‘Stand Your Ground’ in Ohio: Remember the Antifa kid, Connor Betts?

With all the discussion in Ohio about getting Stand your Ground laws put on the books before something really bad happens and good people end up going to jail for protecting themselves in all the ways that government has failed them, we need to go back in time now knowing what we do and review the Connor Betts case. Remember that guy, the Antifa shooter who shot up a nightspot in Dayton a few years ago, who had an obsession with violence and mass shootings and wanted to do his part to advance leftist causes, even as a sacrifice of himself? Well, what wasn’t reported when the newly elected Governor Mike DeWine cozied up with the mayor of Dayton—who is a oozing liberal, and wanted to go the opposite way with gun control—by becoming more restrictive. DeWine like he did with Covid-19 listened to all the big government liberal types then and it took the emphasis off who the shooter really was all along, and the subject matter became more restrictive gun ownership measures instead of an analysis of what was making these young kids think they could become mass shooters to invoke social change. Who gave them that idea? Instead, Mike DeWine fell for the Democrat platform and wanted more restrictive gun measures making Stand your Ground a much higher hill to climb.

Mike Cernovich did a good job collecting information on the Antifa kid, Connor Betts and by clicking on the Tweets from Mike, you can see that through the research into the shooter, that Betts was inspired by many media personalities especially Ben Collins at NBC. People like me pointed it out back then, that the mass school shootings and other public assassinations by radicalized young men were from the political left and were instigated by media personalities to do the bidding that Democrats have been hoping for, to drive far-left political objectives through terrorism, which was precisely what Connor Betts was willing to play a role in. That whole year of 2019 was in fact a kind of planned attack by media personalities fanning the flames to trigger among their fan base some lunatic like Betts to provoke violence and terrorize average people into giving away more of their rights. It should also be noted that all these young mass shooters were avid drug users, especially of marijuana making their minds easy to overcome with liberal passions as logic was driven from their minds by intoxication. Even knowing the facts, the media never went into details about what kind of person Betts was, or what might have motivated him to kill so many people. The only thing that anybody wanted to do a story on was for more gun control. And Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine fell for it, just as he did later for the whole Covid-19 scam. Being something of a closet liberal, DeWine has a soft spot for alarmist leftists, first with the Dayton mayor, later with Amy Acton, and it corrupts their judgments making all of us much more unsafe in the transition.

Now its not hard to see how such liberal media personalities working closely with Democrat politicians can provoke radicalized young kids in Antifa into doing their dirty work for them. We saw the crowd reaction to the movie, ‘Joker’ where Antifa riots were glorified in a very romantic fashion which was almost a recruiting film for Antifa established to do just what they are doing now, terrorizing the streets of our cities and hunting down and killing white males all in the light of day with a free pass from the media. Kids like Connor Betts were test samples of their larger strategy of insurrection. Democrats know they can’t win a straight up election against President Trump, a president truly picked by a free people, so they have turned to violence which has now culminated into an actual military strategy, that was in its infancy when Connor Betts killed in a mass shooting all those innocent people in Dayton. It wasn’t the behavior that was attacked in the media, it was the gun. Just as its not the behavior of the Antifa mobs, and the Black Lives Matters Marxists who are openly vandalizing our streets and threatening everyone who doesn’t agree with them with violence including people leaving the White House on the last night of the Republican Convention. To leave under such tight security they literally had to run a gauntlet of violence being spit on and harassed with threats to their own lives. Yet we are supposed to accept that because Connor Betts killed people, we are supposed to give up our guns and trust the people who have unleashed these mobs on the streets with our very lives? Yes, that’s what they want you to believe.

Connor Betts was a test case; these people know what they are doing. They are aware of the power they have in the media and they are using these disturbed kids to do their dirty work for them. There are a lot of Connor Betts types out there including the killer of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon over this past weekend. Rioters have been provoking in favor of violence for months holding downtown Portland hostage against the will of free people. When Trump supporters decided to gather and protest the protestors, one of them was hunted down viciously in the street and assassinated by Antifa—a stupid young kid just like Connor Betts. Kids who have had their minds destroyed by public education, radical NBC news people like Ben Collins, and many like him, and politicians who use their young stupidity to support the Marxist mantra, “the end justifies the means.” We are not talking about people who want peace, they want war, and they want to take those of us who are law abiding, and tie us up with ropes of our own goodness, and then they want to kill us all for their revolution. That is what we are dealing with.

All that was too big for Mike DeWine’s mind, he thought he was playing with people who would honor the rules, and that if he cozied up to the Dayton mayor, that he would show a desire to work in a bi-partisan manner on gun control. But all the liberals want is for good people to be unarmed so they are free to terrorize us all, unmolested. They are the modern version of the classic film, ‘A Clockwork Orange’—a great book too by the way—where the youth are coddled into being molesters of goodness out of a masochists society’s guilt from not being good enough parents to prevent the menace. And if we don’t do anything, society will fail, which the Democrats clearly want. They want western civilization to perish and for the East to take over with communism. That is not a new plan, its as old as communism itself. Global domination was always their plan and the Democrats want China to lead the way. And literally, the only defense we have from it, since we can see we can’t trust government to do anything right, is for each person who wants to be free to be a gun owner and to be protected from legal persecution the Stand your Ground proposals that are now gaining in popularity and not a moment too soon. These thugs are coming for us, and we need to be able to defend ourselves in Ohio especially. We can’t accept a duty to retreat as logical law anymore. Because there is nowhere to retreat to when they come to your doorstep. And there are a lot of young terrorists like Connor Betts watching TV, reading tweets from radical media personalities and listening to communist politicians who are ready to attack, and they will chase us all until we defend ourselves with force. They understand no other language.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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