Tyranny of Experts: Vaccines from these people can never be trusted

I heard one time too many this past week that doctors are a special breed who should be listened to without question. It is as if we should give them a blank check of opinion to follow the “doctor’s orders” without question and if we do question them, we are asked, what are our credentials to have such an opinion? Well, this is exactly how President Trump got suckered into this whole Covid-19 mess, he finally did listen to the “experts” and there was Dr. Fauci right on queue to send him into a whirlwind of doubt overreacting to the World Health Organization pandemic designation. But I don’t see it that way, I have a very healthy distrust of institutionally trained people whom we call “experts.” And to answer that question, where is your “medical degree” to have an opinion about anything regarding medicine. It was because of these people that I wanted to start an R&D company, while I was still in my 20s, because I looked at their work and concluded that they didn’t have enough gas in the tank to do all the various jobs correctly, and I feel more strongly about it thirty years later. What I see on television from Dr. Fauci is an idiot, not a smart scientist. And those who surround him I have an even smaller opinion of. I am quite confident that I could have a conversation with the smartest institutionalists in the world and pick apart their conclusions, so I take nothing at face value, and am highly dissatisfied with what they have produced in the world so far. And I’m sure as hell not going to trust what they tell me about social distancing and the public wearing of masks, because nothing they have done has earned that trust.

Long time readers here know I have said many times, I love science and I like solutions to problems. There is nothing about the human body that I don’t think can be fixed. In the same way that an HIV virus can trick our immune systems into accepting a hostile host to corrupt it into killing itself essentially, science can coach the cells of our bodies into fixing anything that might be wrong and that the real problem with life is in living with immortality, not the controls of silly regional governments who simply want the short term gain of ruling over humanity as opposed to the long term opportunity of living an infinite number of years and taking mankind into space to settle the Milky Way galaxy. The “experts” in our world are largely unimaginative, very static people who are timid personalities who study one thing very hard, then want to see a world pay them back for their efforts with servitude and that is what the typical doctor out there thinks of themselves. While I am not anti doctor, or science, I am not impressed with such people and I certainly will never turn over the keys to my car and let them drive my life into a brick wall.

The vaccines for instance that President Trump is talking about, and that Fauci has been beating a steady drum to is something that I will never take. All the prep talk by the institutionalized losers who call themselves doctors about wearing masks for other people, and staying home to save lives and all that complete nonsense is not rational and is simply psychological gymnastics to prepare us for this mass vaccination push, which is why the short online documentary “Plandemic” is so controversial. Because Covid-19 wasn’t some spontaneous virus that escaped China. It was a “planned” attack, a planned pandemic by the so-called smart people who call themselves doctors and researchers and their only refute when questioned is to say, “Oh, where is your medical degree to have such an opinion?” It’s the same kind of thing you get from lawyers, “Oh, you want to practice your own law, do you?” Tisk, tisk. Well, in my case that’s exactly how I handle things, and I know firsthand that these experts of professionalism are not nearly as smart as they want you to think they are. Rather, they are holding our society back with their limits, and that is certainly evident with Dr. Fauci.

With science from the 20th century behind us, it looks like there is more than enough evidence to indicate that with all the good intentions of vaccinations that new ailments emerge from their application and that science so far has been paralyzed to stop that result. I am not one who thinks we shouldn’t try to solve problems and experiment with ways of defeating all viruses, but still to this day, the immune system of most people is the best defense. Manmade approaches are likely still hundreds of years away from being properly applied in a mass way, and now is not the time to allow our lives to be experiments to these very small-minded people. And with regard to Dr. Fauci, I would consider him a very small-minded person. He may be an expert in his field, but he is also the kind of guy who would get lost on his way to the grocery store. Like most things’ experts do, they are incompetent about topics outside their field of study. We could see that when early in the Covid-19 lockdowns Fauci didn’t understand why President Trump didn’t just take over the entire country with emergency declarations. Trump replied of course that federalism prevented it. That was something that Fauci and Bill Gates were mystified over. The problem with the expert class of people is that they are always missing these big picture considerations, and that is why their vaccines usually come with faults and more trouble than if we didn’t do them at all and left well enough alone.

My frustration with experts and the reason I have always wanted to start an R&D company is because of their limits. The enormous liability and cost associated with that activity is the prohibitive factor and why I haven’t done it yet. The cost comes from overcoming all the opposition that comes from the expert class, its just not worth debating them. If we lived in a society where you could just shoot them dead, it would be a lot easier and more productive. But we live in a civil society where experts are put front and center and that leaves us all prisoners to their limited modes of thinking. And that is bad enough. But when they make a push to run the world completely, like they have with Covid-19, then the results are unbearable. Welcome to what the world would always have looked if we let those experts run it unmolested. Hopefully now that people have seen it, they’ll know why they should never listen to the experts, and why doctors aren’t so smart. It might be nice to listen to what they have to say, but following doctors’ orders is equivalent to running off a sheer cliff face to your eventual death. They are not qualified to guide you in your life, that is for sure. And they sure aren’t qualified to stick stuff in you that changes your cell structure and behavior. Nobody from the expert class will ever have such a reliability factor. They may isolate a particular disease, but the peripheral problems will likely be much more magnified. For that reason, any vaccine that the government comes up with, I’m not taking it. I’ll rely on my own immune system to stay strong, because at this point in time, that is still the best science with the best opportunity for success.

Rich Hoffman

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