Thank You, Elon Musk: America is back in space in spite of the challenges

I would like to thank Elon Musk and the very fine people from Space X and NASA for one of the best days I can remember in a long time. For a lot of people they watched the launch of the Crew Dragon off of Cape Canaveral with awe and some claps of appreciation as America returned to launching people into space once again, but my level of appreciation is in understanding the sheer magnitude of the mountains in aerospace that had to be moved to make such a thing even remotely possible. It was a massive step for American culture to do which was much harder than anybody I think truly realizes. The tenacity of the Space X team to get to that point is much more impressive than the technical perils that were faced to make sure that launch occurred safely on a Saturday afternoon at the end of May 2020. It was amazing to watch, especially to see as the astronauts traveling out into space toward the International Space Station as the Falcon rocket that ferried them into space re-landed on a pad in the ocean ready to use again. It was a bold endeavor and is an appropriate answer to many of the challenges we have been witnessing lately which require a bit of discussion.

When the now disgraced Dr. Fauci from the Covid-19 ordeal professed early during the nationwide lockdowns that we were all victims to the desires of the virus he was expressing the sentiments of many people in the world who insinuate that mankind is destined to crawl back into the caves of our origin and to surrender our fate to nature. Rather, people like Musk and many of the best innovators that the world has ever seen make other decisions that are not rooted in below the line approaches to life’s problems. To date, I think Ayn Rand has best described the situation in her great American novels on the subject and in one particular opinion book of her’s ‘Return of the Primitive.’ I couldn’t help but think of that book as I watched news coverage of the riots all day breaking out all over the nation—or should I say provoked. It showed much how little we have advanced as a culture since the days of the moon landing where a great technical feat had been accomplished but a month later the Woodstock musical festival showed the future that our political class really wanted, mankind behaving like animals cleaving at the mud like a bunch of losers to remain in perpetual victimhood. Ayn Rand understood the problem America was facing and that is why Walt Disney liked her so much, that is also why there is a very nice monument dedicated to her on display at The American Adventure exhibit at Epcot Center in Disney World. When you come in the main doors to the building it is straight across the foyer on the opposite wall. There are other testaments to other great American personalities, but that one is the first that you see, and its there for a reason.

Specifically the Ayn Rand novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is all about the problem in America with those who want to create and be free to discover new innovations and the class of people who struggle to maintain control over fate as they always have which want to cleave to the primitive desires of our long history back to the caves of origin. Her other great book, ‘The Fountainhead’ more specifically gets into the nature of who makes what happen in the world and she was absolutely correct. We do not come to things in the world through collective salvation. There would be no Space X if not for Elon Musk’s 20-year commitment to the cause. As President Trump said, Musk could have taken his billions of dollars and lived the life of a playboy having fun with it, but instead he has taken it and put it to good use to make something out of nothing. It’s the kind of story we’d find in Atlas Shrugged instead of The Canterbury Tales. We’ve come a long way in human thinking, from one to the other and without question, people get it at some primal level. But the protests now are the same protests as then, there is a political class that goes back to the aristocracy of the past who want to be kings and queens, and if not in those top jobs, to be in the court. They want that structure for the human race because they understand it. There is risk in the future, in traveling to space and moving beyond the herd of civilization and they don’t want to lose that power over average ordinary people. So they fan the flames of the race tensions into riotous conditions and they vote to create all the laws possible to lay in front of people like Elon Musk to keep them earth bound and under their control until the earth eventually dies with everyone on it.

Yet to see that beautiful capsule of Space X all in white with great technology on board and the astronauts living in it relatively comfortably for the long voyage to the space station we can see progress, where we couldn’t see it on earth. In the city streets of Democrat controlled regions the race riots were just as bad as they were in the 60s, and the same cumbersome minds were in charge of the political order. But because of Space X, there was a chance to move on to new opportunities in space that weren’t there before. In spite of the jealous past, space travel was happening and in style. Mankind had answered the questions of challenge with bold checkmarks to overcome whatever opposition was presented, and it was done in style. Nothing against NASA, but government can’t do it on its own, space needs to be privatized and imaginative. And flights like what Space X did with this first manned flight need to happen several times a week, not once every few months. Eventually, we need to answer the questions of weather and build the ability within ourselves to control it, to dominate nature to our will, and to overcome its jealous tentacles. We were never meant to be victims to its wrath, but its masters. We should appreciate nature, but also do what is in human nature to do, ask questions about our existence and to answer them with adventure. In this case, space is a bold frontier and its time that we get there, and live there, and work there. But first, we have to step beyond the static structures of the past that have held us down and have recently threatened to take over once again where we are victimized by viruses, race relations, politics, economic limits, and slow minded people too timid to solve anything difficult because its just not in their nature. The people who have hated Ayn Rand are those who want to stay in a primitive state for the perpetual future, but Disney understood. And so does Elon Musk, which is something we should all be grateful that he pushed on and did what nobody else would, and broke our self-imposed spell for a future that looks suddenly much more prosperous.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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