George Lang on the Scott Sloan Show on WLW Radio: Defending Senate Bill 1

It was great to hear George Lang, who is running for the 4th District senate seat in Ohio as the Republican representative give an update to House Bill 1 on the Scott Sloan Show on WLW. Currently George is the 52nd representative of the House in Ohio so he was part of the instigation of that bill which intends to put some shackles on the lunatic health director of Ohio, Amy Acton who has essentially led all states in America with her draconian lockdowns. You can hear that great interview on that show below at the 18:30 mark of the 5/6/20 broadcast. The interview was actually on the 7th but whoever set up the podcast put in the date for the previous day. Now a word of warning to my longtime readers, this is not the same Scott Sloan that used to put me on all the time over school levy issues. That guy is long gone, and he left when Darryl Parks lost his key position as the program manager for the station. The physical guy is the same, but people do change over time and this Scott Sloan is a much softer version. Hearing him tell the story, it has something to do with his wife who is on Clear Channel radio often these days. But the interview is still good and worth listening to in order to understand what needs to happen to Ohio government in the wake of the lockdowns that we have all experienced which have destroyed the economy.

Its also no secret that I like George Lang an awful lot. But we are not carbon copies of each other. George clearly has his own thoughts about things. It is my mind that Governor DeWine should be impeached for what he did under the Covid-19 CDC mandated pandemic, especially how he let a liberal Obama health director in Amy Acton take over and run our state straight into the ground with all the terrifying liberal activism that was straight out of that previous president’s administration. George is much more willing to give people a fair shake and to assume the best in people, which is why he is a fantastic politician who represents Butler County, Ohio wonderfully. What George and I agree on is the fundamentals of governance, which was on clear display during the interview, people don’t need government to tell them how to wipe their ass, how to buy food, and to act like their mom every day telling them to wash their hands. Government should not micromanage people, even in a crisis. And George is one of the most articulate members of the Ohio House in that regard, he gets “it” philosophically and is a real treasure in Butler County.

Of course Scott Sloan is all about fairness these days and he questioned the political motives for why the Ohio House moved forward this past week with the bill that became Senate Bill 1, to pull back on the draconian powers that give Amy Acton so much abusive power during a health crises. Sloan wanted to believe the move was purely political particularly since Governor DeWine has promised to veto the bill the moment it hits his desk. That is a fight that will now rage quite long and this is just the start of it. Under emergency powers in Ohio the law gives someone like Amy Acton way too much power, it goes back to legislation that is over 100 years old when representatives couldn’t move to the capital to vote so easily. What Senate Bill 1 does is cut down the time of those emergency powers to 14 days instead of the infinite time that is currently allotted. Nobody in their right mind would ever figure there would be an Obama abortion/climate activist on the administration of a Republican governor, but there’s a first time for everything and now that we’ve seen it, we have to act on it. To answer Sloan’s question, why now, well, this was the first opportunity for the House to convene since the emergency health directive locked everyone in their homes for months, and much of that was Mike DeWine playing politics with the matter. So long as he held emergency powers, he was safe from these kinds of reprimands from congress, he is not eager to give back that power, because there will be lots of hell to pay for many years to come because of the bad decisions he has made which led to this point.

Also from Sloan’s point of view, he represents a large part of the population that doesn’t know what to think about the Covid-19 virus. People like me are way too far in front of it to talk about how people feel about it, which Sloan is one of those members. Most people out there want to believe in “leaders” to tell them things. They don’t want to be leaders in their life, so they put a disproportionate trust in authority figures and it is quite a shock to them that someone like Amy Acton might have had malicious intentions behind her lockdown measures. George of course gives her the benefit of doubt just as he does the Governor. The biggest crime Acton committed was that she’s a liberal, she thinks like one, acts like one and solves problems like one. George blames DeWine for putting her in that seat to begin with, especially knowing her manner of thinking. Scott Sloan looks at her as doing the best job possible under the difficult circumstances. I look at it all as a vast scheme from China to destroy our American economy. That is a platform of thought that is well beyond where WLW is willing to go these days. To accept that is a bridge too far for most people’s daily lives, and most people just can’t handle that lack of trust for any authority figure.

But that comes back to the heart of why Senate Bill 1 is so important. We just can’t have health directors running our economy for longer than 14 days. If a governor can’t articulate a state of emergency in that period of time, then there are bigger problems. The worst part of the coronavirus was that nobody in leadership anywhere in the world could put a timetable to when the virus was going to be contained. Once they had a taste of the power, few governors wanted to give it back. This bill forces a legislative evaluation to renew those powers which is why DeWine is against it. It’s a check on his power that he doesn’t want. Hopefully there are enough votes from Democrats to override his veto, because if there was ever clear evidence that there needs to be checks on power, it comes out of this whole Covid-19 mess. And that should be something that everyone can agree on. Senate Bill 1 is not a political stunt, it was the first opportunity for the legislature to stick up for themselves and get Ohio moving back in the right direction after clearly bad decisions by the DeWine administration. Sure we know now in hindsight that the reaction to Covid-19 was overblown. Yet DeWine needed help in making decisions that could have saved more lives and minimized greatly the impact to the budget that are about to become far worse than the Covid-19 virus. As George put the blame for Amy Acton on Mike DeWine’s shoulders, we must all prevent such single points of failure in the future, especially when liberals get so much power so quickly and end up running all our lives. And that is what this whole story is all about no matter where people are on the political spectrum. In the future, someone needs to hit the brakes faster, and Senate Bill 1 is all about that, and the House couldn’t have introduced it faster.

Rich Hoffman

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