Never Bend the Knee: The true nature of racism

I was very happy to see that my local sheriff, Richard K. Jones—known nationally—refused to bend the knee to the anarchist protestors who had migrated into the suburbs this past week to challenge the people who lived their with their cries for anarchy and chaos behind a mask of racism. I too, will never bend a knee and kneel before any group of people on earth or otherwise. To do so would be to acknowledge that they have a valid argument about their contentions, which they don’t. In this case they are using the topic of racism to advance an assault of shame to tear down the values that built America—as a nation, and concept. I’m not going to help them do that with compliance. In fact, if they want to get rid of the constitutions of our system of law and order, then we can fight it out with blood. Its their choice, but I’m never going to yield to the enemies of America, for which there are obviously many. However, to argue their mask of racism, there is some discussion that needs to be made on that topic.

I personally don’t believe America is a racist country. I know history better than most people and what America did for people of color was give them an opportunity to be free of racism, not to keep it on them. The modern Democrat Party was guilty of the racism that carried over from European migration and was fought in the Civil War. The North, the Republicans, won. The South, the Democrats lost and thus people of color were free to live and acquire as anybody else. Nobody said it would be easy, its never easy. But they had rights. It may have taken another 100 years for it to seep into society, but it happened and it only would have happened in America, and everyone should be happy about that. Yet there is more to the racism topic that nobody mentions, its that people too lazy to achieve things in life use it often to hide their failures in life rather than taking advantage of a free market to better themselves. And that is not a skin color issue, but rather the values that individuals have which either propel them to success or hold them back.

Personally, I don’t believe in white privilege either. I have not received any benefits of being a white man. Rather, I’d say I’m probably the most discriminated person on planet earth, and not just for my maleness or my skin color. I have been discriminated every day of my life in some way or another since I left the comfort of my mother and entered the public world, often harshly, so I have no sympathy for people who want to blame their failures in life on skin color, or some unfortunate circumstances. The discrimination I experienced came because most of the world loves to live safely between the 20-yard lines of a football field to use that metaphor, and I never did. I always liked the danger zones at the ends of the field and because of that I was always a threat to those who loved the safety of the middle. I have been discriminated against for being too smart, too fast, too strong, too emotionally intact—in short, too good. The world likes flawed people because it makes others feel better about being so complacent in their lives. People don’t like to be pushed so they discriminate against those who push them.

If you really break down the origins of white supremacy, or “black power, or any push of racism against others it is to essentially protect one culture from the values of another because people are lazy and want to stay in their comfort zones. People are too lazy to learn the values of others, and that once they learn the rules of life and have their social networks, they don’t want to relearn rules when new values are introduced. So its easier to hate other people rather than learn to compete with them for those much celebrated touchdowns that people love in life, but can’t often achieve because they live their entire lives between the 20 yard marks—where its safe. Racism rather is an excuse for the lack of courage to do things in life rather than an actual impediment to success. People who allow themselves to be victims of racism are those looking for an excuse for their failures because they were too lazy to achieve things outside those 20-yard marks.

I was discriminated against yesterday, last week, last month, last year—all the way back to my birth. It would have been a lot easier to have been a person of color because legally there were protections, but being white and male, I am targeted by every grievance group looking for excuses for their own failure by calling any kind of success a privileged. Well, let me tell you something, success comes from having the guts to step out of the 20-yard lines and to score a touchdown. It doesn’t come from playing social games with the idiots between the 20-yard lines. It comes from overcoming obstacles and scoring in life with guts and persistence. And achievement knows no color. There are many great people, white and black, who were persecuted not for their color, but because they disturbed the natural order of things. Socrates comes to mind; he was poisoned to death for corrupting the youth with his fanciful philosophies. He was a white guy, but he was challenging the herd that wanted to stay between the 20-yard marks, so they killed him. They killed Jesus too, for much the same reasons. Think how many protestants were burned at the stake for challenging the Catholic Church in Europe. Literally we could go on an on, but its not racism that is happening. That is just the lazy name that lazy people put on it. Its an attempt to get rid of challengers who prompt others to step beyond the 20-yard lines to actually score in life. People who insist on living out in the danger zone will always be hated and discriminated against. For me it’s a kind of game these days. I learned to live with it a long time ago and not to blame others for it.

People who accept a definition of racism for the discrimination that actually happens to all people who try to do things in life are applying the wrong terminology to an ancient problem that is not targeted at skin color, but in human aptitude. When losers are sitting around talking about this person or that person and why they don’t like them, they might say, well, they are “fat” or they are “this color or that color.” They’ll say lots of things, but the true essence of it is that people are insecure with themselves and they don’t like to be challenged off their safe positions. And that holds true between races of people. By bending the knee, we would be saying we accept racism of another kind where guilty repayment for past sins must be made to equalize things. But that would be a false assumption because it was never racism that was the evil. It was mankind’s need for safety and security that was. And that is the true heart of our modern examples of discontent.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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