The Amateur of Butler County: Kathy Wyenandt shows why she’s a long way from ready with Amy Acton comment

I think Kathy Wyenandt is a nice person who is well intentioned, but we just can’t let it go that she attacked George Lang after he voted to support Senate Bill 1 which is meant to reign in the powers of the out-of-control liberal Amy Acton. Kathy is a Democrat after all so of course she is going to come to the defense of other liberals and attempt to make it some kind of “girl power” thing so that she can have a remote chance of beating George Lang in the upcoming fall election where they are both fighting for the 4th District Senate Seat in Ohio. After some nice discussions with her I was planning to treat the race like I did between Mark Welch and Jennifer Gross. I liked Mark, but both were good candidates so I let the thing play out without a lot of opinion from me. I don’t go out of my way to pillage people as much as that might seem to be, and I personally like Kathy. When I see her I always ask her if she’s ready to be a Republican. But truly she is a classic liberal and that comes out in her behavior especially when pressed and sticking herself into the Amy Acton business is all the evidence anybody needs to ensure that she doesn’t get a vote for that senate race.

What bothers me about Kathy Wyenandt’s comment about Amy Acton, George Lang and Senate Bill 1 the most is that it shows what an amateur she truly is running for a big senate race. It shows how little respect she has for the effort. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised, her only real previous experience is as a Lakota school levy supporter, which is a pretty small game that is very one sided. As a senator, she needs to be able to represent a lot of voters of all kinds of backgrounds, even if it is her choice to be a Democrat, she has to understand that she needs a larger platform than to just say, “I’m a mom and I support Amy Acton” who is a liberal Obama nightmare of a mistake by Mike DeWine for appointing her in the first place as an abortion activist in a pro-life administration. What a mess, and you’d think Kathy would be politically savvy enough to see the minefields there and to navigate them better than she did. However, because she’s so one dimensional, she has nothing else on her platform but to essentially agree with George Lang on just about everything because she has nothing else to run off of. With only a property tax increase as her calling card, she is clearly well above her experience level with this race, and it makes me angry that I considered her higher than that.

Yet that’s what pressure does to people, it shows what they are really made of and its good to see what she has to offer so early in the race. That she proposed that we were just supposed to accept Amy Acton’s mistakes in running Ohio economically, off what will prove to be a very overblown government response to Covid-19 that is going to be embarrassing for many people for many years to come, is the same kind of stupidity that pro levy supporters typically endorse for schools where the labor is too high for what they give students in government schools. People like Kathy just want to believe in the system, so they sign up without question to the bullet points, and then put their support behind it. That clearly shows that Kathy isn’t able to represent anybody at the level of the senate where lobbyists and all types of corrosive character is out for the vote of a senator at every turn. You must have a pretty strong character to endure all that without getting sucked into a scam, and that is exactly how history will remember Covid-19. Forget about what the phony polls conducted by media are right now about the coronavirus, 6 months from now when people have their minds on the election and the Covid-19 lockdowns are something they want to forget, everything about the coronavirus will be something that nobody will want to remember, especially in politics.

To play the big game of a senate seat a candidate needs to have much better political instincts than what Kathy has shown. The scope of the effort must be more than people over politics, which is Kathy’s slogan for this election. Its too similar to Teachers for Kids, when trying to pass school levies tricking people into paying more in property taxes to cover the gross mismanagement of school boards who just cave into every labor agreement without any pushback which causes the budget problems. In this race George Lang isn’t like me where he wants to bust up everyone on the political left and make a belt out of them, he’s a pretty nice guy. What he and I have always agreed with is that government should get out of the way of individual rights and everything flows from there. But as a person, George will sit down and talk to anybody. I don’t know that George has any real political enemies. He tends to always look to make a friend out of anybody which is a good trait in someone representing a lot of people in an important senate seat. Butler County has over 400,000 people in it and most of them are not as liberty minded as me, and George represents them well. I think Amy Acton should be strung up and blasted out of a cannon into space only to return as a meteor shower. George is willing to blame Mike DeWine for her, and he’s willing to give the Governor the benefit of doubt. Hindsight is always 20/20. I saw it all in foresight, but how could anybody know what to believe? George is a very balanced person, so what does Kathy have in the tank for the race if her opposition is actually more of a people person than she is?

The evidence is already quite clear for her, in the primary with no competition George Lang still had more votes than she did. And George had two other rivals competing with him for votes. Kathy would have to raise a lot of money, which she’s trying to do with George’s support of Senate Bill 1 to even move the needle a percentage or two. She could put her face on all the billboards in town, buy up YouTube ads. Do the street walking. She may work her ass off and at best she’s going to get a very minor gain for the effort, because George will at least match her efforts. The guy works hard and is very sincere in his efforts. Even at her best, George will match her. And if she falls short of his efforts, which is highly likely, she won’t stand a chance of even getting those few percentage points. So what she was thinking with her comments about Amy Acton showed gross misunderstanding of what it will take to compete in this election and personally, I don’t want to see her embarrassed.

Its not that I have any real love for her, she’s a rival from the old Lakota levy campaigns and she thinks that 2013 levy won because of her. Nope, it passed because of Sheriff Jones getting behind the effort which pulled away just enough No Lakota Levy people to give a very, slight, marginal victory in an off-year election after a lot of money was spent even trying to consult people into a yes vote. And that same naivety is at work with this attack of George over Amy Acton. Right now people don’t know who to believe and Acton has been on television everyday sounding very motherly, and making people feel safe. But in the months to come, she is going to be ridiculed to no end and the politics of Covid-19 will be crushing. Anybody not part of the solution of getting people back to work and putting coronavirus in the rearview mirror will be viewed with the same anger that is coming out of these lockdowns. And for Kathy, she was already on a major uphill climb. I didn’t want to see her win that seat as George is my pick naturally. But I don’t really want to see her destroyed as a person, and that is where she is headed. Which is a shame.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Amateur of Butler County: Kathy Wyenandt shows why she’s a long way from ready with Amy Acton comment

  1. She is going for the teacher’s union vote, which is considerable. That union put the new, incompetent governor Broshear in office. They went door to door for him. Union members are a huge factor. Beware of teachers.


    1. Yeah, they are a bunch of communist losers. I’m sure Kentucky is happy with Broshear at this point. And yes, they will go for her. But in a big election where everyone votes, they are have a much minimized influence.


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