Lakota Schools is Going for a Tax Increase in the Fall of 2020: Government schools lose their leverage of busy parents

Before there was any concerns of a coronavirus Lakota schools in Southern Ohio were planning to put a tax increase on the fall ballot of 2020. They had for a while great cash reserves, but who wouldn’t in a rich district like Lakota where the enrollment has been going down year by year. However, their concern was coming from the notion that charter schools were going to swipe away tax money from the children leaving, causing them budget problems since there was a real threat of state money following kids to other competing schools. The management of Lakota, which is a bunch of buffoons to say it nicely had given away too much of their budget to the teacher’s union since they had a surplus, just as I always said they would putting them on a path to need a tax increase soon due to their gross mismanagement. So I knew that we would have a fall of 2020 tax increase attempt where we had to have the old fight again and tell the stories of why the management of our tax payer dollars was being squandered by truly incompetent people. As I told some of them recently, I don’t care what Lakota does until they start looking to take money away from the community, and since that is their plans, well, they’ll get what they deserve. They asked for it.

Yet this time, its different. There were a lot of bad things that came about through the ridiculous Covid-19 shutdowns but some of the good ones was that the schools were closed. It reminds me more of when Lakota schools took away busing way back in the early part of the last decade and busing never recovered to what it had once been to people. So too will be the situation with government schools, especially those like Lakota. If they were showing before Covid that they were a dying means of educating children, then in the post-world, that would be an understatement. I’ve always said that government schools were not about educating for busy young parents, they are all about baby sitting while those same people go out an conquer the world with their own little careers leaving their kids to the state to raise. Well, confidence in the state has been greatly diminished for one, but additionally, now that the government schools have been taken away for a sustained period of time the schools and their teacher’s unions have lost their emotional leverage when it comes to these school levy fights. The report is that now that they’ve had to do it, 40% of parents everywhere are thinking about continuing to homeschool their children rather than sending them back to those horrid places. For a government school like Lakota that’s bad news because they already have an aging population that is getting older faster than they are filling up kindergarten classes. So why would those people vote themselves higher taxes on a service they aren’t planning to use for the free babysitting service that schools provide?

I always say that the school boards are bad management because the kind of people who tend to get voted in are union stooges who are easy to beat in collective bargaining negotiations. Lakota has taken steps to improve that situation, we have been looking for a third vote for a long time to stop some of this madness. Currently there are two decent school board members at Lakota but there are still three who are grotesquely liberal and have led to the spending problems experienced there over their union contracts. However in the past, there was always that fear that the LEA union would go to the extreme of striking to get their tax increases and the school board along with panicky parents would be quick to cave on the issue in fear of it. But by the time there will be a vote in November on Lakota schools demands for ever more money the teachers themselves, who make up most of the budget had been out of work for most of the year, from March of 2020 to August of that year due to the Covid-19 overreaction by our state government. But they didn’t go without a paycheck, and they weren’t working, but they surely showed that they were “non-essential” employees. Nobody missed them for a sustained period of time.

Usually when teachers go on strike, the media helps them by putting forth constant reports day by day however long the strike goes on. Usually a two or three week strike brings forth lots of devastating news and the school boards give in because they just don’t have the stomach for the constant peer pressure that comes from the news coverage. Well, Covid-19 showed the world that teachers really weren’t needed and that kids would be just fine if they went on without the influence of government schools for months and months, and in this case, a half a year. The teachers were getting paid for doing nothing, the children had rediscovered their parents, and the world did not fall off the edge of the earth. The market value for a teacher had greatly diminished and in the middle of this new reality, Lakota schools is wanting to convince people to pay more taxes after many of the voters had lost their jobs due to government stupidity and had learned to live without the Lakota teachers and their free babysitting. Many people had learned to work from home and may never need to go back to the office, meaning they can stay home and raise their own children and work too. We are talking about a whole new way of looking at the world.

Sure, there will always be the latte sippers that I talk about often who vote tax increases as if it were some patriotic act instead of the result of a bunch of dumb people managing millions of dollars who roll over and play dead for a radicalized liberal organization in the teacher’s union. But what isn’t known now is how effective they will be now that Covid-19 has forced people to consider alternatives. For Lakota’s part, until there is a third conservative vote on the school board, there will always be requests for tax increases because there is no management of the money that goes on. They give it away like candy and when they run out, they just demand more so they can spend more. The report card for Lakota is not the best, even though they are saying they want to pay the best teachers at the top salary to keep them, but with the kind of results that Lakota has produced, I would think a used tire for $5 would be just as fine. But the school board has always known that what parents want is a place to dump their kids for the day that is cheaper than day care. And their fear has always been that if they don’t appease the teacher’s union with ever increasing wages, instead of cutting back like they should have been doing all along, that they might go on strike. Yet now that we’ve seen a world where the teachers aren’t working for months, and the kids turned out just fine, if not better than when they were going to school, then why should anybody vote for a tax increase? The answer is, they likely won’t.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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7 thoughts on “Lakota Schools is Going for a Tax Increase in the Fall of 2020: Government schools lose their leverage of busy parents

  1. Ahh Rich, the latte sippers. Did you ever use that Starbucks card I gave you ? I will never forget the ridiculous pressure to vote for a tax increase and how quickly the teachers and administrators got raises. What a joke ! Keep fighting the good fight !!


      1. I only got it for you because i was hoping to sip a latte with you – haven’t been there in years 🙂


  2. They likely wont??
    C’mon TKR. You know better than that. Never underestimate the desperation of the sheep.
    We passed a levy DURING the pandemic!!!!
    Two things come to mind right out of the gate. They will either be sooo stressed out from having to do the job of teaching their children that they square that giving the teachers more pay for even more part time work, is more than worth it.
    The other is that the compassion factor will play in when they cry about the funding being cut to manage the state budget. When Dewine announced that, I could hear it pulling on the heart strings of the masses all over Lebanon. If we hadn’t just passed a levy, they would have been successful in the fall. I bet they wish they would have waited for more money. They surely would have gotten it.
    The fat and happy employees of Lakota could easily get much fatter. Make sure to post the numbers and keep it simple. You likely wont have time for a records request but Buckeyes numbers are close. About 16 months in the rear. Hopefully your group there is still viable and ready for the fight.

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  3. November is a bad time to go for a levy. More people vote in November elections. They know this and that is why they usually put them on in February, March or May. Those elections have a much lower turnout and they can easily get teachers and parents to be a majority. Plus they use the schools to campaign, even though they deny this. One has to wonder if the taxpayers actually knew the real salaries and benefits that school employees receive. That info is public record as Vicious stated.


    1. This November will be busy, and it will likely fail easily. But from their way of thinking, they’ll need about three attempts so they might as well get the first one out of the way. They are such a bunch of losers, just like all the government schools. Mismanaged by people who can’t make it in the private sector. And the unions just run all over them. Did you see the story of the teachers who are threatening to strike in the fall if they don’t think things are safe enough? Who would notice? Who would care of the teachers ever came back to school, or if they all quit and saved us the money we waste on them? Kids are better off at home reading the labels of canned corn than spending one day back in class. But clearly the threat by the teachers is because they are so lazy they are using “safety” as a way to stay home longer. They don’t want to work, but they do want to steal our money from property values so they can sit around and continue bitching about bitching.


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