Why Face Masks are Stupid in America: They are just another method by communism to change behavior

I realize that by taking the position I have with the coronavirus that I won’t be invited to meet the President any time soon, if ever especially during the election campaigns of 2020. I’ve met him several times before, I’m good. I’m still a supporter. Its nice to see him and those experiences are ones I will always fondly remember, but we have serious business going on here and someone must state the obvious. You can see who the enemies are out there, especially in the print newspapers and their position on the face masks, which President Trump has failed to control the narrative coming out of the CDC. Like most things regarding the coronavirus he got side swiped by global activists who came into his office and told him millions of people were going to die, and he bit on the trap. They had him set-up from the beginning by accusing him of not listening to experts through lots of media criticism so they could get him to jump when they wanted him most with the Covid-19 outbreak that was mostly media driven, not scientifically mandated. And its because of those failures that this mask marketing campaign is underway. So let me explain the mask situation to you so you can know why you should be angry about it.

Masks are not about saving lives; they are about changing behavior. The health director of Ohio Amy Acton admitted as much in several of her press events on the matter. Face masks are parts of the way of life coming out of Asia, which tends to be very authoritarian and the hope by global citizen types is that America will adopt this trait and carry with it the loss in individuality that the masks are designed to evoke. Ironically, as the Enquirer was selling in an editorial comparing face masks to seat belts the goal is to make others feel safe and thus to give up some of your individual liberty for the sake of other people. Once you do that, then all kinds of other things could be introduced all in the name of “other people want it,” like tax increases, vocabulary, job grievances, even family habits. The face masks represent a major assault on the American way of life starting with the emphasis on shifting the focus on individual behavior to that of collective approval. It has absolutely nothing to do with controlling the spread of the virus. You can know that by watching the behavior of the CDC recommendations through the months of January through April 2020, where the position changed as the World Health Organization shifted its strategy based on observations made in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic as they labeled it.

Just as “social distancing” was never meant to stop the virus, it was only meant to “slow the spread” which was always inevitable so that the lockdowns which were international in nature could allow more time to change behavior in people. As all change agents know, it takes at least 21 days to accept a new idea for a typical human mind. So 6 weeks to a few months were needed to implement climate change policies that the United Nations Agenda 21 crowd wanted to push onto the world as a result of the World Health Organization definitions of the coronavirus. And of course by slowing the spread, it would also stop all economic activity and return the world to something of a natural state as the global greenie weenies strategized and implemented not with guns and tanks this time, but with rules and regulations as more people in the history of the world were trained to be process driven, and willing advocates of strategies that were beyond their comprehension, with smiles on their faces, such as most every media type working today. They all think the same things because their training all came from the same places. That’s why they don’t question the merits of social distancing or the face masks, because they are trained to advocate left leaning policies without question. And we are trained to trust them, without question. Except some of us still do.

The face masks are actually part of a much deeper sentiment that is a carry over to many other liberal strategies, such as making all people equal therefor making the “collective” much more unified. Remember in the Olympics that were held in China where the opening ceremony showed shockingly unified people dancing in sync to one another? That is the hope of the global citizen movement, that all people everywhere will be equal, no matter what their sex, color or background. But to do that, the lofty Americans need to be torn down from their individual vices and rebuilt to value the African spear chucker for instance, or the people of India bathing in the sacred waters of the Ganges where feces, urine and the stank of dead bodies rub up against you constantly while swimming in that river with thousands of other people. Americans are expected to step off their mountaintop and get down in the mud with the rest of the world and to evoke that, they want you to wear a facemask, get rid of the nice perfumes, the lipstick, the eye shadow, all the things that people do to make themselves look a little better. If you are wearing a mask, then everyone is equally ugly, and that’s what they want. Wearing masks benefit ugly people, obviously, and the lazy people who don’t want to comb their hair, brush their teeth, or put on some bright lip stick. Its just another attack on capitalism from foreign powers.

But notice who advocates the wearing of masks then points at other contentious issues in the past as reasons to adopt the inevitable. Well, I remember all those issues and I still don’t like wearing a seat belt. I only do it because the damn thing beeps at you until you buckle it because of all the regulations that were put on automakers to make their cars more compliant. I’ve been in car crashes several times at over 100 MPH and let me tell you, I never had on a seat belt and I walked away from those events just fine. I did get some bruises and cuts. One time I had a chipped tooth from where a passenger’s head hit mine while the car was flying around, but that was it. I know car crashes kill people, but I’m still not a seat belt guy. I never accepted it as a safety precaution. I also remember when it wasn’t mandatory to purchase insurance. I remember when that law was passed which essentially gave insurance companies a lot of guaranteed business and could drive up their prices accordingly. I remember when you could buy beer at 18 too. I remember a lot of things and with each new push there were government activists trying to change American behavior for needs that were not part of our culture as a country. But we’re using safety as a change agent for communist ideas coming out of Asia as a way to turn our country into part of the global citizen network. And these face masks are just the latest attempt, and like the newspapers in Cincinnati are trying to tell us, they are inevitable, so why resist? Well, resisting is a fundamental function in American culture, and its time we do a lot more of it.

Rich Hoffman

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3 thoughts on “Why Face Masks are Stupid in America: They are just another method by communism to change behavior

  1. We used to call it dumbing down. All were to be trained at the lowest common denominator. Gifted students could not progress at a faster pace. They were to help the slower students or look out the window. Testing results are recorded forever along with the recorded “trouble” notes. Wearing the mask by so many proves how compliant the masses will be. The current shut down was designed a long time ago. Now they know that the majority will do as they are told.


  2. Donald is getting steam-rolled. He has too many authoritarians in his ear. He needs to step back. I support him, but his narcissism won’t allow that to happen. It’s so obvious.
    Face masks are just surface stuff. Communism is already in play. Ask the salon owner from jail how she feels about it. The sheep are already dumbed down. The event that needs to happen next is the real pain. And it’s coming. There aren’t too many choices here to save our way of life. Citizens will need to make choices without big media and brother telling them what to do, or the great American experiment will end. Freedom is fragile and must be continually fought for. Unfortunately, what they are doing to the dollar will exacerbate things 100 fold.
    I hope I’m wrong as the day is long. I pray that every day when I hear…”Everything will come roaring back,” that they are right. History tells a different story and when you have such a large number of the masses complying, capitalism is being nailed to the cross. And if the linear thinking continues, they will beg for and be ripe for full on socialism (communism.) Anything to stop the bleeding. They are already “war weary” and it’s only been a couple months. Not good.


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