It was Republicans who Freed the Slaves: Black Lives Matter is a front for Democrat fundraising off sins they committed

It’s a shame more people don’t read or are at least partially educated. I often say that it is crucial to any form of self-rule, or to any success of a proposed republic that the people be educated. Instead our public education system that should take care of these necessities are as useless as a typical BMV, overrun with government bureaucracy, red tape, and apathy that the goal of it is to simply graduate and get away from it, instead of becoming a well-rounded person full of knowledge. Keeping people in a stupid state is a strategy of war, and it is clear that warring anti-American factions are trying to destroy our country with the latest incursion being the Black Lives Matter movement. I was playing Call of Duty this past week and they have ads for the movement on the main page for multiplayer mode, so the riots and protestors of Black Lives Matter is a well organized uprising meant to raise money and votes for the Democrat Party, to oust President Trump in the November elections. Its not about civil rights, the entire premise of BLM is a farce, a charade to hijack the minds of the stupid and to turn them into empowered Democrat votes. But if people only knew the truth, which is easy to discover, they’d be quite upset regarding their treatment and how they have been lied to by the Democrats and their partners in the media who have been using Black Lives Matter as a mask to advance a political agenda for which they are guilty of.

Ron Chernow recently wrote a fantastic book that I read while traveling overseas called ‘Grant.’ Being overseas on very long flights and spending time in airports waiting on flights and transfers, this was just the book for that kind of journey as its over 1000 pages in length. So it was just the thing, plus Grant is from my hometown of Cincinnati and it reminded me of home while interacting with foreign cultures full of socialism and other forms of collectivism that was just an insult to my American sensibilities. Recently the History Channel did a three-part miniseries on Grant, largely based on this Chernow book and it is a good synopsis of that very good work that I think everyone should read. I knew a lot of the stories about Grant before, I have recently discussed a book report I did on Grant in the 3rd grade that I remember very well, but I came away from the Chernow book with a very renewed understanding of just how good and important Grant was to the formation of the United States. Particularly his role in reconstruction after the Civil War. The freed slaves that were the direct result of Grant’s victories under the Lincoln administration gave people of color quickly a very prominent seat at the table of American government and wonderful people like Frederick Douglas emerged to represent their intellectual aptitude for a new age after the devastation of the Civil War had created for the first time in the history of the world a nation of free people.

The freeing of slaves was solitarily a Republican enterprise. Without Republicans there would have never been a free person released from slavery. They were one of the first political parties in the world to even attempt such a thing, so they deserve all the credit for it. It is sickening, and even disingenuous to see any Republican in the modern times taking any credit for racism or the sins of slavery. Republicans stood against slavery and fought to free them. Lincoln tried to make peace with the Democrats by putting Andrew Johnson in his administration as a VP. Johnson was popular with the South and Lincoln thought it would show solidarity by giving him such a prominent role in government. But after Lincoln was killed at the Ford Theater a week after Grant forced General Lee to surrender, ending the Civil War, Johnson took over as president as a Democrat and fanned the flames of chaos, much like Democrats today are with Black Lives Matter, and the KKK was born.

Grant ran for president to get rid of Johnson and upon winning went to work to nurture reconstruction by giving the freed slaves a seat at the table all over the south which was too much for the newly defeated soldiers of that land to deal with. The reminder of their loss was emblazoned upon each person of color they were suddenly forced to interact with. And to make it worse, under Grant, many of these freed slaves were entering government and were adapting quite well to a new age of intellectual forum. Many of these people were noble and very intelligent contributors to the fabric of our Republic and the anger toward the Republican Grant was so intense that it fueled more and more KKK attacks on innocent people just trying to live their lives as newly freed people. Grant sought to put the KKK down with military force, but coming out of the Civil War years the public had little stomach for more garrisons of troops occupying the towns and villages of America so the KKK grew in power as a result of the lack of military force. After Grant it was Rutherford B. Hayes who also as a Republican tried to keep up the abolitionist cause as Ulysses S. Grant had, but voters put Democrats in the House and Senate that further weakened federal intrusion throughout the South as the KKK, filled with fellow Democrats continued to rise in power.

This process would go on for over 100 years robbing the slaves of the post war gains they had made under President Grant. Many of those KKK Democrats would stay in political power until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and it was then, when the writing was on the wall for the inevitable, that Democrats sought to flip the script and take credit for the Civil Rights Movement, a trick that was started by President Johnson in direct negotiations with Martin Luther King. If not for Republicans, nothing would have happened, there would still be slaves. Yet people are free, and have a chance at a good life because of great Republicans like Grant, Lincoln, and now Trump.

What a lot of people don’t know about Black Lives Matter is that donations sent to them go directly to a superpac called ACT BLUE. In essence, it’s a fundraising group meant to help out Joe Biden after he screwed up recently with a public gaffe on racism, so the Democrats are trying to repair his image by starting a race war. That is why the media has been cheerleading on the effort. They make it look like there is much more turbulence going on than there really is. African American’s only represent 13.4% of the total American population and many of them have become slaves to the Democrat Party once again by forgetting their history. Because they were taught incorrectly their roots and who freed who modern people of color think that it was the Democrats who they should vote for. But what they have forgotten is that it was Republicans who fought the KKK and worked to secure the freedom of all people in America. That the war between the whites was put forth by Republicans for the freedom of the slaves, and that fight is still alive, only the Democrats have tried to take credit for all the work that Republicans have done, and that is a serious crime that could be rendered with justice if only people would pick up a book, and learn their true history.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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