The Idiot Amy Acton of Ohio: When a lunatic finds themselves in charge

When mainstreamers like Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW start to “get it,” that’s when you know a tide has turned. Maybe for Cunningham it has been the Covid-19 court case in Lake County that brought him to the light, or perhaps it was the graduation cancelations. For him, and people in his age group, graduating from high school and college is a big moment, an initiation into adulthood type of ritual. Whatever it has been, Cunningham has lately been doing some good work on the coronavirus shutdowns and exploring just how stupid they were. An example of one of his most recent broadcasts on the subject can be found below on a podcast after the interview with Marty Brennaman as they discuss whether or not there will be any Reds baseball this year. Think about that, we are almost in the month of June as of this writing and nobody knows whether or not there will be baseball this year. How stupid is that? Anyway, as I have been saying for months now, I recognized in Amy Acton a screwed-up person who was put in charge of Ohio’s economy for lots of mysterious reasons. For instance, what is a holdover Obama activist and abortion cultist doing in a supposedly Republican anti-abortion administration? It makes no sense why Governor DeWine picked Amy Acton for the job of Ohio’s Health Director, and its an even bigger mystery why he asked for dictatorial powers from congress in March of 2019, one year from when he would need it for Covid-19 shutdowns. But what we do know is that Amy Acton is an idiot, possibly a complete retard—screw the political correctness. We know it because of videos like the one that follows where she is speaking to a group of latte sipping Cleveland Plains Dealer reporters. Listen up:

I could tell by her body language that Amy Acton was a screwed up person, I knew it the first time I saw her, and for those who were upset that protestors showed up at her house with guns—anger knows no discrimination. It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman, and she certainly doesn’t get a free pass because she is one. She doesn’t get to cause grief and misery to millions of Ohioans and destroy our economy without feeling the heat. DeWine has tried to shield her almost like a father protecting a daughter, or even worse, an adulteress protecting a mistress. I have my doubts that Mike DeWine is sticking anything into anybody these days, but that doesn’t mean his heart is not set on Amy Acton in some truly dysfunctional way that usually influences the way men treat women of their desires. What does matter is the content of Amy Acton’s character and the way she has been propped up by the media, the same kind of losers sitting there in that office watching the Ohio Health Director act like a buffoon of hippie nonsense, and cheering her on.

But it doesn’t stop at Amy Acton, you can find people just like her at almost every level of government. I would contend that Lois Lerner would have been just as crazy if caught at a wine tasting party in the backyards of Georgetown. Or any of the Obama era radicals plotting against Trump. Stupidity is equally applied to men and women; it does not discriminate. Yet our mainstream culture has empowered people like Amy Acton to behave as recklessly as they might fantasize about, because their womanhood is a mask meant to shield them from judgment, due to the values of progressive society, where actions are not measured, but skin color and sex is. That behavior alone has allowed for many Amy Actons to be promoted into important jobs which has thus, started to wreck our society from the top down. Anybody with a mind can look at that clip of Amy Acton and see that there are major problems with her. Yet DeWine hired her because he thought she was the best for the job? There wasn’t anybody better to pick from? I could see it in her from the first time I heard her talk. Why couldn’t DeWine use better judgement?

When I refer to “latte sippers” as I have during school levies where the mad moms are put on stage to advocate for all the things kids need and use that emotion to pass tax increases, the same strategy was applied to the Covid-19 shutdowns. These are types of idiots who came up with the stupid 6’ social distancing nonsense. And the wearing of masks to protect others from you. What it comes down to with these people is that they are emotional disasters and they look for social causes to fill their empty lives with meaning, which they steal often from free people just trying to live their lives. It happens in every school levy campaign. In every push to erode away the Second Amendment. And it was present here with this vaccine push to shut down the economy until a cure for Covid-19 was discovered. In previous times in the past it was the Brown Shirts—the Hitler Youth who tried to harass change in their cultures to a more socialist state where big daddy government could put its big hands around the world and save everyone from everything. You can hear the same kind of crap out of Amy Acton who thinks of herself as saving all Ohioans from this deadly virus, which if she was really a good doctor, would have known that Covid-19 wasn’t so deadly. I was one of the first in the country to say so, and I put it down in explicit writing. If she was so smart, she would have known too. But worse than that, maybe she did know, but was so power hungry that she used it, and the goo goo eyes of Mike DeWine to advance her progressive agenda for higher office anyway.

We have allowed people like Amy Acton to gain a great deal of power because we got caught feeling guilty about the accusations of the past, such as limiting women’s rights, so we gave them a seat at the table of power out of guilt. Bill Cunningham is certainly one of those people. On most issues, he and I don’t agree about much. He is far to the left politically as opposed to a person like me. Yet I wouldn’t call myself a radical right-winged extremist. Just a traditional American that enjoys the values of westerns as opposed to television shows like Seinfeld or Friends. But you must have value judgements to see the scandalous and Amy Acton was oozing it before she ever took office. And anybody with a brain would have been alarmed by her behavior if they felt allowed to have such opinions. But even people like Cunningham have their breaking point and its good to see he has hit it. Like I said, when mainstreamers start admitting to themselves that the system has failed, we are in our first steps of solving the problem. We can’t just give dangerous people like Amy Acton a free pass because she is a woman who has been educated. Based on her behavior, we should question the value of her education, because she obviously isn’t very smart. Its hard to believe someone like that even made it through any reputable education system, and because she did, we should question everything about the system that produces people like her. Which stands additionally for every person in every position that shares views such as hers. We can’t ignore them because its politically incorrect to pass judgment. Rather, we should pay more attention to them than ever before and let them feel the real pressure of performance when they have important jobs that could destroy everyone’s lives if they screw up. Which in Amy Acton’s case, she did, and we are all paying for it gravely.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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