F**K Covid-19: Sturgis a “Hopelessly Devoted” love letter to America

It is like watching children ponder the location of the moon in the sky, they can see it, but can’t understand why they can’t touch it. To understand such things they have so many things to learn about atmospheres and space, orbital trajectory, the solar system in general and the meaning of distances. Yet they can see it and ponder understanding, but to us who do know, it’s a painful experience to watch them undertake the journey. For liberals, trying to get their mind around the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the words of the Smash Mouth rock band declare to a packed crowed at a Buffalo Chip concert, “F**K that Covid sh**.” To make matters worse for the liberals was that there was no social distancing going on, no mask wearing, and the event appeared to their little Marxist minds to put people over profit. They were thinking completely wrong about everything and to their horror it took these rebellious motorcycle riders who looked ready to fight any Antifa thug, any Black Lives Matter Marxist protestor, any thug from the Left at any time of day to reveal to them the truth of their long laid plans.

Many didn’t see it coming or going, and many wouldn’t have known about it if they had. Heck, it was revealed just this week that a couple of young 20 something YouTubers had just discovered the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight,” so many people have long forgotten about Olivia Newton-John and the 40th anniversary of the musical film Xanadu. Well I hadn’t. To celebrate I took some time to listen on my iPhone some of the great music from Olivia Newton-John over the years and was thinking of those kids while watching the news coverage of Sturgis and it was quite clear what has been happening. In case anybody hasn’t noticed, because like those YouTube kids of today, they don’t get their entertainment the way older people did, through movies, music on the radio, and celebrity updates through month magazines at the newsstand. Kids today get everything instantly, their music is on demand, and by now many of the Marxist implants have re-shaped the entire entertainment industry leading up to this massive Covid conspiracy. Yes, it is a conspiracy, the science is fake, lets just get that out of the way. It’s been a long-planned attack by Eastern cultures against Western civilization using Christianity’s “turn the other cheek” value system to back door Trojan Horse their way into power.

You don’t have to believe me, just study our media culture from the time of the Xanadu film to the present and consider what’s changed. A movie like Xanadu couldn’t be made today, not even for Netflix because the industry has all these young college trained Marxists working as reviewers and they would have eaten alive a nice good girl like Olivia Newton-John before anybody signed on the dotted line to green light a low budget cheesy effects film like Xanadu which featured the music of a top notch rock band like ELO. Back then, cheesy meant ambitious and an innocent shot at making a little money off the good feelings of optimism and romance—which Olivia Newton-John delivered perfectly at every phase of her career.

Even at 71 she is still a sweetheart even though life has been hard on her. But you’d never know that with her smile and optimism as she gave interviews for the 40th anniversary inquisitors. In the growing markets of art and entertainment, as in all other industries, there was a tolerance for ambition and optimism that has since been eradicated, and you can see it in our culture, especially in our music. Nobody is doing what the Bee Gees did back when Olivia Newton-John was at the top of her game and was just one of many like her who put out so much good music that it was impossible to listen to the radio for five minutes and not hear a song we didn’t like. That’s not how things are today by a long shot.

Liberals are below the line people, so they have injected themselves in the entertainment industry continuously since the 40s and 50s until they controlled just about everything, and they have been steering our society toward the type of compliant losers who would one day believe that an invisible virus could actually shut down the entire earth while climate activists cheered behind the scenes at how easy it was to convince people to do so. After all, it took a long time to gain the trust of people and to slowly boil away their optimism into the type of below the line thinking that would paralyze them with fear when a virus like Covid could be introduced to the world as a change agent from capitalism to Marxism. Music like what Olivia Newton-John wrote and performed were purposely obliterated, the emotions of love and passion were pushed out of the industry in favor of hate and jealousy. That much is clear even from the most mainstream musical performers of today, like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The purpose of the industry was to remove hope from listeners and plant in their minds a sense of helplessness that would then be easily exploited for liberal causes in the future, which is what we have seen as a reaction to Covid-19.

But this article is not about Olivia Newton-John, or even a history of pop music in our culture, its about Smash Mouth, Sturgis and the liberal meltdown over the 250,000 riders who came to the bike rally and essentially told the world, “F**K Covid.” The horror to liberals was that after their many decades of work to destroy the great things of Western civilization, which great musical artists like Olivia Newton-John sang about in song and movies, there are still people in America who obviously will not be conquered without violence. There are still people in America who will vote for Trump even if he pulled down his pants and F**ked his wife in the middle of the street at that Sturgis Rally, and nobody would take a vote away from him and that is frustrating to the globalists like Bill Gates and the losers at Google who have for years been plotting the demise of the capitalist world and a unification of a communist one ran by the United Nations. This Covid thing was supposed to be their Death Star to America, the chain reaction would destroy everything and leave behind a compliant people they could easily control. Except for those damn motorcycle riders and Trump supporters who refuse to wear the China masks of compliance.

Liberals have literally ruined the world, the evidence is in our music and entertainment culture to remove hope from our minds so that they could more easily control us, and even with all the effort they have put forth, and as close as they came with Covid-19, there is still vast parts of the American population who refuse to obey and are defiant over even basic things. When the Sturgis Rally happened and after days of partying and other acts of topless debauchery, the political left could only shake their heads at their lack of any real control over people’s minds, and their lack of ambition to fight those people directly in the streets. This was not how the plan was supposed to work, and it has been fun to watch them squirm. Because they deserve it. Its better for them to feel that sting of defeat now, rather than in an actual physical altercation, which is just brimming on the horizon depending on how the election goes. But either way, compliance is not for America. That’s for sure. What I saw out of the bikers at Sturgis wasn’t lunacy or bare-chested debauchery, but a love letter to America and freedom in general that Olivia Newton-John sang about in her song, “Hopelessly Devoted.” And that is what made the political left so angry, it wasn’t the lack of masks, or social distancing as much as it was the evidence that some people in America were still hopelessly devoted to freedom and could not be scared away from it for the life of them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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