Murders in Liberty Township: Blame the media and Black Lives Matter

Liberty Park in Liberty Township, Ohio off Yankee Road is hardly one of the most dangerous places in the world. It is very close to the Wetherington community and Liberty Center. I’d go so far to say that its one of the nicest places to live in the entire world. People are nice and respectful of each other, there is plenty to do, people aren’t fighting over table scraps because most of them are employed and industrious. The people their have means so they lack the kind of desperation that people dependent on government programs often show. So why were their two violent shootings in almost the same location, unrelated within a 48-hour period? Well, I warned about this, I specifically warned the media people I know about how they covered the race riots in downtown Cincinnati. These violent clashes where young people of color are shooting each other in the streets of the very peaceful Liberty Township is the direct result of the media glamorizing turmoil and violence to achieve the political agenda behind Black Lives Matter. And the results are what we have seen this past week.

I can say that I’m something of an expert on this matter, as a young person I found myself in these situations a lot, in Liberty Township, back when it was mostly farmland and the direct descendants of the Revolutionary War still had family in those farm houses that I had to sell cookies and pizza to for fundraisers in my Scouting days. Did I ever tell the story of how I was the VP of the Dan Beard Council for all of a day back in 1985? Well, maybe I alluded to it, but the reason it was for one day was due to a murder that I was involved in, where a street fight had gone bad, much the way it did for Romel Velasquez when he was losing the fight and shot and killed the young football star of Fairfield, Antaun Hill. Zyquon Moody and Zyshuan Johnson were also shot, but survived. As Sheriff Jones explained it, Romel found himself on the bad end of an organized fight where the boys showed up to settle a dispute behind the YMCA off Yankee Road and of course bad things happened. I would argue that if the crazy stuff hadn’t been going on with Black Lives Matter and the race riots downtown provoked along by the same media covering these shootings in Liberty Township, the boys would have continued to bad mouth each other, but they probably wouldn’t have shown up to fight, and they certainly wouldn’t have brought guns. But as I said, I have vast experience in these kinds of things, and am quite confident that the boys showed up to fight because of the social conditions of our times, mismanaged of course by the adults of our society.

The day after the shooting that I had been involved in the Dan Beard Council removed me as the VP for obvious public relations reasons, so I understand very well how even kids who are on a rocket to future success can find themselves defending their honor at a street fight where guns end up killing people. It’s always a sad situation, but its not a mystery as to how it happens. The reason that these kinds of things don’t happen often in places like Liberty Township is that the parents tend to care for their kids more than in inner city climates where the kids don’t even know where their parents are half the time, so even when tempers get hot, they cool just as quickly when a parent is around to help quell violent thoughts with rules and regulations that young people desperately need as part of the growing process.

Another shooting, which happened just the day before Romel Velasquez brought a gun to a street fight to compensate for his shortcomings Khalic Rova-Shaquille Milton was shot dead in the street of Spruce Creek just a few feet from that same YMCA. Another young kid, Kaleb Marshall Toonson who actually lives in Liberty Township has been arrested in connection to the murder along with a 14-year old girl as other suspects are under investigation. The early motive appears to be a robbery of the victim and the incident went wrong and the young people appear not to have connected reality to the circumstances. This is where I would say video games like Grand Theft Auto have destroyed the minds of young people who think they can get by with stuff like this. But worse than that, the media has shown them that they can when images of mobs turning over police cars and breaking out the windows and looting of businesses are a nightly occurrence on the news. And of course the belief then is reassured that if you are a person of color, you aren’t responsible for your behavior, and that leads directly to decisions like we have seen in nice, peaceful Liberty Township where young people think they can play out some fantasy straight out of Grand Theft Auto, the video game, and the police aren’t going to do anything about it. Because the police are going to be defunded anyway, from the point of view of young people who don’t know better.

I remember in my days of street fighting, and especially in that incident where a kid was killed, I told my supporters not to bring guns to the fight. I did have weapons just in case, but I didn’t want guns there in case something went wrong, and people got scared and started using them. Which is exactly what happened in my case. People who showed up to the fight were provoked fearfully, and guns were the response. It’s a complicated story, but an unfortunate one. Needless to say, my friends didn’t listen. In these street fights young males especially are seeking to prove their manhood, so it is always best to take away the nuclear option for when the other side starts losing, because losing really destroys the brand of a young man. Most young men would literally rather die, or die trying. But when the media tells those types of people that there are no consequences for their actions, and that the police are going to be defunded, then what does anybody think is going to happen? Well, we are seeing it in Liberty Township this week, just as I said to Channel 5 and other news stations last week, would happen as a direct result of their reporting on the Cincinnati riots. These are not disconnected circumstances.

I would say that without the kind of news coverage that we’ve had over the Black Lives Matter riots and protests, Khalic Rova-Shaquille Milton and Antaun Hill Jr. would still be alive. There may have been a fight of some kind, but the boys would have settled it on some video game platform and called each other names on Facebook. They wouldn’t have taken that next step toward violence, but when the news says that violence is good, turning over police cars is noble, and you can earn honor through violence, well, then you can’t blame young people for turning to those methods to earn some points among their peers. I understand the need to fight, but what young people need from the adults is that next level decision gate about actually following through with it. And in this case, the adults let the kids down and instead sought to exploit the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement for political gain, which now has spilled blood in the streets of Liberty Township with a likelihood of more to come.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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