Covid-19 is not a Death Sentence: They want to control you with fear like a bird in a warehouse

I was trying to shut down a warehouse this past week and a bird had flown in and was terrified and couldn’t get out. The thing had flown into one of the big shipping doors which looked easy to fly through from the outside, but once inside, the light looked different and we had these jagged gates that go across the bay doors to keep any malicious intent from conducting evil. The bird couldn’t navigate its own fear and simply fly back out so it was stuck. To free the bird I had to open the big gates and physically leave the area because it was too scared of me and the strange gate to save itself. Once I gave it a big opening to fly through after I had removed myself from the area, the bird was then able to free itself and fly back outside. And in many ways, I have been doing the same thing on this blog site regarding Covid-19. People, like that bird have paralyzed themselves with fear of the virus and now they are looking to free themselves, but are too terrified to do even that. So they have to be shown the way to freedom and to be treated ever so carefully so not to allow their own fears to imprison them forever.

To me, there is nothing new about the malicious characters behind the coronavirus. But most people are functioning from bird brains and can’t see where the real danger is or trust themselves to deal with it. So, they are allowing themselves to be controlled by these outlandish characters which is feeding a great evil in the world. There are forces who want to use fear to herd people into political and economic strategies that the malicious have concocted and to trap them like that bird I described in situations of peril for the pure purpose of destruction of individual liberty. Most people can’t see it because like that bird, they flew into a door that looked easy on the outside, but once inside there were all kinds of pre-programmed instincts that prevented the bird from saving itself and getting out. Many of these evil people who are pushing the danger of this Covid-19 virus are of this mind, using primal fears to control many of us into their designs of political power, and its as simple as that. That was never more obvious than during this past week as the world was coming back on and people were returning to work, than the media in a panic was trying with everything they had to stir fear among our ranks and keep us all locked in that metaphorical warehouse only to face our own dooms.

Before I say this let me just spell out doom before they experience it to all the enemies out there who might fantasize tracking me for contact tracing. If I had Covid-19 I never noticed and I have worked around a lot of people who came down with it. I have done more temperature checks and been around many others who have to screen for Covid-19 than most people have including those working on the “front lines” during the height of the virus outbreak and I never got sick and have no plans to ever. I have said always that the way to beat the virus is to eat well, get out in the sun and live as happy a life as you can. Give your immune system ammunition to fight off diseases and support it with a positive attitude. With that said, Covid-19 is not a death sentence. I can think of at least 10 people who I know who have had the virus and they all got over it and are now back in the world working. As I have also always said, get the virus, get over the virus, and get back to work. All the micromanaging that the government has been doing was simply to keep the bird shut up in the warehouse terrified and at the mercy of the government. It had nothing to do with safety, and as the media has now witnessed that their political objectives might be met by keeping all the birds terrified and locked up not able to free themselves, they have really turned up the heat on the danger of the Covid-19 virus even though the evidence says the opposite, the coronavirus is a sub-par virus that doesn’t do much to most people. It does aggravate pre-existing conditions, but that’s another matter that is manageable. To publicly announce everyone who comes down with the Covid-19 virus and to suggest quarantine measures and government tracking is to artificially provoke the level of danger purely for the means to control society with their own fears. Covid-19 is for most people a mild cold that they will get over quickly. Its not a death sentence.

I can think of a few other people I know who found themselves in the hospital over Covid-19, but you must understand dear reader that these were people starved for attention in regular life. The drama of Covid-19 brought them fame and fortune that they gladly would have traded for even death if it brought pity on their lives in some way. For about 12 hours these people were Facebook darlings on the verge of death bringing these people great sympathy, which is all they wanted. They are part of those statistics that the government is using to try to advance their micro controls over our lives with justification to match. When I was told about their hospital ordeals, I simply shrugged my shoulders and moved on because it wasn’t about the virus, it was about the pity for them. Such factors are always part of the story, and guess what. They lived, although I’m not sure they wanted to. They would have gladly traded death for the 15 minutes of fame they received being part of the Covid-19 story. And that’s the world we are living in. Some people want to be the bird trapped in the warehouse. People can hear them chirping once isolated. Out in the big scary world, they are just muted voices among the millions of other birds chirping. Coronavirus made them special and they’ll miss the drama once it is finally over.

I am more than a little suspicious that this past week Vice President Pence’s press secretary tested positive for coronavirus and that one of President Trump’s staff members came down with it. Then there was the report that 11 Secret Service agents tested positive as if the story were meant to give Trump pause about re-opening the country. But the truth is they want to put us all back into that warehouse afraid to leave by our own misguided “preprogrammed” inner fears, yet all those people mentioned and more will get over the coronavirus easily on their own without a lot of drama and life will return to normal for them without a second thought. The new stories about the infections are intended to control us, not protect us, keep that in mind. The media is not our friends, they are trying to trick us into imprisoning ourselves with fear so that they can then control our fate completely. Such as in the case of the bird. If I had not gone out of my way to save that bird, it would have starved over the weekend locked in that warehouse without food and water. And that is what the media in a partnership with government wants for all of us, they want to trap us into a place they control our fate. So make it of your mind to not give them what they want. Don’t fear Covid-19. Don’t listen to their voodoo science. Keep your freedoms at the front of your thoughts and yield nothing to them, because their intentions are not for your wellbeing. Believe that!

Rich Hoffman

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