The Dow Bounces Back: I told you so and about many other things

Obviously for those who listened to me at the start of this mess, you would be a multimillionaire by now as I told you the condition of the economy and that the stock market would bounce back to the 29,000 range because that is where human desire wanted it to be. That was the value of the money measuring social need and creativity. So for those who bought stock on the slide, or even when things dropped down to 19,000 during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns because I was telling you to stay cool, you are enjoying the results and that should make you very happy. There is a lot to be happy about. As I also said, the Covid-19 thing was a scam from the beginning, political in nature meant only to change sentiment during an election. And I would say the same thing about the race riots. They have nothing to do with George Floyd, only about injecting chaos and anarchy into our election in 2020 hoping to stop the progress that is well out of control of the establishment types who have been running things for centuries. I could spend literally entire books explaining why and who all the forces are, but for this little article on the matter, you can just be happy to relish in the fact that “I told you so” literally in every way a person could say it, and I have been 100% right when even the smartest analysis was a few weeks behind. For those who have not listened to me, live and learn.

So I’ll say this about the many ugly things we will see between now and the election by the same insurgents. The skepticism of the masses, those who do live between the 20 yard lines of a metaphorical football field, is that they don’t believe that any one person, or any group of people could be as malicious as they surely are in attempting to bring down America at any cost and that even our neighbors and friends may be insurgents every bit as vile as ISIS was as a foreign terrorist organization. They are not ready to admit to themselves that their school teachers are teaching this villainy in our government schools, that our news casters are consciously, or unconsciously advocating the philosophies of Karl Marx, or that the rich and famous of our society truly will trade being a global citizen over the rights of an American at any opportunity. People find it hard to believe that we are currently in a civil war domestically, and in World War III globally right now. They don’t see the guns, they don’t see Robert E. Lee running around with hoards of insurgent rebels fighting federalism in all its power. They don’t see a Hitler out there making the world miserable—they just see ideas coming at them on television and see the effects of the terrorists of our world on the news. But they don’t understand the strategy or who makes the plans so they have a hard time believing that there are malicious intents that are very alive right now and dangerous.

However, just like the statements I made about the economy just a few months ago I can say about the enemy right now, they are desperate and afraid. They know they have lost leverage over people’s minds and are now throwing every trick in the book at us at every level in the hopes of removing President Trump from office and to erase our ability to elect someone like him in the future—even if they can eliminate “us” all together. They are out to kill, make no mistake about it, they want to end Americans as the world has known them and to erase their thoughts completely for a return to the powers of history and the villains it produced. The truth is that even after all the Covid lockdowns and the intentions of the riots this past week, the dent in American love and optimism has been minimal. All week media types tried to provoke the Antifa groups to come out of the cities and into the suburbs to riot in front of the homes of the people who left Democrat controlled areas for a better life leaving behind all the misfits and slugs who typically vote for the Ass, but when they did things didn’t go so well. Motorcycle gangs were there to interrupt the protest and well-armed residents prevented any real organization of any substance. It took the fuel of all the liberal elements in the cities to make the riots look big, but in all reality, they were quite small. The people who live between the cities just weren’t going to put up with it and it was there that the Trump voters were born, and now they are angry and poised to do it again.

Liberalism—which is essentially Marxism is an enemy concept of American life and we have to admit that to ourselves. There is no peace to be made with those people and the sooner everyone realizes that, the better off our society will be. That’s not to say that people of different opinions can’t work together, but those who are trying to destroy the American Constitution and to reshape what happens in the wake of that activity are domestic enemies. In the best of circumstances we can have an election this year and everyone will respect the results, but we have seen that even previous presidential administrations and entire branches of federal office, such as the FBI, could become weaponized for the goals of Marxism and we have to understand the threat is real. And if I had to peg down the real cause of all the trouble we have experienced over the last several months with the shutdowns and riots, the sources of evil are the same. There are lots of people in the world like Dummy Mike DeWine who follow the rules as evil people give them out and will be the “useful idiots” that villainy demands to do its work, but most people understand at least in the pit of their stomach that something is wrong, and if given an option, they will hold the line. The rioters in many ways are just as stupid as Dummy DeWine of Ohio who are moved to action and evil rather than the originators of thought, yet the impact is the same. They make themselves domestic enemies through their lack of knowledge and we must deal with that impediment.

Yet the economy was never really in trouble, the assault to it was purely artificial—like holding a person’s head underwater to drown them. They typically won’t drown themselves. The economy was artificially submerged, the enthusiasm that made it great in the first place was still intact, so the moment people could feel free to show that enthusiasm, the markets jumped back up to where they wanted to be. And I’ll say this, the markets want to go higher. People don’t want to be afraid of their own shadows anymore. They moved to the suburbs to get away from victims of Democrat thought and they voted for Donald Trump to be away from the power and influence of big government. And that is the trend that the world is still on, even with the fake crises of Covid-19 and the fake response to race wars provoked completely by the media for the benefits of Marxism. Through it all, normal people, those living between the 20-yard lines didn’t lose their desire for freedom and they are ready to act when pressed. And that is why the Dow jumped up to close at over 27,000 and the jobs market is coming back so strong, which will continue its upward trajectory through the election and beyond.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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One thought on “The Dow Bounces Back: I told you so and about many other things

  1. To be accurate, Standard & Poor is the barometer for wealth acquisition. The day traders have lost their freakin’ minds and can’t adjust to crisis the way they used to.
    All said and done, the impeachment didn’t work, the plandemic didn’t work and riots wont stop the machine that is Trump and the freedom loving, law abiding citizens who have his back at every strike. But let those Mother Fuckers defund the cops!! I give it less than 2 weeks and they’ll be on their knees for different reasons. Mercy.
    Rednecks don’t have tazers or rubber bullets. We have real fucking guns with real fucking bullets and wont hesitate to defend and protect. With our lives! Any of those groupthink cowards thought any of this through? The sheer numbers of us against them would end this once and for all. Til then….standing by…..and livin’ the dream!


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