The Goal of War is Capitulation: Every time we bend the knee, wear a mask, or yield to a political party, we are surrendering to the enemy

The one thing to understand about war is that the goal is capitulation, not death. Once you accept that, you will see clearly dear reader that we are well into a new civil war where the goals are no less obvious. The history of warfare however, because of gunpowder, thankfully, has made war less bloody and costly in human lives over time. Warfare migrating from the times of vast armies meeting on a battlefield to hash out some issue has changed as guns and their effectiveness have taken away the nobility of a good death in military combat and pushed insurgency into more gorilla warfare. This evolution became most obvious during the two World Wars in the last century and became most obvious during the Vietnam conflict. More and more with each new war technology has become the most preferred method of attack, with air power dominating those who don’t have it, or even today where drones kill vast squads of the enemy with the push of a button. War itself has become more and more passive aggressive as the technology of guns have become deadlier and more effective. War has never left us, but it has become more personal and less centralized like most things in our society and that’s where we find ourselves today, especially in America.

Viewed in that way it makes things much clearer to understand in relation to what the political left’s goals are and how the right has responded to them. Conservatives and their religious views in general have been paralyzed by the attacks made upon them largely due to their educations that have not prepared their minds to see war in the way that it is presented in the modern age. Even our media culture still presents notions of war as physical attacks with guns to force the enemy to surrender or be killed in the process. Yet the new way of war proposed by extremists, and leftists emerging out of the Vietnam era learned that the real fight was mostly psychological not physical, and that when they did enter any battlefield, they had already won largely because they had planted the seeds of capitulation in the minds of their enemy before even stepping foot on a battlefield. These days, we see in the cancel culture this notion that capitulation is expected just with an accusation and fights don’t even happen because we have all been taught that peace and love are the primary objectives of civilized life, and in that way, the attackers have defined the rules of engagement which will eventually lead to capitulation anyway. We are seeing that strategy in full effect with Black Lives Matter, Antifa and all other anti-Trump political groups. That much was obvious when we saw the mayor of New York City painting a sign on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower dedicated to Black Lives Matter. The objective couldn’t be clearer, a Marxist group planting a flag on the home turf of a symbol of American capitalism and claiming it as a kind of military victory.

I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with Scott Sloan years ago at 700 WLW, likely because I have been listening to the legal arguments talked about on that station regarding Covid-19 a lot lately and it has caused me to reflect on some of my own personal experiences. He was trying to tell me as a smart guy that my anger at the other side during school levy fights was undermining my good arguments for my position, and that I shouldn’t take the bait. My response to him was that he was thinking too conventionally about the problem, the other side wanted to destroy reputations, boycott businesses and do whatever they had to do to win, and that we had to match them with the same aggression, or worse. Otherwise we were surrendering the battlefield to the enemy. He had a hard time admitting that the other side was the enemy. He thought, and largely still does, that we can all talk this out and everything will be alright. He didn’t see the war that was happening because he thought that all sides in the matter could still talk it out and find agreement. Yet I saw clearly that the other side was only thinking of capitulation. If “we” didn’t bend the knee to them, then they would destroy us in every way they could without weapons of course, but through passive aggressive control over aspects of our culture that would rob us of happiness. That was of course in 2012 and I often refer to that period as a defining moment for me because it confirmed much of what I had always suspected about our culture in general. And of course, I turned out to be correct in every way, and now we are seeing it play out in large scale warfare.

This mode of warfare has been chosen by the political left because they saw how effective it has been against a superior force with better technology during the Vietnam conflict and most recently in Afghanistan which has been in perpetual war with weapons since the 1970s, first with the Soviet Union and now with the United States. When a superior force is trying to play the chess game of a battlefield with old ideas about capitulation and the enemy is hiding, dodging and harassing by playing by a different set of rules, it is then easy to see why they have been winning and the superior force loses. This also answers the question as to why we are losing these modern battles, because conservatives refuse to admit to themselves that there is even a war. But the other side is willing to admit to it, and they are willing to do whatever they have to do to win. They intend to force their enemy to bend the knee using the Chinese ‘Art of War’ to win without even fighting as it is described in that great book, and they have been very effective.

Think about what we are doing today, we are bending the knee to Black Lives Matter over guilt. It’s the same fear that fear of death would have caused the same result in years past. The fear of a life of guilt is the new mode of forcing capitulation and we see such a surrender as almost a fashion statement today. Additionally, it is quite clear that our governments are in conflict, they don’t want our choice in president and have been working to remove him and any supporters from office. Meanwhile they have been using the Covid-19 virus as an excuse to train their subjects to wear masks in public as a form of capitulation. Once people accept that modern science and innovation cannot make people safe from the virus and that they must wear a mask to prevent the spread of it, then the governments have forced a surrender of that population that once started, will continue to tame the wild minds of freedom to the doomed presence of government wrath. They don’t need to kill you as might have happened in years past, they want to own your labor for their own needs, so they want to keep you alive now. All they really want from you is to bend the knee, which so many people are willing to do because they don’t understand why they are being asked to do it. They surrender because they don’t know that we are really at war and think that by capitulation they will save lives instead of harming them. Which of course is wrong.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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