Defund Lakota Schools: The Black Lives Matters Activism of Elgin Card

If there was any doubt about the Marxist political activism of your local school, take this fine example from my local public school, the Lakota school system which is one of the largest in Ohio.  They are also in what is considered a wealthy district so they are functioning from the best place that a government school could hope for, there is a great tax base, the kids have mostly intact families at home with as engaged of parents as there are these days, and it has a political class that pays attention to it that are connected directly to the state.

In all aspects, if there was something good about public schools, Lakota would show it.  But I’ve had to deal with these people for a long time and can report that as an employer and as the largest babysitter for our community, Lakota schools is an activist organization that has ill intentions for our children, and they are very anti-family following closely the Marxist agenda for Black Lives Matters.  For proof just have a look at Lakota’s new Diversity administrator Elgin Card and his several online postings recently since he has taken the new job creating post in June of 2020 shown throughout this article.

Recently Elgin was awarded with a new job position as senior director of diversity and inclusion which now oversees the Lakota Outreach Diversity and Inclusion Department from his previous job as principal of Lakota East.  I’d say that he was Lakota’s first black principal but that would be racists to separate him from other people just by the color of his skin.  But to say the least, Elgin has been given a special job to make Lakota and its students much more woke, to use this modern term for “awake to Marxism” to put it more appropriately, and the goal of Elgin and his department is essentially to turn Lakota’s curriculum into more of a Black Lives Matters agenda rather than teaching kids to function well in society and they are wasting millions and millions of our tax dollars to fund it.  To show you have bad it is here is Elgin congratulating his boss for apologizing for his “whiteness” on Twitter.  The pictures are blurry because of the low resolution of the screen captures that were sent to me, but you get the point.

Of course none of us should have to apologize for the color of our skin, especially white people, and that Matt Miller thinks he needs to appease people of color by apologizing for something he had nothing to do with, and that there are costly promotions happening at Lakota from a labor perspective indicates that vast amounts of money are being wasted at Lakota over this issue and that is a real problem.  Racism as we will especially discover in hindsight in the year of 2020 was purely a political platform meant to derail the Trump presidency and nothing more.  Lakota especially in relation to any other place in the country is not suffering from a racist community, so all this Black Lives Matters inclusion into their focus is entirely inappropriate.  Black Lives Matters as an organization has declared itself a Marxist advocate and their purpose is one that I have been talking about for many, many years, this idea of destroying the nuclear family and returning everything in a community back to a “village” approach to everything is not what we should be paying teachers of any government schools to teach our kids.  There is no place for Marxism in a school that should be teaching kids how to live in the capitalist republic that is the United States.  Anything else is subterfuge and a waste of money.  We are not a racist nation, and we are not a racist school district, and we don’t need to waste money on a progressive advocate with a dime of our property tax collection on a person like Elgin.  If they want to make him a useful administrator like he was as principal that would be one thing.  But to pay him to be a community activist for Black Lives Matters, that is not appropriate, especially paying him six figures to do the job.

I’m involved in a lot of things, but within Lakota I am the person that many people come to when they think of fighting public education.  In the past, when I have fought against the school levy increases that Lakota has tried to put forth, my reasons for being involved were more because of these progressive stances that the district took more than what other people wanted in just trying to save money on their tax bill.  They were not aware of some of the things I had been saying about the very nature of government schools, this Marxist curriculum that has been brewing for many decades, accelerated rapidly when the Department of Education was started in 1979.  Ronald Reagan new of the government forces who wanted the spread of communism from the Soviet Union and China that were very active in those days and understood that the direction of public education was headed in that direction.  When both George Bushes were president, they had no idea what public education was up to, they thought “no child left behind” was an honorable message that would get more kids into college.  They didn’t know the intention was to turn as many kids into Marxist anti-capitalists that public education could was the true goal.  Well, by now, everyone can see the evidence for themselves and they know I wasn’t just an education hater.  It took a while, but now the doubt is no longer there, and people bring me many examples of public school radicalism that is stealing our tax money and using it like this, to advocate for some Marxist intention whether its Black Lives Matters, or some other communist conspiracy in working with China to normalize Chinese society here in the United States.  There is nothing new about any of this, but for many of my neighbors and community members, they are just now coming to terms with what Lakota and all public schools have been for decades.

My solution to all this is to defund them.  Don’t give Lakota a single dollar more, and fight hard in the future to take away their money.  This is the kind of garbage that the Lakota school board and their employee Matt Miller think is appropriate for spending tax dollars, on destroying the minds of our kids with this communist crap disguised as racism.  But in the long term, people need to get away from the patriotism of their local school and to start supporting more competitive options such as School Choice.  When President Trump gets re-elected and can then empower Betsy DeVos to defund any school teaching “wokeness” Lakota is going to lose a lot of federal money because of activism like what Elgin Card has been hired to advocate, and they will be coming to the community to cover the gaps in their mismanaged labor contracts with the teacher’s union.  And we are going to have to fight them, and not in the nice way that we have in the past, but to get vicious with them.  The people who run these schools are not our friends, and they certainly don’t have our kid’s best intentions in mind as they run these schools we pay for.  They are activists to turn our children against us and if there is any proof that you need, just look at the social media of Elgin Card and his boss, Matt Miller.  Their intentions are obvious and its time that the rest of the community realize what they are doing with the money we give them.  Its not to teach our children to be better, but to turn them against us and make them citizens of the world, under a communist flag ushered in behind the banners of racism which in the case of Lakota, is a completely made up crises politically motivated by liberal agendas in an election year.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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