Kimberly Gardner Raids Gun Owners in St. Louis: Why everyone should own a Ghost Gunner 3

Its always been a problem but the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis has been the best and most current example of how corrupt government can be and why they should have no decision making authority on the control of guns. As everyone knows, the media and government fanned the racism flames of the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter to the point of mass protest in St Louis in a part of town where there are old mansions historically preserved. In one of those homes lived the McCloskeys who suddenly found the Marxists beating down their private gate and working their way to their home for vandalism and perhaps even murder. As the media reported that the protestors were peaceful, reality showed that peace only came to those willing to bend the kneed to Black Lives Matter. If there was hesitation, we all saw on the news what happened, people were literally beaten and nobody was getting arrested. So, the McCloskeys grabbed their guns to warn off the protesters and the case went viral. This past week, the DA of St. Louis, who is a radical Democrat with ties to George Soros signed a search warrant to seize the weapons of the McCloskeys and attempt to push them toward prosecution just for defending themselves. That is the world we are living in, and how government seeks to abuse their authority to implement a political agenda.

That is why I suggest that everyone go out and purchase for themselves a product from Defense Distributed called the Ghost Gunner 3, which is a personal milling machine that will allow you to machine your own firearms out of blocks of aluminum. It’s a very cool technology that is part of the world we are living in. While I am a supporter of firearms manufacturers, and I love buying from them, ultimately it must be understood that there are many liberal prosecutors working in most cities and agencies around America put there through radicalism to undo our constitutions, state and federal. They have malicious intent as we can see for ourselves in the St. Louis case with the McCloskeys. But we could tell similar stories from here until the end of time. I personally can say that a friend of mine, George Lang, who is running for the 4th Senate Seat in Ohio suffered a similar prosecution by a liberal Obama prosecutor in Ohio just because the administration was trying to get to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner who was George’s friend. It happens all the time with much more frequency than anybody cares to consider. And it doesn’t matter how powerful you are, just this past week, President Trump took steps to pardon his friend Roger Stone who was threatened with jail just because he was close to the president. Government uses sheer force all the time to push people where they want them to go and they want you unarmed to make it easy for them.

Defense Distributed has been threatened in the same way for offering customers the means to build their own guns without serial numbers. Government is not supportive of any freedom movement, yet history is following that trajectory. We live in a time where freedom is abundant, and government can’t stand it. So, it should be as no surprise that making guns in your own home is a part of that effort, and its here to stay. People are not going to submit to government authority even though institutionalists have been planning such an overthrow for decades. The more that government clamps down on people with more rules and regulations, the more underground gun manufacturing will go. The more government goes after gun manufacturers, and the more that government harasses private gun owners, the more of a need there is for what Defense Distributed is doing with their Ghost Gunner. The best thing the McCloskeys could have done for themselves was built several un-serialized ARs at their home so that when radical prosecutors abuse the law to confiscate their weapons, that they can have more weapons to continue their personal defense that the government doesn’t know about.

The McCloskeys seem like nice people, they trust the system. In fact, Mark McCloskey is an attorney who represents Black Lives Matter cases. They bought their AR the legal way and the Circuit Attorney Kimberly Garner of St. Louis who is the area’s top prosecutor abused that legal system through her judgment that she was alarmed that the McCloskey’s decided to defend themselves against a “peaceful protest” as determined by her. For her, “peaceful” means doing what the mob wants, so under that interpretation, if a mob strolls across any yard of any property owner anywhere, the owners of that property have an obligation to retreat and yield to the mob. When we end up with a legal system full of people like Kimberly Garner or an FBI with people like James Comey at the top, we can expect much more of these attacks using the legal system as a mask to commit more crimes. So, to counter that, we can’t have weapons that the government controls through serialization. By giving them that right, they can then control to what extent we can protect ourselves from their wrath. It is like giving an invader the ability to regulate what you can do to defend yourself from their intentions.

It would be nice to think that we could trust government to do the right thing, but from my experience, they have never done the right thing without the fear of someone busting their heads into doing so. It takes the threat of violence to straighten out the corrupt minds of people like Kimberly Garner, because if they are empowered toward activism, they will unleash their Marxist intentions quickly, and without warning. So for a peaceful society to occur, people must have guns that government cannot take. And right now, the Ghost Gunner 3 is the best option to make that happen. I have already stated elsewhere that the first step to that kind of freedom is to gain the ability to manufacture your own ammunition. But the second step is to get a Ghost Gunner system for a small $500 downpayment to Defense Distributed then to pay the $2,100 at the time of shipping to get the mini milling machine and start to make your own weapons that the government doesn’t and can’t ever control. Nor should they ever have that ability. If government were to gain that ability, its time to get rid of that government and replace it with one that understands, which under the best of conditions would be short-lived.

Buying a gun is the easiest way to defend yourself, but making your own guns is the key to maintaining freedom because if a political opponent wants to pick on you, they will abuse their authority 100% of the time to do so, and if you spend thousands of dollars building up an arsenal, they can send authorities into your home easily to raid you and take everything you have anytime they want. Their job is made much easier when they know when and where you have bought your firearms and they know precisely what you have because of government tracking. The best thing to do is to build plenty of weapons that they don’t know about and when they do come to take them, they don’t know what else you have because there is no record of their existence. Because the only thing that keeps government honest is not knowing what you have, and to what extent you will use it. Without that doubt, government is dangerous, and will always abuse their authority to serve themselves, just as Kimberly Gardner did in St. Louis to inspire Marxist mobs to harass property owners toward insurrection as people like her use our legal system to overthrow our way of life time and time again.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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