George Floyd’s Murder by Police: The failures of liberalism at every level are to blame

What we are seeing in regard to the police abuse in Minneapolis is the net result of liberalism and its lack of understanding of the nature of a civil society. Nobody will question that police abused George Floyd while arresting him over a minor charge, choking him with a knee to the neck until he died. But the public reaction to it was just an excuse to be bad, to go onto a rampage and throw away the rule of law recklessly, and angerly to claw their way quickly back to the role of the primitive. The death sad as it was only gave those looking for an excuse a way to show their lack of respect for the world around them or the progress of human kind. It is for reasons like this case, that guns are necessary to maintain peace, and respect in every direction, and a society that does not have guns, or a respect for their use quickly falls apart into chaos and anarchy. Without a means to protect progress from the tide of primal desire to crawl back into the cave violence like we have been witnessing in Minneapolis, Minnesota will always occur, because it is the natural state of an animal.

Much like the Covid-19 overreaction to a simple virus people in general are unsettled that their plans did not work. The police failed them as they usually do following a thin blue line between righteousness and chaos. Rules are made by politicians into law, the police enforce them, but the problems with power and corruption are always factors. Anybody who gains power over another whether it’s a governor of a state forcing people to wear masks just to work, or it’s a line leader at McDonald’s, the abuse of power is quick to show itself over other people. For lots of psychological reasons, the thrill of controlling other people with manipulation is hard to manage for most, and abuses come fast and furious. It could be as simple as denying a worker that desired day off on a Saturday when McDonald’s needs a full staff for a busy morning and the manager finds the worker a threat to their power, so the denial is pushed for all the wrong reasons. Or a governor like Mike DeWine who has been a law and order person all his life is suddenly in charge of everything and he likes the power and begins to abuse it everywhere he can to satisfy years of suppressing the secret resentment he has had of being controlled by others, abuse of power is common in every field of endeavor and is the fundamental reason that liberalism never has worked and never will.

It is too much to ask police to manage that power. Most people who have the tendency to be police officers cannot maintain the balance between respecting other people’s rights and having the power to impose rules—even if those rules are not well thought out—onto society not so equipped with intelligence, culture, or other means of arming themselves individually. Liberalism has created by the very nature of it’s philosophy pockets of victimhood so in such a state solutions are not advanced, rather exploitation of the circumstances are. In the case of George Floyd, the black community has been screaming about the abuses of the police for a long time. Without question the officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck was abusing his authority and he should have had his ass kicked not just by Floyd, but the bystanders as well who where there witnessing the murder. The dirty cop, just as we have seen at the top of the FBI with James Comey had his own issues obviously and will likely testify that he feared Floyd was an unusually high threat to his ability to control the situation during the arrest because of the community circumstances, where people find themselves in all kinds of illicit action from drug abuse, domestic abuse, theft, gang involvement, all the types of things that police know are going on but there is a lack of political will to correct it, so they enter arrests like this overly charged for compliance—which then gets them into trouble.

Dirty cops, as mentioned in the FBI are common all the way from top to bottom. Without a basic code of contact that respects individual rights of the people they are dealing with; abuse of power happens quickly. What made James Comey a dirty cop was that he was willing to manipulate the law to overturn an election by individuals who picked a president his wife didn’t like. So he acted in his position to undo individual decisions. The cop in the case of killing George Floyd was making an example during the arrest to show he had power over the big man embarrassing him in the street in front of his peers. It’s no different than the FBI raid of Roger Stone in the early morning to shatter his image in front of his neighbors and to make a big deal of the power of the authorities to ruin individual lives over political reasons. Liberalism fails because it wants to believe that institutions can control mass population, but in essence they want to control the institutions so that the institutions can control people, they don’t want individual will to make decisions for themselves. So when pressed, a group of people such as those in Minneapolis will resort to the safety of group mentality instead of individual responsibility since institutional corruption is their greatest fear and short of taking up arms to fight back that corruption, will instead yield to mass effect to fight back at a system they deem beyond hope of coming to terms with.

We’ve seen during the Covid-19 shutdowns that we will never have a society that can just hire police and turn them loose on the streets to enforce the law. Abuse of the law goes all the way up to the governors, and presidents we elect. When people are involved, especially when they are given control over others, there will always be corruption. That is why a means must be provided by the public to fight back at that corruption, which is why we have a Bill of Rights in America, which other countries do not have. Yet, for the Bill of Rights to work, we must have a society of responsible individuals who can handle such a responsibility, which is why we wanted to have free public education, and why guns were always a part of family heritage, to teach individuals how to manage power and to respect it. When liberalism has taken away the guns, taken over the teaching of government schools, and sought to make victims out of entire classes of people to exploit them for purposes of an election, then who could be surprised when it all goes wrong. The police are looking for people who respect the law as they do and when they see people flaunting the basic concept of law and order, they think it gives them an excuse to be abusive. But deep inside there are other problems that all people with power over others goes through and they’ll find every excuse to abuse that relationship. Whether it’s a virus outbreak from China or the potential for drug deals in an inner city neighborhood, if there is a window of potential abuse to exploit, they will every time and that will never change in human beings thus incumbered.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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