Cogs in the Wheel: The vast conspiracy of Covid-19

I heard a lot of push back from people this past week about the various conspiracies regarding Covid-19. Because of that I have to remind people of my record, I offer free many millions and millions of words from my various writings, including my novel ‘Tail of the Dragon’ (this whole thing reminds me of the events of that book even though I wrote it a decade ago) and you will find that I am usually 100% correct on most things I predict will happen. I usually point to my predictions about James Comey while on CNN when he gave his first testimony to congress after he was fired by Donald Trump as some of the best evidence of my track record of predicting deeper meanings and strategies. I was one of the first people to call Comey a liar and to propose that the FBI was involved in a coup attempt of our president. Of course at the time everyone thought it was a conspiracy theory, but this past week, we have seen otherwise. I wasn’t surprised, but apparently everyone else was. I have been right about some hard ones, such as Obama’s birth certificate, right about the World Trade Center, right about the intent of all government schools and what kind of harm they do to children. And once the issues around Covid-19 become more in the rear view mirror people will realize that I was right about the nature and utilization of the coronavirus pandemic which I propose was an act of terrorism, not a real health threat.

Most people see themselves as just cogs in the great wheels of human society. It’s a primal tendency that most of us have—well, I don’t, but most people do. They want to know where they fit into the great machines of life. I only care about the machine itself and what it does—and who I can see driving those machines, or programming them to do the bidding of some character unseen by the cogs doing their thing to make it run. I’ve listened to some very smart people this past week completely miss the nature of Covid-19 and instead of trying to understand what they can’t see they just rationalize that anything not part of the official dialog is a conspiracy theory not appropriate for audiences of any kind. Normally I wouldn’t care, but if we don’t deal with this problem, all this will happen again. We must learn from it so that the real cure can be implemented. The Covid-19 conspiracy isn’t even about a Bill Gates vaccine that Dr Fauci and many others want to see implemented that will allow contact tracking of future viruses and a much more intrusive central government running us all to preserve the future of their worshipped goddess, Mother Earth—its much more complicated than any of that, but to see it, you cannot look at the whole machine as just a cog within it.

Some of these evil geniuses that we are dealing with, whether they are Bill Gates or George Soros whom all think from their perspectives that they are doing the right things—most evil people do, are taking advantage of people’s tendency not to view the world outside of their role as a cog in the machine. And that’s how they have been able to pull the shades down over so many people to make this Covid-19 situation a vast act of terrorism. Most people suspect that the machine they are in is not doing what they think it should be doing, but they’ll say, “I’m just a cog in the wheel, this stuff is above my pay grade.” And the terrorists in this case counted on that reaction and that’s how they have suckered all these politicians, even Donald Trump into playing their game, because the answer to the question comes not from what cogs in the machine can witness from their perspective, but in who is driving the whole machine. That’s why I like to pull back the vision to the point where all the cogs in the machine are just tiny little cells, so that I can see the body whole as its operating, and there is where you find your answer.

It helps to read a lot, because most novels are written from god-like perspectives. As the reader you get to see the big picture of the story, so you get used to viewing the world that way. If you do it enough, you will start to learn to ask the right questions and make the right decisions from the larger perspective instead of worrying about the conditions of every little cog in the machine. For most people again, they are terrified of seeing the world outside the parameters of their cog-like perspective. After all, think about it, everything we do from babies until our deaths is to define us as cogs in the great wheels of society. We may call ourselves doctors, politicians, lawyers, laborers—whatever, and our entire lives will be defined by what we do in life as defined by our cog role. But the meaning of life is outside of the totality of the machine and usually that’s were we find massive global terrorists who are so audacious that they will gladly destroy the machine to kill all the cogs in it—so they can build a new machine of their own liking. For most, it is beyond their comprehension that anybody would ever want to do anything like that. Such an evil desire is beyond their “programming.” Yet, if you really want to know the truth about something, then you must accept this premise, and that’s where people get stuck. To admit the vast stupidities that were done over Covid-19 would be to admit what role they played in our society’s destruction and that is not a burden many feel comfortable dealing with.

I understand, I was quite alone in saying what Covid-19 was in the beginning. Most people including some of society’s top minds and pundits missed it because they were too in love with their role in the machine to question what was driving the machine—so it took them several weeks to ask the right questions, such as “why is social distancing important? We’ve lived on earth for hundreds of thousands of years and never has social distancing been on our minds as a species yet now we were going all in on the topic and gambling away trillions of dollars of economic growth…………why?” Or now we are wearing masks when its never been part of our culture and the government is saying its an “order” when they haven’t even followed the conduct of a republic which is the normal path of any law pressed upon people’s lives. How can we be told we must stay at home to save other people’s lives while destroying our own in the process……how does that makes sense? The answer to those questions are not within the machine, they exist outside to the people running the machine who don’t see themselves as cogs in the machine, but as drivers who are glad to run the whole thing off a cliff if it suits their purpose. And that is what we have here, which I must remind everyone I said from the outset. This whole Covid thing was about climate change and other high left leaning goals that extend well beyond American politics. And they got us to play along because they appealed to our natures as cogs in the great wheels they controlled. Sure, its hard for people to admit it to themselves, yet that is where we find ourselves today.

Rich Hoffman

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4 thoughts on “Cogs in the Wheel: The vast conspiracy of Covid-19

  1. From my point of view, this “epidemic” is not worse than many flu season. This is an election year and the left had to stop President Trump’s rallies. After over three years of investigations, nothing stuck that they could use to impeach him. So, now he has to deal with a virus and a closed economy. States like New York, Michigan, Illinois etc. have huge deficits. These states have been bankrupted by leftist leaders. Cuomo spent billions on “solar “ energy experiments and other wasteful projects. Not a word exposing his incompetence. According to Levin, the media is rotten and corrupt. I agree.


  2. Also, Dewier said our economy will be back by next week. He had to. Ohio has 1 week of unemployment benefits and will not get a bailout. Teachers should NOT have gotten stimulus. They still get their same pay and from the private sector that is getting hammered. Too late now! That would have carried Ohio two more weeks by the stance of their budget. They already have out paced private pay…that’s what happens when you’re untouchable via a thug union..

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