No, Mail-in Voting is not reliable: Why the USPS costs too much and can never be trusted during an election–video proof to share

There has been a lot of talk about the effectiveness of the United States Post Office in handling mail in ballots for the upcoming election, and tying the need for more money to them to help cover their budget shortfalls, which are long standing and perpetual. The first problem with the Post Office, and I say this as a big fan of, is that they are lap dogs to them. Of course, Jeff Bezos likes the USPS, they don’t charge Amazon the amount they should for goods and services. Because the USPS is government, they aren’t aware that their purpose in life is to make a profit, not just provide a service and Amazon has been taking advantage of them for years. Really, the Amazon model for doing business has been built on the pricing structure of USPS. So its no real surprise that they never have enough money to cover their costs and are always shorthanded. Which is exactly why Democrats want the ambiguity of a mail-in election to give them the opportunity to cheat. The blame could be placed on the USPS after the fact, and nobody would really care, because they have a history of failure. Democrats can’t win a straight election, so what do they have to lose?

I do not at all agree with Secretary of State Frank LaRose or WLW’s Scott Sloan about the security of Ohio’s system of casting mail votes. I heard some of the most ridiculous arguments this past week on the “what ifs” on Election Day voting and the debate that mail-ins are fine and reliable, that I’ve ever heard. The big assumption is of course the all intrusive safety issue that believes that poll workers won’t feel “safe” and that we will be short on Election Day of people covering the election in November.

Which is exactly why the media types are trying to shape the story to make something that hasn’t happened yet, happen, so that the argument for mail-in ballots in might be an accepted practice by Election Day. Yet just like the coronavirus there is no history that shows massive mail-in balloting will be honest and effective just as the social distancing, contact tracing for Covid-19, and mask mandates do anything to help the health of our nation, other than give a thin belief that any of it works, or is practical. We are doing many things in 2020 that are first in the history of the world, and when it comes to an election, I’m not willing to take my chances with the USPS. I’m happy for them to deliver basic mail and entertainment, but nothing all that important. I know too many Postal workers who are not the best that we have in the world and I don’t want them deciding elections.

The way elections work in the United States is that people must show up and punch the ticket for their choice. They must make the effort and they need to make that input as close to the count of the ballot as possible. All this mail-in balloting has been a set-up for many years to introduce massive cheating starting with the early voting program to introduce the concept of a larger use of absentee voting to a wider audience than usual. I have voted absentee before and even though President Trump is fine with that system, I see all kinds of problems with it. I do not think a number two pencil marking in circles on a piece of paper in this modern age is a reliable way to vote. There are way too many opportunities for error with a paper ballot. Then to request the ballot, get it through the mail, then to mail it back, then to have people count it—its just too many steps. There are too many chances for someone to do something to throw off the numbers.

For instance, I have Trump signs in my yard, my mail lady obviously sees how I’m going to be voting. And they can look in my garage and see my massive collection of Trump campaign signs from all the rallies I’ve been too and feel pretty certain that I’m voting a straight Republican ticket. What if I resided in an area where there were close elections? And what if the day that I put my ballot in the mail, my usual mail lady has called off, which happens a lot. There have been times when I’ve seen her only work three days a week, and a sub is working the route. And what if that Postal worker is a big government Democrat?

It is likely that my ballot will end up left in the bag at the end of the day and not advanced to the next destination. I do in fact know a few drunks who work for the USPS and they forget mail on their trucks all the time—like every week. Its not just once or twice a year. And yes, these guys run their routes drunk most of the time. They work for government; they can get by with it. There is no question in my mind, that such a scenario is possible—its more like, likely. In a tight election, the Post Office could certainly turn the tide. Anybody who thinks the USPS could be trusted with anything important is just too lazy to understand the facts, and that is the case with Frank LaRose. I’m sure he thinks he can get his arms around it, but when its too late after the election, its too late. We can’t introduce anything that might bring to question the results. People must show up and vote in person as much as possible.

To assume that people are going to be chickens on working the polls is just stupid. There will always be timid people who are afraid of their own shadows, but to make policy on the assumption is the biggest error. That is how government got into so much trouble with Covid-19, they assumed people would be afraid to go out to dinner, or to the movies, or sporting events—everything, so they stuck their nose into the free market to make the decisions for everyone that were just wrong. And they need to keep their dumb asses out of this election. Don’t over think it. Let the free market determine the results. Poll workers will show up and the Election will happen.

But it is up to us all to take as many steps from the voter to the counter away to eliminate the chance of fraud. Because the intent is certainly there and has been since early voting was initiated several years ago. The kind of USPS workers I mentioned are in the minority, but in any tight races, their activism could have an impact, especially in inner city regions. And we can’t allow even the temptation to occur. To assume that for the first time during one of the most important elections in the history of the world we can introduce some crazy new element because of some government over-reaction to another new crazy element, Covid-19. No, everyone needs to calm down, and we need to do what we know works, and we need an election that has unquestioned results. Otherwise, we will have a Civil War, and lots of people will be harmed far worse than getting Covid-19 in the aftermath.

How much proof do you want?  Here’s more, be sure to watch them all, then think how many don’t get caught.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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