You Have Been Suckered Again America: This time by the media driven riots for all the same reasons

I hate to be the one to tell you this dear reader, but you’ve been suckered again. These riots, they are manufactured just like the Covid-19 “plandemic” was. Sure, like the virus, something bad happened. George Floyd was killed by an overly aggressive police officer during an arrest, and he deserves punishment, the police officer. And as in Covid-19, there was a virus, it was dangerous to .002% of the population, mostly those in nursing homes. But the public reaction was stoked by the news outlets functioning under corporate socialism for reasons of ratings necessity rather than actually reporting the news. Additionally, and this is the case more and more this year with Fox News, they are looking for ways to bump Trump from the White House and in the fall, these optics will be in campaign ads to show Trump’s America. Even though all these riots are in states and cities controlled by Democrats largely. And for those Democrat mayors coming off the debts they racked up during the coronavirus lockdowns, these riots are a welcomed distraction. Who could argue more money from the feds if it was being applied to race relations? Yeah, these riots started off as one thing, but they are now all about activism and distractions.

I don’t talk much about corporate socialism much because I like corporations in general. But they have emerged under the ideas of socialism because the big ones have to cozy up to governments to survive all the massive regulations that are imposed on them, and most governments lean toward socialism anyway. So through their relationships with government, they become more socialist than free enterprise. This topic has been on my mind a lot over the last 15 years and is coming together in a new book I’ve been working on which I’m editing now.

Not to toot my own horn, but if I’m being honest, which I always am, its pretty brilliant stuff. About a year back when I was talking to a typical corporate socialist about the book and its title, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, they were quite surprised and wondered what I could be working on that hasn’t already been done. I told them, “it’s America’s Art of War, and its about time we have something like that for western culture instead of looking toward the Asians for spiritual guidance in the ways of war and business.” They sort of looked at me suspiciously and shrugged it off. The core issue of these messes we are seeing are the corporate desires to improve quarter to quarter in the news business and lets face it, with people locked in their homes for three months terrified over the media driven plandimic that was Covid-19, its hard to have a next quarter of ratings that the pin head bureaucrats in government and at the top of these corporations running news can deal with.

It’s the same game with school levies, which is how this site started. We are supposed to surrender property taxes over to the local schools to pay for the future of our children, when in reality its really about school board members who don’t manage their budgets who give away money to radicalized leftist teachers to brain wash our next generation while the lazy parents pawn their kids off for the free babysitting that government schools offer in exchange. Covid-19 was about preparing the world for socialism as was the World Health Organization’s intention in conjunction with China, and it gave a nice cover story for many doctors in the medical community who are facing serious legal scrutiny with the way vaccines have been manufactured and are creating retroviruses in unsuspecting recipients, as Dr. Judy Mikovits has told a very compelling story in her best selling books on the subject, especially her book ‘Plague.’

And of course the race riots are meant to run a cover story for all the Democrats and some Republicans who screwed up their budgets during the Covid lockdowns, and it helps the news media like Fox maintain those great ratings they had during the plandemic. I say “plandemic” rather than “pandemic” because I don’t believe the Covid-19 virus was a pandemic. It was planned and distributed for political reasons, purely. And in an election year with the people of Minneapolis already upset about the unjustified killing of George Floyd, it only took some George Soros fan blowing and some Fox News instigation to make heroes out of the protestors who wanted to get on TV doing something besides sitting around in their homes for the last three months, so the riots weren’t hard to start and for the reasons I said. Soros and his friends get political footage to help fight Trump this fall, and the news feeds get a ratings bump that they were desperate for in the wake of Covid-19 which people are no longer afraid of as they had been, now that the facts are much clearer.

The real villain in all this is corporate socialism, because like all socialist societies, they are not creative and functioning from a flow of intellect but are rather slow and cumbersome. Their need for ratings without producing original content is their driving force and the corrosive effects can be found in almost all large corporations, except for perhaps Chick-fil-A which governments should study to become better themselves. Everyone else fails miserably, then wonders with bewilderment why these riots started all over the country simultaneously. That is always the story with socialists and in this case both government and the media culture went all in on Covid-19 only to find out it wasn’t that deadly. So people are mad and ready to take action. The real impact of the budget crises hasn’t even come close to being realized. In Ohio, Governor DeWine is looking at around $5 billion in a deficit, but because he played like a nice Boy Scout to what he thinks the White House wanted him to do, and because Trump needs to win Ohio for the next run for President, the governor is counting on a federal bailout. But so is every other state, and to secure it, they needed something to change the narrative to something more favorable to them. Nothing like a good riot to burn down their cities and secure more federal funding without their bad judgment over Covid being talked about.

But don’t think for one second dear reader that the world is just falling apart on its own. No, rather it is being destroyed on purpose by the needs of corporate, and governmental socialism to cover their bad behavior and hope that the light comes off them long enough to survive. All this isn’t just happening, it’s a managed crisis, or rather a planned reaction to a tragedy that has been overblown on purpose, for the needs of everyone except those doing the protesting. They are the useful idiots, just as during school levy attempts there are angry moms who have asses that take up way too much real-estate lobbying for money for their kids, while the real issues are never even talked about. Anywhere that socialism lives, whether its in corporations, or in governments, we see these kinds of crises brewing and we will never have a civil society until socialism isn’t part of the discussion. Until then, there will be more problems and the news will report it like this is the last day on earth. Not because it is, but because they need to get to that next ratings meeting with some results, and their bosses won’t remember that there was a pandemic, or a nationally televised murder. They just want numbers and they want them now.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “You Have Been Suckered Again America: This time by the media driven riots for all the same reasons

  1. I cannot wait until your new book. I was honored to have a rough draft of your last excellent book. Love the title . And your post is excellent !!


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