The Original Sin: How Democrats use Saul Alinsky strategies to shame conservatives into accepting unjustified guilt

One of the things that a blog like this does, that is better than the news of the mainstream media, or even talk radio, is that I am a free person not owned by any corporate influence and censorship, so I can address issues that nobody else can. I’m not beholden to sponsors, publishers, peer pressure activists, and in many ways the First Amendment requires that such people work diligently to preserve our republic. One of my inspirations in life, well, there are a couple of them, is Benjamin Franklin. I would say my modern role is very similar to his, he ran a newspaper called ‘Poor Richard’s Almanak’ purely for the reasons of getting information to people. He wasn’t so concerned making a lot of money off the endeavor, which he ended up doing, he was more interested in building a culture that might be a customer for other things. I also greatly admire Teddy Roosevelt. I have been back and forth on him as he was one of the founders of the Progressive Party, but his ‘Winning of the West’ books tell a story we must never forget as he was in love with cowboy country in South Dakota and was friends with Seth Bullock. I have determined that in his second term once he was away from South Dakota as a New Yorker the Progressives got him and turned his mind to mush. It happens, but I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If not for people like those guys, we wouldn’t even have an America so it doesn’t surprise me that so many people have lost their way in this modern time. Even with so much media available to us, not many people are truly free to state their opinions about things in a way that people need. So I do what I do here for that very reason.

As we speak in this moment in history Democrats are kneeling to Black Lives Matter which is a group of activists that we have known before. They are largely not about race relations, but Marxism imposed through the mask of racial tension, which they perpetually stir up for their own advantages, and many people are falling for their demands of yielding to unearned guilt. Especially in the media where they are practically spoon feeding the frenzy, but that’s nothing new. For many it is surprising how fast and how active the media has been in promoting Black Lives Matter and the various Antifa groups who are looking for nothing short of a complete insurrection of the American way of life. And to make it even more terrifying, it has been scary to people to see what they think of as “Republicans” taking the knee like what Mitt Romney has been doing, and see other conservative types yielding to the peer pressure to acknowledge racism in the forms that Black Lives Matter has presented them. Drew Brees comes to mind along with his wife, the poor souls of indecision not free to have their own thoughts on things, because when they expressed them, they were threatened with ruin.

So here is the strategy that goes back to Saul Alinsky, a name we haven’t talked about in a while, the reason that Democrats are able to freeze Republicans with this guilt strategy not only on race, but on just about everything, is because conservatives tend to also be good Christians. And as we all know, most resolute Christians are happy to confess to an original sin so that Christ can be their savior for a resurrection. What makes all this racism toward Republicans so absurd was that the whole point of creating that political party was to defeat slavery and free people of color. That makes all this modern civil rights push that much more ridiculous. The Democrats, who were the instigators of slavery preservation now want to be the party of “black people” which is precisely what Joe Biden said just a few weeks ago, and they view people of color as precisely as tools for voting by keeping them in a suppressed state. Yet Republicans feel they must apologize for slavery and the treatment of blacks in America even though they had nothing to do with it. And they accept the notions of “white privilege” as if it’s a reality because once any mind accepts the concept of an original sin, then it will accept other sins that it played no part in advancing.

If we were to sit with Saul Alinsky today, who dedicated his book, ‘Rules for Radicals’ to Satan as we have discussed before, he would laugh at what was happening today and call us all stupid rats for following the smell of cheese through a maze right into a trap that would slice off our heads upon impact. He would point out that we could have made any number of decisions along the way to avoid the trap, but our mental programing caused us to act in such a predictable way to seal our dooms reliably. So reliably, that you could set your watch to it. And thus, so it goes with the weakness of conservatives on “original sin.” For those who don’t know Saul Alinsky, he was a major influence on Hillary Clinton, and he used to run with Al Capone’s gang in Chicago. So his work is the spawn of great evil that seeks to exploit the goodness in people, and those tools are in full use over this business of Black Lives Matter to make Marxism digestible through racial tension, and to force conservatives, whites, political operatives, sports casters, sports ownership, businesses, everyone admit to an original sin in America by taking the knee. Its an exploitation of most people’s good nature to stuff them with an evil by taking the knee, and it is the people most guilty of the original crime who are forcing the issue, the Democrats and their partners in the media who are all in on this Saul Alinsky way of thinking. Not everyone in the media are in on the scam, but they all work for people who are. You’d be surprised.

But don’t fret, many of these protests they are showing on television are only a few thousand people. In one major protest they discussed in Cincinnati, it was 5000. Those numbers are well under the average attendance of a Trump rally, and those are the facts of the matter. Black Lives Matter looks big on the news because the media sticks their cameras up close. But in reality, the silent majority is much, much bigger. And most of them don’t talk much, they don’t protest much, and they do go to church. They aren’t high profile people and they do toil over the original sin and this push to make people bend the knee just for being born. But they don’t and won’t. Politicians who are already sketchy with their belief system like Mike DeWine and Mitt Romney will pander to Black Lives Matter because they are drowning in guilt, for many things in their life and they will go to confession if someone presents information to them in the ways of their weakness, as Saul Alinsky figured out long ago. But there was no sin with the Republican party, they were created then and now to free people of oppression and color. And for that, they have no right to bend the knee to anybody. And when push comes to shove, they won’t.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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