You Have to Stand for Something: Going along to get along result in riots and failures of social value

So, there is a reason I refer back to that event in 2012 where I was on the air at WLW talking to Scott Sloan about the Latte Sipping Prostitutes as a bench water mark. It wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened in my life, but it was one of those times where many people around me were falling apart over pressure and I was being treated harshly. Lots of very bad people were literally going in for the kill against me and there was this ridiculous assumption that I was supposed to stand there and just take it. That of course is never how I have lived and never will, so on that day it was a decision gate for me and I had to pick. At that time I had a lot to lose, I was publishing a book, I had lots of professional contacts to manage elsewhere, lots of family that count on me to get up every day and hold it together. Yet I put my name next to some very controversial issues to help them along and when there was opposition to those issues and me specifically, I knew there would be a fight and I certainly wasn’t going to back down. At that time I had to make a hard decision, play it safe or go all in, which of course I didn’t play it safe, which “they” always expect you to. I think playing it safe is dishonest, especially when things start getting heated up. When Sloan mentioned to me on the air, I shouldn’t have made such harsh comments about my political opposition because it weakened my argument I of course disagreed. Actually, the opposite is true. You must be willing to stand for something in your life, at the very least, your core values. Yet we are told this is bad and that we are supposed to be inclusive of other people’s feelings, and to suppress our own sentiments—to not judge. There is a big difference between civility and just surrendering thought to attackers who truly want to rule over all our minds with mushy complacency.

This is of course related to what we have seen involving these riots all over the country where many decades of a liberal approach to society has created a kind of monster that has eaten the minds of so many people. The political decision to stop the world in fear of a virus that involves all kinds of malicious government intentions with lockdowns keeping people in their homes scared of an unseen enemy. I would argue that the enemy was never a virus but the unseen intentions of so many in the medical community and within socialist governments that count on us to be quiet and to let them do their malice. It starts with them who are always pushing this civility issue, where they do things and start things that erode away at our life, and that they expect us to take it quietly and not to resist. We are supposed to be OK with transvestites moving into government positions without judgment. Its OK if they call us names like racists, or bigots, but that we should never stoop so low to do the same, and the results have been a slow erosion of values, especially in America that have culminated in people poised to go bat shit crazy with frustration. Then with all that name calling to essentially corral people into their demographic groups so a political class can steer them where they think they can get votes out of them, when they make mistakes in their assessments and it all falls apart over an obvious case of police brutality, then all those pent up feelings have to go somewhere and the total blame deserves to be placed where it belongs.

The essence of the riots, the controversies of conspiracy surrounding Covid-19, the wearing of the stupid masks, the destruction of our economy—most everything in our life that is miserable is that government as a collective body is ridiculously stupid—yet they have asserted themselves as the most important thing ever created. And the panic from them to remain in control as people voted for President Trump to turn over that power to individual people has forced government to overplay their hand and all the controls that were put in place to protect that system from this kind of aggression has fallen apart, completely. And it all could have been alleviated if only people had been more honest with one another from the beginning and one side, “Democrats” did not attempt to rule the world with name calling and victimhood while the other, “Republicans” just stood by and took it as their socialist leaning religions told them to do like Jesus and just turn the other cheek.

I think we have a right and obligation to use free speech to let the pressure off instead of it building destructively over a long period of time. And I thought it was better to let people know what I thought of them during that controversial issue I mentioned while on the air at WLW. The risk to me was that once you get labeled a radical its much more difficult to be a spokesman where you can help with issues, like in my case, the work with No Lakota Levy, or publish books with New York publishers who want controversy in your work, but not in the person they are touting to the media. Ultimately, “they” which is a kind of collective blob that determines our social values want people in their ranks, on their news shows, in their political theater, that they control and I’m never going to give anybody that over my life or the people I care about. Its just never going to happen. So to answer that age old question which I have before, but its even more valuable now, isn’t it better to just get along than to get embroiled in a fight, that if they hit you, you have an obligation to just take it and be the “bigger man, or woman” and stop the conflict right there.

That is precisely how Republicans have found themselves pushed around on every issue just about since the Civil War. That’s also why Donald Trump was elected and the established norms were turned on their head. It certainly didn’t help that the system as we knew it tried to manipulate the election behind our backs showing that we certainly can’t trust the FBI. As we watch these riots, what are people supposed to think? What are they supposed to trust if they can’t trust law enforcement? If they can’t trust government? What are they supposed to do when they can’t trust their local elected officials who can’t even run a school board—and when you question them or stand up to keep them from stealing money from property owners just to give it to a liberal labor union, they try to destroy your life then don’t expect you to fight back—and when you do they are aghast. People have been lied to, they have taken it, and they know better. They may not understand the details of how they arrived at such a place, but they can see that nobody trusts those on the other side, and that could have been alleviated very early in the process by just being honest. You don’t have to shove it down their faces, but you should always stand for what you believe, even if its not fashionable at the time. Being honest about the freak dressed like a woman who is the Health Director of Pennsylvania for instance is a fine example. Or having opinions about abortion, gun rights or even youthful disobedience should be communicated. Its nice if it can be a civil discourse, but its better to have the small little fights along the way than these massive social destroying breakdowns. Because either way, the breakdowns will happen. By pretending that civility has more value than expression, then we are creating that monster moment by moment, and we shouldn’t be surprised when things become so destructive.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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