Moral Authority: Why its the most important form of capital in the world

Here’s the real problem with the Larry Householder bribery scandal. Its not about any dirty book keepers, or the large number of house members who thought Larry was dirty, or that he made a deal with the Democrats to be voted as speaker by not putting Right to Work on the agenda, its all about moral authority that was lost, or never maintained by anybody so when the time came to lead with moral authority, nobody could. Now that everyone is all bent out of shape that FirstEnergy funneled $60 million in what the media and prosecutors are calling bribes to help a few failing power plants in northern Ohio this attention has taken the light off Governor Mike DeWine who is breaking the law every day and to quite an egregious measure with his unconstitutional response to Covid-19. Larry Householder can justify a lot of the action by saying that he wanted to save the power plants because of the radical attempts by the Obama administration to shut down traditional modes of power and to replace them with Green New Deal methods artificially propped up by government. And Governor DeWine can justify breaking the law by saying that he thinks lives are more important and that his job is to save them. Of course the problem there is that it’s the media who is shaping all these stories and defining how they are measured, and ultimately, because nobody stuck to the rule of law and allowed themselves to become emotional, they were led astray to lose their moral conduct and become villains by default.

Remember in the movie ‘The Firm’ where the management pampered Tom Cruise with all kinds of benefits and even a girl that seduced him while on a company trip? Of course most people watching that movie can relate to what was happening, The Firm wanted to get some dirt on Cruise that they could use to control him, so by cheating on his wife, and having the fear of his wife finding out about the little affair, The Firm controlled the behavior of the Tom Cruise character. This is of course the kind of thing that goes on all the time everywhere. You can see it in just about every fraternity or sorority, or even in the actions of a Bachler party, where all the “bros” take turns having sex with a stripper in front of everyone else, so that they can all reassure themselves that “bros come before hoes” and that no matter what happens in the marriage, that secret bond will unite them together forever. This behavior is quite common whether it’s a bunch of people going out to get drunk together and learning secrets that might be revealed later, or some other immoral transaction, what happens is that the participants find that they must live in a bubble all their lives controlled by these events and that when they really need to provide leadership at key times, they can’t because other people have dirt on them.

I’ve read the affidavit on Larry Householder and I don’t see a lot wrong there that hasn’t been elaborated to fill the liberal filter of the political attack the Green New Deal radicals intended. Arresting political enemies and falsely prosecuting them is not a new trick, look what has happened to President Trump and the people around him. I view this Householder situation in much the same way. Only I don’t think Householder is like Trump, and managed to keep himself clean. It looks like some of that $60 million funneled through Householder for intentions of supporting House Bill 6 was used on personal needs—like new houses in Florida. It may have been a small amount of money relatively speaking, and Householder might have thought he could skirt the gray areas of the law for his personal benefit to a sum around $400,000, but what he lost in the process is moral authority. As Speaker of the House Larry had to remain clean of any impropriety, even perceived. He can’t have bookkeepers running around with shady intentions trying to make things look good on paper, then turn around and expect people to follow him. There is a cost to that. It might be made legal through a court system and eventually found to be proper—but the perception of his character was already ruined in the matter and that is a far greater cost often.

No question that a savvy political maniac like Mike DeWine knew that many members of the House had problems with the way Householder operated. Its not like there was unity in the House behind Householder. One of his partners in this FirstEnergy deal was Matt Borges who has been a shady, sneaky dude for a long time. He was at the center of a John Kasich overthrow of the Trump Ohio change that occurred in 2016 by trying to capitalize power toward the Governor once Access Hollywood dumped the tape about Trump talking about pussy on that now famous bus. Borges tried to tell supporters of the Republican Party that nobody talks like that in a locker room which of course everyone laughed at him and told him he had obviously never been in a locker room. In fact, every guy in the history of creation talks like that. Not always around women of course because that would be disrespectful. Borges wanted to maintain control of the Ohio Republican Party but times were changing and yes, people talk about pussy in the locker room. I came out against Matt at the time, click here for a review. So there is no love lost or a surprise that Matt Borges is in on something that might appear scandalous. Of course, someone like DeWine knows all these stories and he is willing to wait until its good for him to use them to his advantage.

It’s clear that leadership under Larry Householder was at best not just a House divided, but a Party divided, and that the second most powerful Republican in the state of Ohio had not done a good job of uniting them. Instead, there were fractures due to these side deals and shaky legal foundations of money coming from FirstEnergy. DeWine had dirt on Larry which prevented Householder from doing what he should have been doing since March when the Covid-19 virus broke with economic shutdowns evoked by the liberal Health Director for DeWine, Amy Acton. All Larry could do was talk tough but he couldn’t power check the Governor because he had lost the moral authority to do so, and the Governor knew it. Its not an accident that as the House has begun letting the Governor’s people know that they were planning to have witness testimony on impeachment proceedings that the FBI marched on over to the Householder farm to arrest him for bribery. And now, instead of having a conversation about all the legal failures of Mike DeWine’s actions on Covid-19 which are still crippling the State of Ohio with a madman’s view of reality, a political enemy of the left and within the Republican Party now has the House in chaos and everyone hiding in the cracks as now liberals plan to use this perceived impropriety to win elections in November. And that is the cost of losing moral authority. Moral authority should be cared for as if it’s the most important thing in the world. No dinner, no sex toy, no extravagant vacation is worth losing it over. No condo in Florida, no new car—nothing. Because when you need moral authority to do the right thing, you need it locked and loaded so that justice can occur—and not what we are seeing as a direct result of Larry Householder’s grip on the Ohio House.

Larry Householder should resign not because he did anything wrong “legally.” But because he lost his moral authority to lead well before the FBI arrested him over the FirstEnergy debacle. And once a new speaker is found, the ability to maintain moral authority is the paramount thing that should be maintained. Because without it, proper conduct and legislation just can’t happen. And after all we’ve been through in Ohio, there is nothing in greater need than the moral authority of any House leadership.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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