evaporating by the hour.  Democrats pushed in the Trojan Horse full of vicious warriors just waiting for us all to fall asleep so they could kill us in the night, only to find that we have set the damn thing on fire.  With everything they have done to stop President Trump over the last four years, he still managed to pack the Supreme Court with a conservative majority, and it is truly devastating to Democrats that never wanted to work with our system of government and have equal representation under the law, it was to change us as a nation from a good place to a bad place that would bend the knee to the United Nations.

Democrats have no plan other than the complete destruction of our country, so they in their frustration will try to destroy the nice woman, Amy Coney Barrett because she exists.  They don’t care that she’s a woman of great accomplishment, they simply want her gone anyway possible because she represents a stoppage of their plans and an actual reversal of their intentions.  Think about that, their intentions are not the sustainability and proper future of America by the boundaries of the Constitution, they want to smash America to bits and to end the Republic so that it can’t stand no more.  They don’t hate her because Barrett is a conservative.  They hate her because circumstances poised by elections, the election of Trump, the majority in the Senate, have given the power to pick judges to them at a critical time in history and they hate us for electing these people and they think they have the same rights to lash out at us like spoiled children, to punish us.  Just as they have their street thugs harassing people in restaurants, or just driving down the road where their agents of evil are blocking traffic due to the latest Black Lives Matters protest.  Democrats have only one card to play and that is fear and intimidation to drive change and if we don’t show fear of them, they try to punish us the way they are doing already with Amy Coney Barrett.  And that is why we should never give them power again, because they don’t want a fair society. They want conquest and they will do anything to get it, and stop at nothing to advance their cause.  Which should tell voters everything they need to know about this election.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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