The Volcano of Sacrifice that Covid-19 Has Been: Stupidity in government on an epic scale

Largely, my view of the Covid 19 virus “pandemic” is that it’s a step back in time to where humans behaved much the way they are represented in the new Spectrum commercials, such as the one seen below where people have to jump into a volcano to make it rain. Our response to the coronavirus has been hokey, extremely superstitious, and just plain dumb at every level of government. Forgetting for the moment the various conspiracies surrounding the whole mess, the nature of our reaction is what has been so disappointing. The voodoo science of social distancing when there has been no time on earth when humans ever successfully did such a thing and to commit trillions and trillions of dollars to it is just embarrassingly dumb. And then to go through this whole mask thing, where its all about other’s lives that we must wear them is about the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard come out of people’s mouths—all of it based on voodoo sentiment and even more hokey science and to make it all worse, we are building policy on these things—such as reopening the “economy.” And the height for me was the stupidity that so many had when we found out on Thursday that the “government” was going to let us go to restaurants again, but this time with restrictions—and people were happy about it. Big daddy government was going to let us have some of our life back and people were happy to have the opportunity to just get their hair done, and possibly go to a restaurant after months of being locked in their homes essentially hiding from the coronavirus. It’s all been ridiculously stupid, as dumb as the most audacious human sacrifice to some gods just to make it rain. It was the worst of what the political left represents and it was forced upon all of us, and most people sucked it up and just put up with it like that guy in the commercial who just jumps into the volcano once he realizes that people have no stomach for a thoughtful solution to the problem at hand.

One of the dumbest things I heard during the whole Covid lockdown mess was from Dr. Fauci himself. When he said that we humans were not in charge, that the virus was and that we had to build our entire society around its desire I knew I was listening to a complete lunatic of leftist ideology. We are human beings; we don’t yield to a virus. I can think of many ways we could have attacked this virus, Far UVC light comes first to my mind, but the doctors at the White House were just so passive in their approach. Its clear they wanted to rely on voodoo science to deal with the virus instead of using hard science, such as physics to actually solve the problem. A big pharma solution was all they were willing to consider and because of that we shut down the economy and let the world take the lead destroying many of our lives in the process for no good reason at all, other than the fact that our “leaders” told us to.

Well, I don’t have a “leader” in my life. I look to absolutely no one to tell me what to think, how to act, or how to say it. I am a leader to a whole lot of people and understand fully the responsibility, but I don’t look to anyone or anything to be my leader. So I can say with a little pride that I am not imprisoned to the thoughts of any stupid people who think that the way to deal with the coronavirus was to jump into a volcano, social distance, or wear a mask while hiding like some coward in my home. And it was that view of the world that was greatly insulted the other day when I was getting gas at UDF on Seward road at 7 AM. The place was closed, and not opening until they were damn ready. Their new opening times were meant to reflect the changing demand of this new Covid economy with much reduced hours of operation. I was there with my cowboy hat, my sunglasses and a bandana around my face so not to scare everyone terrified of the Covid-19 virus looking like I was about to rob a train in the old west. A few months ago dressing that way in public to get gas would have gotten me into a lot of trouble, but these days, people are thanking me for looking that way. It all has the feeling of living in the days of Mad Max. People are about a few months from just ripping off their clothes and wearing G-strings, men and women alike as we have moved from a society that never sleeps where gas stations are open all night, to one with very limited options and specific hours as government has stuck its fat ass into all our lives to ruin them with superstition and nonsense.

I was insulted that my government had put so many policies in place based on complete voodoo science by uninterested doctors insistent to allow a virus to run our lives instead of us running it. The government approach by President Trump has been wrong, and even stupid. I see a good guy trying to win a second term from some really bad, malicious people who got suckered into listening to the type of doctors who were trying to convince that guy in the Spectrum commercial to just jump into the volcano so it would rain and the impact on our society was obviously terrible. Once Governor DeWine decided to loosen up on the guidelines and “allow” restaurants to open once again, “in steps that government could feel safe with,” not what the market needs, people were almost crying with joy. But I saw a really ugly reality, we had allowed government to grow too big, have too much power and to govern our lives in dangerous ways going back in time instead of being the type of society that is ready to reach into space and become a permanent species in the scheme of the Milky Way galaxy. Instead, we were clutching to earth afraid of a stupid little virus that has proven not to be nearly as deadly as the Doctor Doom advocates of the CDC suggested, and it has been quite a letdown. Government never had a right to take anything from us in the first place. It was their own stupidity that caused all the problems, and here we were letting them tell us when we could go to a restaurant or go to a hair salon. Its embarrassingly pathetic for the human race.

I understand many people can’t afford to have the opinion about these matters that I do, just like the guy sacrificing himself to the volcano in that Spectrum commercial they care more about the peer pressure of those in line waiting for it to rain than they do in figuring out some truly scientific means of solving their water problem. As a person who has studied the demise of ancient cultures for four decades, I can say that they all have a common element to their failure. It’s not droughts and floods that killed them off, it was social structure and belief systems. It is the Vico Cycle that was articulated so well by James Joyce in Finnegan’s Wake and we are seeing it in America with the coronavirus. Instead of reaching for the stars we are trying to climb back into the dirt where the lazy can die without expectations and things happen to them instead of them making things happen. And in times like those, that’s when the government gets all its power to rule us all, and tell us when we can eat, where we can sleep, and where we can go. Then when government decides, they can give back to us a fraction of what we had before and we will cry crocodile tears of joy at some relic from the past, even if that past is only 6 weeks old. Things can change that fast and nobody should ever forget that.

Rich Hoffman

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