I Believe Judy Mikovits: The crime of institutional failure within the medical industry

You can know that there is fire behind the smoke over the whole Covid-19 issue particularly because of the way the established world has treated Judy Mikovits, the current best selling author on The New York Times and Amazon lists at the top of the charts. The scenario likely started innocent enough, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix thought the same way that James Comey did, Trump had something of an open door policy and they thought they’d give it a try, they’d walk right in and tell the president that it looked like over 2 million people were going to die of the recent coronavirus coming out of China based on the models by Professor Neil Ferguson. As it turned out, not even Ferguson was listening to his own advice as at the time of the Covid-19 quarantines, he was breaking them to have his now well documented affair with Antonia Staats, which is only relevant because it paints a picture as to how flimsy all this Covid-19 stuff was from the beginning. Essentially the entire world shut down their economies based on that model from Ferguson who obviously had other things on his mind. And that is the way of most of the figures in the decision making process involving Covid-19, whether it’s the dictator of China, the head of the W.H.O., Ferguson, Fauci, Brix, Ohio’s Amy Acton—the characters in this scandal are not the kind of people I would trust with much of anything, so after reading Judy’s books on the matter and seeing how they have reacted to her, I tend to believe what she is saying, which is something we should all be concerned with. After all, these doctors and medical professionals have literally ruined our lives all to cover up their roles and knowledge of massive medical malpractice. And they thought they’d get away with it when Trump showed that he was willing to shut down the economy to save lives they said were in danger.

If Judy Mikovits was just a kook, like they are trying to say she is, she wouldn’t be one of the most ostracized figures in the world currently. As a top selling author, she’d be doing interviews on the Today Show, and Good Morning America, but instead, she is only able to do podcasts and internet blog reviews, because the mainstreamers have completely shut her out. And in spite of all that effort to discredit her, her two books, ‘Plague’ and ‘Plague of Corruption’ are best sellers by everyone’s charts. Fans have found her without the established media which says a lot. I have read her books and my opinion is that she is a hurt person for being thrown out of the medical community, and it shows in her writing. However, I can see that the medical community needed her to play ball to continue to operate at a high level, as she had been. She had worked in the same circles as Dr. Fauci and her part of the story makes sense to me. On the other hand, Fauci, if I were him and were accused of what she is accusing him of, I would have addressed it on one of those many interviews he did about shutting down the American economy, wearing masks-then not wearing masks, having sex with Covid infected people was a personal choice, yet going to a public place and not socially distancing oneself was equal to attempted murder—in one of those interviews I would have had to address Judy Mikovits—especially if I was innocent. But the silence is certainly a confession of sorts, and that gives even more credibility to Judy Mikovits.

At the heart of this scandal is the notion of vaccines, can people trust them and early in the Covid-19 shutdowns it was clear that Dr. Fauci who had the President’s ear at the time was thinking of keeping the nation locked down until there was a vaccine for Covd-19. It was under this pretense that most of the nation’s governors went into constitution violation mode under indefinite emergency powers to rob people of their natural rights and literally, all Hell broke loose costing much more money than all the World Wars put together, and then some. The cost has been so incalculable, that people still months later can’t get their minds around it. In hindsight, although I have been willing to predict it from the start, Covid-19 is an obvious cover-up for many things. Its also political, without question. But the need for a “pandemic” at some point in time coming out of the World Health Organization and played out in the United States by Dr. Fauci and many others looks to suppress the threat that is emerging about XMRV retroviruses that directly result from the production of vaccines for half a century through mice. Even though it was never likely a malicious intent by the medical community to needlessly kill people with cancers and other illnesses, that has been the result of their tampering, then seeking to suppress the threat. They didn’t completely know what they were doing, and it looks like Fauci and others working with Bill Gates wanted to correct the issue with a worldwide mandatory vaccine that might right the ship of all their tampering. After all we are talking about over 20 million people who are carrying around these XMRV conditions that are accelerating their deaths by their trust in the medical system of the past.

So they came up with this scheme on a global scale, but only among the top minds in the field to try and put down the XMRV scandal before too many people became aware of it. And now, because of their shutdowns, and people not trusting what the mainstream media had to say about it, and not trusting their office holders who were obviously lying to them, like Mike DeWine of Ohio, people have been looking for answers and they have found Judy Mikovits. And in so doing, they have made her into a bestselling author, which is a good story for her given all that she had gone through as a whistleblower. It is time to have a real conversation on this issue as the scam is up. The medical industry is caught and by denying things longer, they make themselves less credible by the day trying to use a global shutdown and an overreaction to a coronavirus to mask their role in spreading XMRV into innocent victims that dramatically increased the cases of cancers and other malicious illnesses.

Every time I see or hear of some dumb fool demanding that we wear masks or social distance I think of these perpetrators of a medical crime. They think we are suckers, they thought so little of President Trump that they put him in a bad position to cover their own asses, and at a bare minimum they thought they could conceal a crime, institutional in nature, but a crime nonetheless, by overblowing this coronavirus and pulling everyone in on the scam to get their buy-in and reset the trust in their expert status. However, to me, that is all the masks and social distancing mean, it’s a forced compliance by law to acknowledge a scam—to make us all part of the murders they have committed through neglect and a reckless trust in institutional sentiment.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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