Warnings from the Joker: Where life reflects art and art reflects political intentions

I warned everyone in October of 2019 about the movie the ‘Joker’ stating that it was a calling card to violence and mayhem. Of course by the time the Academy Awards came out in the spring, when the Covid-19 lockdowns were at their highest and most maniacal, I already knew what was going to happen because the forecast was revealed in our art and entertainment as a society. That movie directed by Todd Phillips and distributed by Warner Bros. made over a billion dollars for what many considered an art film. My wife cried hard at the end because she is a nice person who couldn’t understand the level of evil displayed in that movie, which clearly was meant to empower the disenfranchised into radicalism to instigate them to be soldiers of Marxism in America to overthrow the previous culture and usher in the mess we are seeing now in an election year where the stakes are literally life and death in their consequences. I place on Todd Phillips’ head the responsibility for the youth who have taken to the streets to protest violently this year of 2020, because it’s a fantasy introduced to them by the ‘Joker.’ And so it goes that the Joker himself deliver this very cryptic diatribe that is emerging as a cultural response to the Covid-19 shutdowns and the Marxist insurrections of Black Lives Matter. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The danger of the ‘Joker’ of course was that the movie reflected a popular sentiment that the comic book world was playing around with. For many years we had characters in society who would put on a mask to invoke justice where legal mechanisms were not possible. Zorro comes to mind in the realm of the western, and Batman was a natural extension of a Zorro update. Of course, the primary villain of the Batman characters is the Joker who brings to storytelling the dangers of “below the line thinking” as we talk about it in the business world. “Below the line thinking” of course is a victimization cycle that often has to be overcome before any organization can be successful, or a country for that matter. “Below the line thinking” is a victimhood status where a person lets things happen to them, instead of taking measures to be in charge of events that are occurring. A proper country or organization could be said to be functioning from “above the line thinking” where participants are openly taking responsibility for their lives and the events that spawn from them. Batman is a proactive character where the Joker always plays the victim who sees victimhood in others and is always trying to exploit it for the spread of chaos. What makes the Joker evil is that he seeks to do this so to cover his own feelings of inadequacy.

To say that the ‘Joker’ was just a movie is to ignore all the elements of our modern age that inspire vast portions of our American population and those around the world to victimhood. In an age where most families are broken and the kids born in them are depressed and suffering from the ill effects of terrible parenting people of today can’t relate to the good ol’ cowboys of yesteryear. Kids aren’t growing up wanting a Red Ryder BB gun because they saw their favorite cowboys using such a gun on the western frontier to fight bad guys, they want to have a baseball bat with nails in it, or they want to be the Joker, because as victims in life, that is how they plan to disguise the pain they feel about things, by bringing everyone else down under the line of sanity because its not so lonely there. For children with major daddy issues who lost that portion of their childhood development because they were raised by a single mother or even worse, by nobody at all, they are now the ANTIFA radicals and the Black Lives Matter Marxist not so much looking for solutions to the evils they see in the world, but they simply are looking for company, much the way the ‘Joker’ was in the Phillips movie.

It had been happening for years in Hollywood where the political left was helping to shape this culture of “below the line thinkers.” In the 90s I refused to watch the Fox television show, ‘Married with Children’ because it was so ridiculously anti-family that I felt it was doing irreparable damage to our American culture, and I was not wrong. That sit-com opened the door for producers to exploit the victims of society and make them not feel so bad for being ‘below the line people’, lazy dads miserable in their marriages, slutty moms who were middle aged dried up flowers who wanted more than anything to return to the full bloom of adolescence where every bee wanted to pollinate them just for walking down the street, and children who were completely overly sexualized to live for nothing but the pollination process of reproduction, and nothing else. This was not the age of ‘Eddie’s Father’ or ‘The Andy Griffin Show’ where every episode was about returning the characters by the end to an “above the line” resolution. Under the new leftists of Hollywood, they were intent to tear all that down. I know that personally because for a period of time in my 30s I was intent to make a career in Hollywood and I attended several social gatherings to mold such an experience. I wanted to make movies like ‘Dirty Harry’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ they wanted the ‘Joker,’ or some version not yet made, but conceived under drunkenness, prostitution, and crime. I couldn’t be a part of that. So knowing a bit of the inside trading that goes on, it was clear to me what Todd Phillips was up to along with his producers, including Bradley Cooper, the guy who made ‘American Sniper’ such a great movie, who wanted to obviously shake off the stigma he had in Hollywood circles by making what they considered a “right-winged masterpiece.”

Liberalism itself is very much what Joaquin Phoenix portrayed as this new “Joker” in the 2019 film. His Joker was a product of liberalism, just as much of today’s youth is, and this film made it acceptable to yield to that “below the line” thought process. Why try to be better as a person when you can hide in a mob of activism and rip down everything that makes you feel bad for not being so good. Rather than look up at all the “above the line” symbols of America, the ‘Joker’ made them feel it was alright to tear all that down and to sink it below the line. And in so doing, they would destroy America as a symbol of hope for the rest of the world. That was what the ‘Joker’ was about, and it was obvious that it was going to touch a social nerve with its big box office. And what followed was no surprise, it inspired just enough “below the line” thinking to destroy the economy over Covid-19 shutdowns and race riots ironically where wearing a mask to disguise our individual identities was suddenly popular. The masks made pretty people just as ugly as everyone else and the “below the line thinking” that our public schools has been producing suddenly had a voice of chaos and insurrection. If they couldn’t be a part of that American culture, they could tear it down just as the ‘Joker’ did. And that romanticized fantasy for many is what is driving the violence and terror of this very tumultuous election year. The goal of that tumultuous activity is of course what the Joker in that above video was articulating, a complete destruction of our American society. And nothing short of that.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Warnings from the Joker: Where life reflects art and art reflects political intentions

  1. “Why try to be better as a person when you can hide in a mob of activism and rip down everything that makes you feel bad for not being so good.”


    Cheese on the cracker TKR!!


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