Being the “A-Team”: When being banned is the highest compliment

I appreciate all the nice statements and notes from readers here who have not been able to leave comments. Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is not Facebook or even Twitter, it is not reliant on group participation and most of my readers are not the kind of people who leave many comments anyway. What I do on this site is personal for a reader to enjoy and think about as an alternative to the news that is out there. But it comes as no shock to me whatsoever that readers are having a hard time interacting with the site. As anybody who understands how things work know, this site is heavily shadow banned. The internet after all is not free, and the content I produce is something that many people do not want you to read. My readers are largely subscription based, it is not easy to find Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom through any search engines and that is quite on purpose by them. That doesn’t bother me, because I see it all like the old 80s action television show, ‘The A Team,’ if you can find me, you’ve done half the battle, because its not easy.

Shadow banning is not a new thing, it’s a creature of liberalism and has been around for a long time, and is rooted in the group think trajectory of thought, if the group doesn’t acknowledge you exist, then you don’t. That’s what they tell themselves anyway, and that is why Democrats are still perplexed as to why Donald Trump won the first election, and why he is poised to win the second. Because they don’t listen to the real voices out there who know what’s going on, and insist on a fake reality made up by their own rules and regulations. Yes, I have had millions of readers, and I have many more who visit and don’t even show up on the count. The host site, WordPress, is pretty good, but the search engines that can bring you to this content do what they can to steer away the curious for obvious political reasons. But my content gets where I want it to go so I’m not unhappy about it. But if you find you can’t comment on my pages, don’t feel bad. Most everyone these days is having a hard time.

I’ve experienced Shadow Banning at three very defined times in my life, really, its an everyday occurrence, but I have three great examples to illustrate my point. The first was at my 5-year class reunion in high school. I was never a bad kid, but in high school I was wild and extremely rebellious. I left a lot of carnage in my wake as you might imagine. None of it I would consider bad, but I was generally hated by most parents because they felt I was corrupting the youth and I left behind a lot of roadkill. For context, I didn’t do drugs, smoke, or even use curse words back then, so for so many people to hate me, it was for my raw independence and that their children loved to follow me which went against what they wanted for their kids. But as it turned out, I was married and had two children by the time of the reunion so I brought them to the event. The way I had been living was not conventional so the stories people tell at those things wasn’t something anybody could relate to and it was obvious they would rather not talk to me. When it came time to give out the awards for people who had the most unusual circumstances for coming to the reunion, such as distance traveled, who had been married the longest, had the most kids and the oldest kids, I qualified for several categories, but didn’t win any awards. I let my kids play during the ceremony and they were running around the podium as the host spoke, so the evidence was quite clear. But the group hosting the reunion did their best to pretend like I wasn’t there, even though I was right in front of them, because I didn’t fit their image of what the class reunion was all about.

A second time was when I was in my mid-twenties and a group I was part of creating for entertainment options on college campuses was giving a presentation at Cincinnati City Hall to the mayor and the various councilmembers. It was for the future Banks project and the presentation we gave was top notch and very innovative. It was by far the best presentation of the evening but at the end of it even with us sitting right in the middle of the room, all the politicians and big league builders worked around us when the networking session came and we were vastly ignored. Why, well we were young and we weren’t supposed to know so much. And there were protocols which we obviously didn’t respect. Still, most of what we presented ended up being what ended up on the riverfront so we were way ahead of our time and it obviously pissed off the other presenters, so they ignored us as best they could, and pretended like we didn’t exist, even though we were right in front of them.

A third time readers here will remember, I was doing a lot of radio on WLW until the Lakota levy supporters found they couldn’t overcome my arguments so they lobbied hard to keep the press from talking to me, and to get members of our anti-levy group to pull away from me. Just as would happen later to Trump with the Never-Trumper movement, tax supporters in my community truly thought that if they could remove people from my life, that it would rob me of my power and they would be able to win an election. The opposite happened and they had to make a back room deal with me asking for a cease fire for two years. It was a hard lesson for them because it displayed what I have always known, people don’t make people. But people do follow leaders and leaders don’t necessarily need people. Leaders function with or without others and by default, if someone has a good idea, there are always people who will find you and follow you.

And that’s how it is with this site, Google doesn’t make me, and I’ve never been on Facebook. Nobody makes me say what I do. I am one of the freest people on earth and that makes a lot of people mad. If I were the kind of person who needed other people’s approval and needed likes by others such as they do on Twitter, I might be upset by these conditions. But in actuality, I am even more motivated each time it happens. If people are trying to pretend that you don’t exist and they ban you from their platforms and work hard to make sure other people can’t find you, then that means you are doing something right. They might be upset with you, but that is more about themselves than anything you have done. So if you are shadow banned and have groups who do hate you and when they can’t beat you, they work hard to try to make you look irrelevant, then you know that you are doing something special. Being shadow banned or socially ostracized is a compliment, not a detriment, and when you have success anyway, it’s the kind of reality that makes a lot of those types of people go crazy. And that is a power all its own.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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