A Note to Progressives Around the World: I’ll be your huckleberry, and there ain’t a thing any of them can do about it

Obviously, you can hear the despair in former President Obama’s voice as he talks about the Michael Flynn case, and the Department of Justice dropping it from their consideration. It’s clear with abundant evidence that Obama’s White House through the FBI and other intelligence agencies pressured Michael Flynn into a confession to save his son from scrutiny and once authorities had that confession used it to prosecute him to the embarrassment of President Trump. I don’t think I need to say it, but I will anyway, this is not uncommon. I remember thinking of the Flynn case as I was reading Judy Mikovits book called ‘Plague’ where it chronicled her own arrest for taking home her log books from her job where she was planning to be a whistle blower for some controversial retrovirus studies that would be a precursor to Covid-19. Judy has been in the news lately naming names on the whole Covid conspiracy and it has a lot of establishment types very upset. But it doesn’t matter if we are talking about these cases, or the IRS targeting of conservative groups, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, just name it and there are some malicious characters behind outright insurrections who use the rules of establishment to hide their crimes against all of us, yet they use the rules to prosecute us who tend to be trusting, law abiding, and quite gullible most of the time. Obama’s worry indicated in that recording that is now so well known is that he feels the covers of established law being ripped away from his concealment exposing him and his type from their actions, and he’s not happy about it.

So this is as good of a time as any to point out again, this is why we have a Second Amendment and at no point in my life will I even yield to some authority of an “expert” class in ruling my life. It has never been an option, and it certainly didn’t become so when Covid-19 hit the scene. Rather, the blue state governors, and many from red states lost their minds and became predictably power hungry and there were many times where I thought for sure that the National Guard was going to come to my door to enforce some social distance police, or other lockdown procedure, and I was ready for things to get nasty. Granted, I am likely one of the last people who will ever pull a gun on someone. I think of guns as recreational elements to a society that likes to mix tradition with science. To hit a target with a gun under different conditions is challenging and fun, and that’s the way I see the use of guns. Weapons are not the same thing as sporting implements. For instance, I recently was down at the Sheriff’s office and the receptionist who was checking me in asked if I was armed. I stated that “of course I was.” She said, well, you’ll have to keep your guns in the car. I told her that I had. She said, “well, no knives either.” I repeated to her that I had no physical weapons on me at that moment. But my greatest weapon was my mind. She smiled a bit and brushed off the comment as nonsense and buzzed me in. But I wasn’t kidding. That’s how I view weapons. The guns, and knives don’t give power—they instead unleash what is already there into the physical world. I personally think the Constitution is one of the greatest weapons in history to fight tyranny. But if progressives desire to get rid of it, then another style of weapon must be used to defend it, something they understand. But yielding that power away simply isn’t on the table in any form. Being controlled by idiots is not something I’m ever going to do.

I suppose its time for that fair warning once again under these tenuous conditions. Apparently, as can be heard in Obama’s voice, there are vast plots in academia and beyond that think all human beings can be corralled up into socially controlled boxes and dominated like a bunch of scared kittens. Granted, the people they care about the most do behave as people did during the Covid-19 nonsense, afraid of their own shadows and behave like cows on their way to the slaughterhouse. That’s not me, and I know a lot of people like me who think the same way. The Obama types tend to try to ignore that we exist because they want to believe they can control the world through rules and regulations and an interpretation of the law that they can use to obtain power—such as they applied to General Flynn to ruin his life up to this point. While many in the media are outraged at what happened to Flynn and the Trump administration in general, I see it as a common, normal practice. It happens to more people than you think, they just don’t have the benefit of a high-profile case. I’ve personally seen it happen to dozens of people, and through the many books that I have read, such as ‘Plague’ about Judy Mikovits, it’s a common occurrence. I’ve even seen it happen to George Lang, which is how we became friends. What is unusual is when someone like Flynn breaks free, which is why Obama is so upset.

I’ll have a lot more to talk about regarding Judy Mikovits in articles to come. But for now know this, “they” made a move against us all. Personally, I am very angry about it, and someone must pay for it. And they are going to. I’d prefer to have a nice election in the fall and to see Trump re-elected. But if there are fantasies of getting rid of Trump, the Constitution, and subverting us all to herds of sheep ruled by a nanny state, all I have to say is, bad move. I’m in my 50s and have lived a good life. I’d like to live for another 50 or more years and have more of a good life. But I’m not going to be whisked off to jail with midnight raids or to be subjected to mandated vaccinations. In fact, I’m not going to live in a world that doesn’t have as the basis of its rule of law, the American Constitution. I will not submit to any authority but that agreed upon document. And as I say that much, I don’t plan to go down in a blaze of gunfire either. As I stated, I don’t see guns and knives as weapons, it’s what you think and know that guides those actions. So I have no plans to go quietly to the slaughter house of progressive design. And I have no plans to die in the effort.

I’d love to think about a million other things, but given the audacity of the power players revealed just this year alone, and the power against President Trump, I think we should all be thinking of what we are willing to do if truly there is no rule of law left and the courts are just overrun by progressive provocateurs guided by the spectral hands of the Obama types, the global citizens who have always sought to destroy America from within and lead us all to our ends like gullible animals being led to the processing plant, trusting and hopeful to the end. I don’t have those illusions and am indifferent to conflict. If that’s what’s needed, I’m ready. I’d love to see us talk it out under Constitutional parameters, but if not, then a fight is more than warranted. But submission is not. And that’s what I think of when I hear the Obama tape about General Flynn and what the FBI was willing to do to make it so. That could happen to any of us, and before it happens to me, I’ll give it back much worse than they apply it. That is the kind of mind it takes to defend our American Constitution. A lot of people say “give me death or give me liberty.” I wouldn’t go as far as death—you should never go into a fight thinking about losing or dying, but it is certainly on the table to give death to anybody who tries to take our liberty—especially from anti-Constitutional domestic enemies. Obama and his players crossed the line in a big way. Their actions were so evil that it defies what courts can handle. But that doesn’t mean we should take it with a shrug of indifference. We should be mad, and that anger needs to lead to a path to reform, for sure. As Doc Holliday used to say, and I’ll say it here to progressives who are attacking our Constitution. I’ll be your Huckleberry, and there isn’t a damn thing any of them can do about it.

Rich Hoffman

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