The Start of World War III: Sovereigns against the globalists and Covid-19 was the attack

There was something very troublesome about George W. Bush’s statements over the weekend encouraging solidarity between our political parties in America which reflected back to the “we’re all in it together” campaign. It fit too nicely into the effort of the coronavirus from the beginning to justify all the measures enacted with the stay at home strategies, the social distancing and general wrecking of the economy around the world because we did some really stupid things to deal with a viral outbreak, which has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. For some reason in 2020 we decided to do something different, and extremely costly. I know President Bush in 2005 initiated this whole social distancing strategy under his administration as a way to deal with bioterrorism, so the idea had been on the table for a while, and while it was war gamed the participants found it devastating economically and socially. Yet here it is, but this time the entire world is doing it at the same time over a virus nobody knew much about and with very little science to even suggest that it might help. Yet we wrecked our economies by sticking with lots of major unknowns and now that people see that they have been scammed and are angry about it, here is George Bush saying what many pundits have been saying, including Fox New’s Sean Hannity, that we should all put our differences aside for a greater good and pull together in this crises. Well, welcome to World War III. It’s here upon us, the costs of this war will eclipse all previous wars and the path to victory is much less obvious. That is because the participants are not out in the open and fighting for land, they are fighting over ideas.

This fight is over the global citizen movement and the sovereign nation. The intent of the perpetrators which there are many in our own government and media, are to break down the borders of nations into one complete whole and the intent of the coronavirus from the beginning was to unite the world under a common enemy, the Covid-19 virus. The folly to their plan was that the virus ended up not being deadly enough and people in America only put up with the stay at home orders for a few weeks. They needed much longer to completely change behavior and the globalists didn’t get the time they needed. The media doesn’t have the kind of control over people that they had hoped, and President Trump handled the situation better than they had planned. Its hard for most people to see because nobody is trained for this kind of war, nothing in our history has prepared us for this, except for maybe the game of chess. The type of weapon used in this conflict was not guns and troops, but probably the deadliest weapon of all, fear. But not enough people were afraid of a stupid virus, so the intended strategy fell apart in America and is currently erupting into massive protests against panicked politicians who became worthless dictators overnight and threats to the American Constitution through internal social structure collapse.

I know this all sounds very “conspiratorial” and that many think of the controversial maniac Alex Jones when they hear the name “globalists” uttered in public, but like most things people usually get part of the picture, enough to ask the hard questions. But it cannot be ignored that while all this has been going on the details of the General Flynn case were revealed and we have proof that the top level offices of the FBI participated in a coup attempt of our newly elected President Trump, because he was committed to returning America to a sovereign nation and to move away from globalism. The plans for a one world government under communism go way back to even before the Cold War to the intentions of the United Nations creation and both world wars prior, so its nothing new. The only thing that changed was the way we see enemies, because they are among all nations. Its not like Americans can just throw out an American flag on their porch and unite with their friends and neighbors to fight a common enemy. This enemy likely is their friend and neighbor. It’s the fat ass school levy supporter down the street and the mad mom angry at drunk drivers ultimately looking for more safety and security from the state which is a logical complaint that paralyzes the need for freedom in its tracks for lack of defenders or an answer to the contrary. Of course, nobody wants people to die, so we accept new laws that limit our freedom and start a chain reaction that culminates into our coronavirus protocols, which enemies of America had all the data on to implement against us.

Even today some of the smartest minds out there have no idea why we are doing social distancing and stay at home orders—what government came up with the strategy? The answer is that this time it started out of the Marxist based World Health Organization and from there the world followed their lead to their own destructions. The Covid-19 virus was supposed to unite the world from a common enemy, a virus and what came after was a new world order led by the United Nations once Trump lost the election because his great economy collapsed. History will find the evidence that the World Health Organization worked with China to initiate this attack and start World War III just as domestic enemies like the FBI sought to overthrow the Trump administration with rules they controlled and court systems still loyal to former President Obama—one of the key globalists in the process of setting up the attack over many years. None of this is that far fetched once you accept that America’s own FBI was working as an enemy to our own Constitution and has been committed to these global citizen objectives.

So to answer President Bush and all those others out there who look at this situation and are calling for calm, for peace—to find the things that bring us together for a peaceful society—the answer is that they are idiots. They either don’t understand this new world of ideology that is crashing together in 2020 or they are actual Trojan Horses and declared domestic enemies that must be dealt with. They would be domestic enemies if they are seeking to change our American Constitution from the founding of a sovereign country into wrecking our borders and economy to start everyone as equal under a new ruler in the United Nations. That is the real fight and the real objective of those advocating global citizenship. The health directors for most of the United States have used the Covid-19 virus as a platform for their own progressive views, Ohio’s Amy Acton said it herself. The rules of social distancing and wearing masks in public were not to save lives, but were to instill change slowly so that people would give up their previous values and accept a “new normal” created by the United Nations in the wake. And that is how World War III started. What remains to be answered is who will win, the globalists, or the sovereigns because this fight is just getting started in the light of day. Remember, the weapons are not guns this time, but fear itself.

Rich Hoffman

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