Covid Part II: The raging fires of protest fanned by enemies of America

After the first day of the riots, I thought maybe they were a reaction to the police murder in Minneapolis. But after a few days of it and the wall to wall coverage 24 hours per day by the media, it was clear that this was all just Covid part II. The rioting all over the nation was just a media show meant to achieve political results, again in a presidential election year and the perpetrators are a small minority of corporate political types, the same group behind blowing Covid-19 out of proportion. It wasn’t about race relations; it was just another feeble attempt to bring the black population back into the Democrat Party after Joe Biden stepped in it a week or so prior. Organizers of these protests know that there is similar violence that happens every day in America but this one they made sure got the news coverage as they fanned the flames diligently to inspire the raging fire we see today.

I was out at a campsite recently and I watched a guy trying to start a fire with a lawn blower, which was very effective. Usually when I start a fire and its small and barely smoking I’ll get down close and blow on it, or I’ll fan it with my hat to spread the heat until the fire takes off on its own. Soon you can have a raging fire if you feed the flames. But this guy with the lawn blower had a good idea. He started with a lot of wood that was pretty wet. He started the fire with some garbage then used the blower to really spread the heat and within about three minutes, he had a raging bonfire that was so hot, we had to move back all the chairs. That is what happened with the George Floyd situation, it was a small fire of evil that murdered the guy in police custody which deserves punishment. But along came the media with their lawn blower and broadcast it to every corner of the world with great emphasis to start a race war, so to take away any positive that President Trump has done, to hopefully erase what a buffoon Joe Biden is, and to cover up the role the FBI had in setting up General Flynn and Roger Stone in attempting to undermine an American election.

Oh, its no conspiracy theory dear reader, the CIA deliberately destabilizes regions around the world for the exact same reasons, anybody who thinks the same games aren’t at play here is just being naive, and stupid by choice. The American intelligence agencies have been caught, so of course their going to try to defend themselves with any distraction they can get. Now that Covid-19 has worn thin they need another crisis, and this attempt at a race war is it. Isn’t it just a little strange that the entire nation was pent up on lockdowns for months and are now released at this exact moment, and suddenly nobody cares about social distancing. And the mandate to wear masks is keeping a lot of these criminals from being identified, not that anybody is worried about going to jail—unless you are one of the good guys. The question most people have about a topic like this is how a sort of master plan could be implemented, after all, no one person could be that smart and conniving. Well, that’s the thing, the crimes are not done by individuals, but by collective input through a system of thought. The planners of the Covid “plandemic” and of these race riots know the nature of people just as a cowboy knows the manner of cattle or sheep. If they crack a whip and make a loud noise the sheep run in the direction the cowboys herd them. And that is how large groups of people are controlled by a minority of planners even to this very day.

I’ve been all over this country and have traveled all over the world several times, the world they show on television with these race riots are very small parts of America. People don’t act like that outside of the cities, and if thugs like the organized protestors did, they wouldn’t make it too far, because people wouldn’t put up with it. Most of America isn’t like what you see on TV, and that is where the real terror is for the political left. The media makes it look worse by putting the camera up close to the action in an inner-city protest, but most of the rest of the world is untouched by the effects. And that is the big secret they are trying to contain. There is safety in the herd and the herds stick close to liberal mayors and governors because that’s who feeds them their grain and water. But the herd won’t drift too far away from those cities because its very unsafe for them out there. And that is where the Trump voters are, in those large lands between the cities who don’t pick up their phone for polling surveys, and they don’t wear masks for coronavirus because they’re not stupid. They think independently and aren’t easily herded around. For the corrupt American intelligence operatives who don’t want President Trump to be re-elected, they have no problem throwing local law enforcement under the bus to save their own skins. They’ll do anything to survive, even in starting a race war with the media’s cooperation to spread the flames of discontent.

But I see it as just another hoax, and I can say that because I spend most of my time away from the cities, and I know the people well who live between them. They aren’t buying into this garbage, neither the Covid crap or the race wars. And there are a lot more of them than there are of the radical extremists who are starting all these fires all over the country. The only weapon the opposition has is fear, and if people aren’t afraid, then the aggressors have nothing to work with, and they know it. That’s why they are pressing so hard at this point in the election, they are looking for something, anything that might work to stop voters from picking Trump again. And Trump gets it, that’s why he is reminding everyone of the election, because the nation isn’t on fire due to natural circumstances. It is because the left is losing their position, that is why there was a Covid-19 lockdown, and that is what is behind these riots. In many ways, the riots are the best thing that could have happened, because they prove that the social distancing was a complete hoax all along. The moment the riots occurred, the social distancing crap went right out the window. Nobody cared, and guess what, Covid cases will not increase proportionally. Nobody extra will get sick. All this social distancing that has been enacted will be for nothing costing many businesses a lot more money than the looting rioters have cost. And the panic presently isn’t among most Americans, its in the media culture, the anti-Trumpers, and the schemers of the Deep State—they are losing their grip on the minds of mankind and they don’t know what to do about it. They have thrown everything at us that they can, yet people really don’t care.

Its not about race, there are lots of people of color who live between those cities and nobody bothers each other. It’s a city problem among people who have been attached to victimization by Democrats who have all the trouble. And in Chicago think of how many black kids were killed recently. People see the scam and it no longer works. People are turning off the news and watching Netflix or playing PlayStation. They are not easily herded around anymore because they do have options. And when given a choice, they’ll vote for Donald Trump once again.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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