The Understanding of Law and Order: When the cops are the bad guys and when they are the good

Over the last several weeks I have expressed positions where it likely would be needed, and there were points certainly where it would have been justified to remove governors and mayors from power under force. I have shown support for people bringing guns to the capitals of their states to enforce rule of law to out of control politicians who had obviously lost their minds during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Yet I have also expressed opinions where I have said police need to bust up protestors, rip them from our city streets and put them in jail—or worse. Whatever needed to be done to restore order to our marketplace and our rule of law. That of course could be very confusing to people who only lightly follow these events. In my own life, I have spent an enormous amount of time on this subject and have written two books on the matter, ‘The Symposium of Justice’ and ‘The Tail of the Dragon.’ The question of the day is when do police have an obligation to bust up protestors and when do protestors have a right and obligation to fight the police for justice? And those questions require correct answers in these very confusing times, because most people just don’t know where the boundaries are.

The essence of the matter centers around property rights. Over many years weak politicians and activist judges have severely weakened the Bill of Rights and created in their state’s case law very liberal interpretations of castle doctrines and duties to retreat rewarding in the nature of all living things a right to live no matter what actions they impose on others. The sentiment is that property is acquired and can be replaced, but life cannot, so every form of life has an obligation to let other life live. On the surface that sounds like a noble cause but in that process lawyers and politicians failed to identify the nature of evil and thus putting much more aggressive people, and those with nothing to lose in a leverage position over the good people who follow the rules, do what they are supposed to, and usually end up doing most of the work in a society. This is the nature of most riots, especially in inner city environments where property value is not treasured but looked down upon by socialist administrations in Democrat Parties empowering looters, thugs, and other criminals to action against the good.

When any police force believes it can bust into anybody’s home even with a search warrant, such as the case in Louisville recently where police forced their way into Breonna Taylor’s residence unannounced. Her boyfriend thought the police were burglars, so he shot at them. They returned more than 20 shots back into the apartment killing Breonna for no good reason. The police got the whole thing wrong and the people inside their homes were victims to that stupidity. My policy at my house is that if anybody comes onto my property, Ohio law is incorrect in their position of the castle doctrine where it assumes that property owners have a duty to retreat under all conditions.

I have read the constitution of Ohio and of the United States backwards and forwards and the law is quite clear to me even if modern politics has failed to understand the meaning, so defending my castle to whatever extent is the priority. Nobody, not the FBI, not the local police, nobody has a right to bust down my door at any point in time. I consider that a standoff that I have no plans to lose against. Defending property is more important than taking the issue to court where political forces will manipulate the situation while you rot in jail with incompetent lawyers handling the issue the way they did with Michael Flynn and others abused by the modern legal system. The laws of Ohio, and the laws of Kentucky where the police thought they had such a right were clearly wrong. The police are paid to protect lives and private property. When they abuse both, they are in the wrong clearly and emphatically.

However, Trump’s position during his speech Monday, June 1st where he sent police into the street to break up the anarchists and protestors there so that he could travel outside of the White House gates to show that he was the “law and order” president was 100% correct. Protestors especially those filled with anti-American anarchists do not have a right to protest and stop traffic and commerce. They do not have a right to bust up store fronts, and to loot them because they are attacking “private property.” Once people lose their rights to private property, or the aggressors are attacking the value of private property, then that is where the line is drawn. Trump is correct to assert law and order to protect private property and the owners of those possessions. Mobs cannot violate property rights to make their point and when they do, they have lost any moral resolution to their cause.

When we talk about the nature of life and its potential this is what the police are supposed to protect and why the Constitution and Bill of Rights are written as they are. Things get confusing when we attempt to devalue life to serve a collectivist philosophy that is not American, such as Marxism and its various off-shoots communism and socialism. Modern protestors who tend to align with the modern Democrat Party of anarchy and climate change green new deal communism are forging concepts imported from Europe and other places such as Asia where the nature of private property is looked down upon, where the goal of the religions of those places are to rid yourself of possessions before your death and resurrection. Those concepts are incorrect as they relate to American law and order. Life at abortion is cheated for instance when they are not given an opportunity to achieve in life. The nature of life, the scoreboard of experience is in the property that is acquired, and the experiences generated from their acquisition. The life of a looter breaking into a home to steal the many hours of work and love a property owner put into the property cannot be replaced by insurance, or even a direct replacement. It is the experience of acquiring the property that matters in the measure of life and that is what is robbed when a crime happens.

Economic activity rather is a spiritual experience that our previous religions and cultures from the other side of the world have not caught up to. America is a modern idea and the protestors who seek to destroy property are fighting that updated concept for chains of thought rooted in the past. And the American idea of law and order, the kind of law and order President Trump declared himself to protect is about protecting that concept. Thus, the police and military better get on board with that sentiment, otherwise they are working against American ideas. It is not for the police to kneel to protestors and anarchists, and it is not for anybody to pay reparations for sins of the past. And to appease those who don’t accept American ideas about the value of private property and barge into people’s castle to raid them unaware, or even aware, police do not have such a right and a fight is mandated. In those cases, the police and our courts are wrong, and their interpretation of law is as well. These are the differences between right and wrong and law and order. And for our modern experience, it is good to see that we at least have a president who gets it. There is a long way to go to fighting off the instigators, but at least we are exploring the definitions that have been screwed up for well over a century now. And perhaps we can finally rectify it once and for all.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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